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  1. @skybluewaters - absolutely in agreement with you. And NO help from Crystal as yet. See my posts: 4, 12, 18, 30, 36 ::rolleyes::
  2. Can you post the link here? The only one I see is for CREW.
  3. Regarding the "mariners travel authorization" in this link: https://www.gov.bm/mariners-travel-authorisation It states: "Cruise ship passengers arriving by sea must apply through the Cruise Passenger Traveller Authorisation process." BUT THERE IS NO LINK TO TAKE YOU TO SUCH A PROCESS!
  4. I also wonder what those of us on B2B will do when it comes to our second "entry" to Bermuda on leg #2......where on earth (or should I say Boston) would we get a PCR test with immediate results on turnaround day?
  5. Crystal is currently saying we use the MARINER travel authorization....reading carefully it states the PCR test needs to be done "within 4 days of DEPARTURE FOR Bermuda. So that makes me think that getting the test at home on Friday should meet their requirements since we DEPART for Bermuda on Sunday. Just sayin'
  6. @pingpong1 that's exactly what another cruiser told me this morning! 🤣 A multi-step process but I guess it will work!
  7. Why submit a photo in advance? I have no idea how to do that. Can't even do a selfie! 🤣
  8. You know what they say....ask 3 peoe the same question and get 3 different answers....just called Crystal again and their current info is that we are to use the Mariner travel authorization and still have to get a pcr test 4 days prior to arrival in Bermuda. Now is that "4 days" mean we all can test no sooner than Friday for a Tursday arrival? Fri to Sat is 1 day, Sat to Sun is 2nd day, Sun To Mon is 3rd day and Mon to Tue is 4th day?
  9. This is what I thought we would be using: https://www.gov.bm/are-you-immunised And yet another wrinkle....wnen I called Crystal for clarification they said we need to use the MARINER Travel Authorization since we are arriving via ship. But if you look at those details they seem more suited to yacht-type travel: https://www.gov.bm/are-you-mariner Both seem to require pcr test but have varying date requirements: If you select the "Immunised" option it states that the test must be done WITHIN 4 DAYS OF ARRIVAL TO BERMUDA (that would be no earlier tha
  10. Well, the email reply wasn't helpful. "Your cruiseline will let you know what you need. Meanwhile visit the official website for more information: www.gov.bm/coronavirus " ::rolleyes::
  11. We are on the 1st and 2nd voyages out of Boston. BUT...be aware that there seems to be a requirement for PCR tests prior to arrival...NOT the same as rapid antigen test that Crystal performs just prior to embarkation. There are different "classes" of visitors and Crystal rez put me on hold awhile and came back to say we are "Mariners". But looking at the Bermuda site that seems more for yachtsmen and crew etc. I have reached out to Bermuda authorities via email and will report back.
  12. Air lift to some of these alternate ports could be a problem. Miami / Ft Lauderdale airports have many more flights in/out daily vs Charleston or Mobile, for example.
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