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  1. On Regent - drawers are cleaned and lined with new paper between cruises.
  2. TC2 - to be honest, we have never understood the concept of "leftover wine.". Perhaps the bottles we open just seem to have holes in them. 😉
  3. Just an FYI - Regent provides a Champagne re-corker in every suite - you'll find it near the glassware.
  4. Loved this ship - especially the 50's - 60's cruises with Paul Revere & the Raiders, Mary Wilson (Supremes), Gary Lewis (the Playboys), Little Anth9ony (the Imperials) and the like. Always had a 'morning dj/radio show in the pool deck). Remember the pool where yu could go downstairs, walk thru a hallway that had cabins with windows facing into the hallway and you could look into the plexiglas sides of the pool underwater?
  5. Many posts on FB from crew members currently working the dry dock for this ship. Seems like they are having some fun as the work is different from their normal duties when the ship is sailing with passengers.
  6. So I suppose you have to pay extra for this "experience"? Nickel and dime again.....
  7. Absolutely agree. And it never ceases to amaze me when a crew member stops me in the hall to say "hello, Mrs Kwaj girl...how nice to see you again - last time was on the Explorer.....and by the way, how are the penguins?" Now HOW they remember that level of detail I will never know......
  8. Master Suites on Regent's VOYAGER and MARINER also have 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths.
  9. Same for the Nav on our '18 WC. But rooting for the "third team" (aka - DON'T CARE) I didn't join in the festivities but they did a great job.
  10. Talk to your travel agent. He/she likely can access airline consolidators with discounted business class air. We do this all the time.
  11. We have sailed all of Regent's ships but then again there are only 4 in the fleet. We will be on the first voyage of the new ship, Seven Seas Splendor, for her inaugural this February...so that will make 5. Working our way thru longer voyages to see as many countries as possible....2nd world cruise in '21.
  12. ::like:: Question to OP-. is this your first Regent cruise and you are asking more about the shipboard experience? Or asking about ports/excursions? Or suite info? Or.......????
  13. I look forward to trying many of these new menu items as an alternative to a heavy meat-based diet. I often select the fish of the day but some of these descriptions sound really good right now.
  14. And definitely join the "Solo & Social Travelers" evnets early in the voyage to neet up with others - these get-togethers are listed in the daily program. Usually it's pre-dinner cocktaails with the option to continue on to dinner together, hosted by the Social Hostess or members of the Entertainment Cast. I've also seen breakfast get-togethers in La Veranda or even in the Coffee Connection. And don't be shy about introducing yourself to others at cocktail time with a "mind if I join you?" We've met many interesting people that way!
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