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  1. Well, Capri was a guess; I’ve never been there. Hopefully next year.
  2. Naples? And could the other pic be of Capri?
  3. Agree. I know of Canadians receiving promotional emails. But I am annoyed about not receiving private sale emails when I might be interested or looking for a cruise before my next scheduled one. My annoyance has abated since there aren't any cruises right now but once they start again, I'll be annoyed again. Thank heavens we have CC to learn about many promos and interesting itineraries!
  4. I have never received promotional emails from HAL. Yes, I am opted in for emails and no, they don’t go to the junk folder. I use both a PCC and a TA. I inquired with my PCC asking why I don’t get the promotional emails, and sent a screen shot showing I was opted in. He didn’t know. It would be nice to get the flash sales and private sales info, other than those sent via snail mail. BTW, my DM also does not receive any promotional emails.
  5. When HAL made changes to the website, we were unable to leave reviews! As far as I know, that has not been fixed. Stupid.
  6. True but if HAL were to go into Bankruptcy before your future cruise, you would be an unsecured creditor and likely lose the funds you originally paid, never mind the bonus FCC. Of course, it's totally up to you if you're willing to take that risk for the potential reward.
  7. Well, people were rebooked because of the delay in Rotterdam VII from May 15th to Aug 1st. There was a fair amount of shuffling people between the two ships. According to this link from the HAL website, you should have been rebooked to a 12 day cruise, not a 24 day cruise: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/impacted-cruises.html
  8. Victoriann, the sale prices are now showing for our cruise. All excursions are discounted now. Some one on our roll call had called HAL and was told there was a glitch. Bennybear, maybe you should check your cruise again.
  9. Thanks, AtlantaCruiser! Sneaky, it is. They did that on the View & Verandah sales, too. On one of my cruises, only a couple of crappy (IMO) shorex in the disembarkation port were discounted.
  10. I just went through all of the excursions (I'm booked on the same cruise as Victorian) and found discounts only on some tours in Amsterdam, the last stop on a 21 day cruise!
  11. It says that the discount would be applied at checkout. Did you try to book something and follow it through to payment? i just tried a fake booking but didn't go all the way to checkout so couldn't tell.
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