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  1. That's interesting. They must be seeing more transfers than usual. Please keep us posted on the outcome. I booked two cruises last week but will wait a few weeks before transferring them because of an upcoming cruise.
  2. When is your embarkation day? I ask because there are six ships in port on our disembarkation day (Sept 15th) and the Caribbean Princess is at Pier 103 according to the port schedule which is farther away. We're (the Zuiderdam) at pier 30 which appears to be closer to the terminal and has shuttle service. https://www.portquebec.ca/en/cruises/vessel-schedules/seasonal-schedule
  3. It's funny, DM and I will stay on the ship for a second week while my sister has to return home. DM and I will be going down to a VD cabin for the second week that will cost less for the two of us, then the first week in a Neptune costs for one of us. So I understand totally what you're saying. We will be spoiled that first week but we may not have the chance to do this again.
  4. Thanks everyone! I looked at the deck plans this morning and you're right, it is the sofa/day bed. I should have checked the deck plan symbols. But I appreciate all the help and suggestions. We are very excited to try the suite life!
  5. Yes, I actually was going to book a signature suite but the cost difference between the two was only C$500 which is approx. equal to the cost of Club Orange which I was considering anyway. Then when I found out it was an aft wrap, it was a bit of a no brainer! This will probably be the only chance we get to try a Neptune! I did see your pics on Halfacts and really appreciated them!
  6. Hi, we are considering booking a Neptune suite on the NS for three adults travelling together. I currently have an aft wrap suite on hold. Where does the third person sleep? On the couch? Does it pull out into a sofa bed or does one sleep on the full length of the couch? Does this impede access to the verandah at all? There were three aft wraps available, one each on decks 5, 6 & 7. Which one is better and why? I currently have the one on deck 7 booked. How fully covered is each verandah? I was told that deck 7 is larger than the other two. With three of us, I thought larger would be best. Thanks for your help!
  7. I agree with richwmn that the policy changed. I believe it was Victoriann who reported about it. However, I wonder if one could get around that by actually booking a cruise for the person who isn't there. For instance, I'm also considering a cruise with my sister and mother. Two of us will be on a ship soon. Could we not book a cruise for the three of us and pay the deposit onboard? I am assuming it is a reduced deposit like the FCD would be but maybe not. One would still get the double OBC that one gets with the FCD. I know that one also uses valuable vacation time to book with an FCC which is not my preference but I'd do it if I can book the cruise for my sister.
  8. Based on my experience and resulting cruise day credits, the HSC perk does count towards one's cruise day credits. It might depend on how they actually process the "free" HSC. On at least one of my cruises with the perk, HAL debited the charge and then posted a credit for the same amount. It's the debits that count towards your cruise day credits and not the credits. The thing is that one does not actually see all the ins and outs on one's printed bill at the end of the cruise. I saw them on my mother's account (before they combined it with my account) but not on my account. I've almost always gotten more cruise day credits than I've expected so I don't worry about it anymore, particularly once we got to 4 star status.
  9. Lucky you got new booking numbers for the first two cruises! You should be able to see the changes on the HAL website (if you can get in). Under My Bookings, you should see "Contact Your Travel Professional" instead of "Make a Payment" if the change has gone through.
  10. I'm finding the same to be true for my upcoming 12 day cruise. (I'm going to wait until boarding to purchase the Surf package because I'll have OBC to use and I don't need the Premium package.)
  11. Might you be looking at 2019? That one has been on the books since last November/December that I know of. The 2020 ones haven't changed since the last time I looked on the weekend.
  12. I went by the itinerary in Post #4. I did make an assumption that "Harre-Saint-Pierre" really meant Havre-Saint-Pierre.
  13. Havre-Saint-Pierre is on the coast of Quebec, north of Anticosti Island. It should not be confused with St Pierre & Miquelon, France which is south of the coast of Newfoundland.
  14. The link worked. I hope you have a wonderful cruise (and pre-cruise stay in Paris). We loved our Seine river cruise very much!
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