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  1. Thanks, Crew News. What are the table sizes? 2/4 tops? Any larger ones? Since we'll be 3, we would prefer a 6 top minimum.
  2. I'm seriously considering getting this for our upcoming NS cruise in February. We will be travelling with my sister who is a one or two star Mariner so has few perks (and we're on different booking numbers) for one week of our B2B cruise. CO would take care of our differences in priority status. However, we do enjoy meeting others at dinner. Can one share tables in the Club Orange dining room, if one chooses to?
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I thought I had read elsewhere on CC that HAL was doing away with the combined position but based on your information that isn't true on your cruise. Thanks again for taking us all along on your journey. It's been fun!
  4. I noticed on your cruise log that you had a Cruise Director rather than a Cruise and Travel Director like we had in September. Did you really have a Cruise Director like there used to be even six months ago?! I sure hope so. I thought combining the two positions was a disaster. I'm hoping that that position has gone back to the way it used to be. Thank you very much for your posts and photos! I'm looking forward to your next segment.
  5. Since you booked online, they wouldn't have needed to check with anyone, like a PCC. I usually book with a PCC and for some reason they need him to authorize th transfer. I'll be chatting with him next week prior to transferring another cruise.
  6. Your guess is correct. I just re-fared a cruise due to a significant price drop. I still receive the TA OBC but it was reduced a bit due to the price drop. (Standard procedure). The agent that I spoke with did indicate that cruises booked prior to Nov 26 would still receive OBC and those booked afterwards will receive the shop card.
  7. On our only Christmas cruise, about 13 years ago, there were 300 children onboard. Because most were kept busy with Club HAL, we never believed there were that many until we watched them get their gifts from Santa.
  8. Thanks, Alan. My last HAL transfer took eleven days in mid September. Apparently, they changed the rules and one has to go through one's PCC first so they can agree to the transfer - not that anyone bothered to tell me that. It was only after I inquired about it, I was told about it. Yet your form (which is the one I have) says to send it directly to World Cruise Reservations which is what I did. I'll email my PCC first and see if there are any other changes.
  9. Well, I've never gotten any such emails via the BBA. But I'm okay with that since I generally have my reservations marked "Do Not Upgrade" for a specific reason.
  10. Now that's interesting. I have a cruise to move over to the BBA in the next couple of weeks (before the 60 days is up) so hope that happens for me, too. Thanks for posting.
  11. I put mine in an envelope and give it to the Front Desk for delivery to the laundry room.
  12. Thanks, Crew News. We'll be on the NS in February and would entertain such an offer. I'm quite surprised that it is $15/day for the NS, given the dedicated dining space. Did the offer come directly to you or via your TA? (I book with the Big Box store and they never forward upgrade messages.)
  13. I just did a comparison of my three future cruises between the OBC that I am supposed to receive and the Shop Card that is currently offered on the same cruises. In all three cases, the shop card value is higher than the OBC I am to receive so that makes me think that they have (kinda, sorta) taken into account the exchange rate differential for Canadians. At least, I hope so.
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