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  1. I'm not aware of any travel I insurance policy covers "fear of travel". If you purchased the higher-premium "cancel for any reason" policy you could cancel and receive a percentage of your cruise cost. Different policies have different rules regarding WHEN you have to cancel so be sure to read the fine print
  2. Oh, there IS a cheese cart - just way too big and heavy to move around the dining room. Will try to get a photo & post it. And Regent DOES debone your Dover Sole tableside!
  3. We are on Splendor now and SO miss the cheese cart in Chartreuse. We were told that the cart "is too big" to bring to the tables so we were served plated cheese selections of the day
  4. LOCKED IN THE LOO !! My turn to tell a tale from the inaugural....was waiting for my little glitch experience to happen. This morning I stopped in the ladies room (aka LOO) outside La Veranda. Lo and behold...the inside handle came off while I was in the stall. Bang-bang-bang on the door hoping for someone to hear me and figured I'd just have to wait for someone to come in. Texted DH who was in another part of the ship but by the time he could get there I had been "rescued" by a guest who had heard the banging and alerted a Head Waiter who came in to help. She was already on the phone to Maintenance before I left the facility. OW my toe hurts! Should have stuck with using my heel. πŸ˜‚
  5. Diggin' some of these new cocktails in the Meridiam Lounge..."Summer Solstice " and "Gin Made Me Do It"
  6. Can't miss the first wine tasting event! Georgiana and Mark are the stars of the show.
  7. @UUNetBill I knew about that blue light in the ceiling outside the bathroom - always seemed too bright for me as I would turn it on and leave it on all night. Never thought to leave it off at night and only switch it on as needed! Will try tomorrow on Splendor
  8. Welcome to the Regent family. Deck stewards come around for your beverage requests. For water - they will bring plastic (washable) glasses with your choice of still or sparkling water with or without ice. No glass is permitted on the pool deck for safety. "Guarantee" suite assignments are often made in the days prior to embarkation. Keep an eye on your online account and you may see it there likely around the same time your TA is notified, who in turn should notify you. If not...simply write "TBA" on your tags instead.
  9. I shall do my best though I'm not real tech-savvy. Patience, my friend! I will be posting on the joint blog with Mr Rumor
  10. We asked for a bottle of Woodford last November on Explorer....found out it was no longer on the "complimentary on-site beverage list". We will board Splendor on Thursday.....apparently some of the new signature cocktails are made with Woodford so we shall see!
  11. "Real passengers".....that would be US! 🍾
  12. They are ready to join Stowie for cocktails...herring wine for the penguins, of course. πŸ˜‚
  13. Today is packing day for us, giving us another day or so to retrieve forgotten items without a last-minute shuffle. As usual, we will each put half of our items in the other's case just in case one gets misdirected by the airline. Has happened to us once before so hopefully we've paid our dues! If all goes as planned we will arrive BCN Wednesday morning to give us a chance to rest-up before our adventure begins.
  14. Or the ubiquitous "pleather" πŸ˜‚
  15. Do you think it's really leather ?
  16. Coverage levels for Trip Cancellation are rather low.....plan with highest premium only covers trips up to $5000
  17. @victoria81 - We received this today, too. Other cruise lines are doing the same thing. We are not the least bit concerned. The flu is affecting MANY more people than this 'bug'. If we got scared every time something came along...whether it's a virus or 'violence' in some locations....we'd NEVER be able to go anywhere. We always take reasonable precautions with regards to health and safety issues. Not much more can be done as individuals. Relax and ENJOY
  18. Same as what we received, though the zip bag is actually larger thaan the previous i-pad holder-style
  19. So who got invited to go on this one? Certainly not a mere DIAMOND! :-)
  20. @travelwell we are in Huntsville AL. A get-together for our geographical area sounds great! Who's got the big house? πŸ˜‚
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