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  1. But unlikely to match the OP’s price criteria, I would think?
  2. That’s not much of a budget for the heart of London in summer. I’d be surprised if you can get something like the Strand Palace for £150. You are really at the small, budget hotel end of the market, and their quality can be a bit of a lottery. The Luna and Simone Hotel near Victoria gets well reviewed and has been previously recommended on this board. Premier Inns are the usual ‘go to’ at this sort of price point and the ones in the cluster of hotels just over Westminster Bridge at County Hall feature here from time to time. The hard product is pretty consistent across the chain (unless aircon is important to you, in which case check each hotel), but you are not going to get much space, anywhere to sit and relax in the room, or indeed a proper wardrobe. But as a base for a couple of days, many find them perfectly adequate. I presume you are referring to the Doubletree in John Islip Street, which as the City Inn and then the Mint Hotel used to be an undiscovered gem. It appears to have been well and truly discovered, and priced accordingly!
  3. It’s not clear to whom you are responding, but the OP is on a cruise specifically marketed for the Tattoo and will be overnighting at Queensferry on 10th/11th August.
  4. Yes, there are. This page from the website mentioned upthread is a decent place to start looking: https://www.whitecliffscountry.org.uk/Things-to-do/Activities/Walking/Walking-Routes.aspx
  5. In what sense? I suspect you will get better advice if you explain what the problem has been finding a tour.
  6. Fair enough, if you are looking for ‘something to see’. But this, coming from a history buff, is precisely why it should never have been turned into a tourist attraction in the first place.
  7. Ah, I see - groups are prohibited unless they pay for it! Even so, I don't think this should extend to tour operators who sell on. I know that as an independent charity RHP have to raise incredible amounts of funds, but I do think this is a real shame, particularly when the main Ceremony of the Keys page is so disingenuous.
  8. I checked and Viking do indeed offer a ‘Privileged Access’ tour which states it includes an after hours Yeoman Warder tour of the grounds and viewing the Ceremony of the Keys. That would seem to be in clear contravention of the stated policy for the Ceremony. I intend to write to Royal Historic Palaces to ask why, as the Ceremony is in much demand.
  9. The Ceremony of the Keys takes place after public opening hours - you are escorted in and out solely for the Ceremony, so no chance to see any of the exhibits. I am surprised there is a tour that includes the Ceremony as I understood tickets were only available for personal applicants.
  10. Well, the Sanctuary House *is* a popular pub downstairs, part of the Fullers ‘Ale and Pie’ chain, which will serve you decent ale and pub food. It is only about 20 years old, though, like many similar pubs in central London. It has a large lounge and can get very busy in the evening, but it may have an area reserved for hotel guests dining. I haven't stayed there, but it gets very well reviewed as a hotel, including I think once or twice on this board. I think it’s a brilliant location, but do not compare it to other hotels mentioned on this thread - it’s a small hotel with room above a pub. For other pubs nearby, I’d suggest trying the Two Chairmen and the Westminster Arms, both of which have significantly more history! There aren’t a significant number of restaurants close by, but ‘good dining suggestions’ is so subjective as to be almost meaningless anyway.
  11. Private messaging is not permitted on Cruise Critic, hence the zero message limit.
  12. I’m sure you probably know this, but that is likely to be (in Cruise-line speak) “London (Southampton)”. Which means it starts from Southampton, about 80 miles from London. Lots of threads on here, including a sticky, about how and when to transfer after your pre-Cruise stay in London (London)!
  13. And just to be really clear, Victoria Coach Station is in a different place to Victoria railway and tube stations. It’s not far away, but a bit of a walk.
  14. Would you care to expand on this cryptic post? You are suggesting the OP waste several hours of their life hanging round Heathrow, so it only seems fair to clearly explain why! What do you mean by ‘area’ (there are TLV flights from three different terminals at Heathrow)? Why do you believe the Israel flights affect flights to the US? Which security checks (El Al of course have their own system, which requires earlier arrival at T4 but this presumably won’t impact the OP)? What was a Sunday morning - I am guessing you had some sort of long wait at Heathrow for security or something similar?
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