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  1. Thanks for taking us along, Mr Rumor. We will see you on Splendor!
  2. FYI- if auto-grats are removed, any cash tips given to your room steward, waiters etc must be turned in to the tip pool so they would not get to keep the amt you give them anyway. They would lose their jobs if caught not reporting the cash as management/supervisors are advised of those who have removed the auto-grat. Conversely, if auto-grats are left in place, then the steward/waiter is permitted to retain additional cash tips from passengers.
  3. I guess it may be important to get a chair 'around the pool' IF you plan to use the pool.....but what's the big draw of a poolside chair otherwise? Go find a quiet area elsewhere and enjoy your quiet time away from the masses.
  4. These products seem to be less sweet than those produced by Schwepps or Canada Dry, for example. At least that's how it seems to me.
  5. I usually walk a mile or two early in the morning above the pool deck and remember some quiet music coming from the pool deck speakers. Not intrusive ever annoying at all, and was nice "enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the water" kind of music.
  6. Thank you so much for this update....but especially your daily report. Just makes me all that much more jazzed to be boarding Tuesday for the 2 B2B voyages. Loved your photos and commentary. Opus says "hi" to Shauna and Stowie.
  7. @Mr Rumor you are amazing! Thank you...we appreciate your (and Vlad's) efforts!
  8. @Mr Rumor would you happen to know if any of the bars currently stock Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic water? Asking for a friend who will be joining us on Nav later this month.
  9. Great news about the Duo's assignment - we are on the first 2 Splendor voyages (Barcelona-Miami, Miami-San Diego). Now we just have to figure out what to do during the 5 days between cruises in Miami...maybe a trip to the Keys....
  10. @Mr Rumor - ask Ruslan to make you a "Ruslantini" - he has a 'day' version and a 'night' version........I'll leave it at that!
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