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  1. Currently on the NS and have switched between three devices.
  2. My PCC once advised that if one selects a specific cabin, one is less likely to get upgraded because it is more work for the staff assigning cabins than just placing someone who selected a guarantee cabin in the first place. Therefore, if you would like a higher category cabin, I would contact HAL or your TA to investigate your options. Based on the info you provided, it's what I would do. Good luck! And please let us know what happened.
  3. Not allowed, sorry. Your options would be room service or going up to the Lido.
  4. Thanks, Clubber! We still have another week to go. I did purchase our historical tour tickets online. Thanks for the info about the taxis. Is the $3 taxi fare is per person?
  5. I believe there is a discount of $9 if one prebooks Sel de Mer on the Koningsdam and the NS. Not sure if this is temporary as they recently transitioned from a la carte to fixed pricing on these two ships. Agree with kazu that pop up price was always $49 pp.
  6. It might work for specialty dining. I didn’t try as I already had that booked and paid for months prior to the cruise. Since we had about $550 in non refundable OBC, I used most of it for the shorex. As for it not being enough time, at least it’s an option now. If there is a tour you really want to do, book it and pay in advance to be sure to get it. For us, in the Caribbean, it really didn’t matter. We would have been content to stay onboard or just poke around on our own.
  7. Not available on our cruise right now. However we do have an Aficionado dinner with Rudi Sodamin. We went to it last year and chose not to attend this year. But the Aficionado dinner is $89 pp, so at $120/pp this must be above and beyond the Aficionado dinner. Btw there is no mariner discount wth the Aficionado dinner either.
  8. I did this last week, as did someone else. We provided an update in another thread. We could book shorex three days in advance by phoning the shorex dept and booking them over the phone. The tickets arrived in our cabin on embarkation day and showed in our itinerary also on embarkation day.
  9. I believe the poster referred to the current promotion ending at the end of February so a price drop may come in March.
  10. Yes only three for three and I’d say they were about a square inch in size, maybe a little bigger. It took a while for them to be served due to the volume of beverages served first. We weren’t fussed about it because of the bitterballen we got elsewhere and the fact that we were going to Canaletto for dinner. We had plenty!
  11. Update. We ate at Canaletto last night. Today when I checked our account, we received the loyalty discounts for both our Canaletto and PG dinners for all three of us. We’ll be at the PG tomorrow night.
  12. There were appies but only three small ones for three of us. I actually did go to the Dutch Cafe and ordered bitterballen and cheese soufflés to take back to the Ocean Bar. Yummy!
  13. Just checked our When & Where. Happy Hour is from 4 pm to 6 pm in ALL open bars. Glad it’s not limited to just one or two places. Guess where we’ll be shortly!
  14. NS is on the move. We’re backing out! Won’t be able to wave because dinner is in 5 minutes.
  15. Normal HAL promotions, like V&V, will not affect the ability to get the shareholder benefit. I believe the clause is there for travel professionals who book on Interline rates which are heavily discounted. Those people do not get to claim the shareholder benefit.
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