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  1. I'm just going to bring my own reusable bottle that I take to the gym when I'm home ...and fill it from the tap in our suite bathroom.
  2. We must be the odd ones out here. I don't understand the concept of leftover champagne (or wine, for that matter) 😂😂
  3. True.....forgot about that, though for us that's also relatively minor...you are correct - it does go fast!
  4. And no 'waiting in line' for anything. As others have said, it's what YOU value. For us, it's the no nickel-and-diming, a crew that absolutely goes above and beyond (the word NO isnot on their vocabulary) and a very relaxed ambience.
  5. We've been known to quaff a Champagne or two at the CC in the morning....or an English Mary if the mood strikes :-)
  6. I thought it was mentioned somewhere that YC includes some sort of internet package....or maybe that's beginning in 2020?
  7. Also, no matter how much hand sanitizer you use, keep your hands away from your face....eyes, nose, mouth
  8. TC2- "large families and children" not always the case. Probably depends on the itinerary. A couple of years ago we were on the Navigator from Cape Town to Miami over Christmas/New Years. There was just one well-behaved 9-yr-old girl on board. Was fun when Santa showed up with a gift for her.
  9. Having sailed all 4 Regent ships.....the best way to get better response is to prop open your suite door while using the Internet. Otherwise you are basically in a metal box which blocks the signal. We got the weirdest looks from passers-by until we let them in on our "secret".
  10. WtW - we've booked a PH on the Mariner 2021 WC - you are welcome to visit for cocktails at any time! Sandy
  11. Agreed....way too bright. More of us need to mention it to management while onboard and "maybe" they will act on it someday. Would also be great if the acoustics in the main part of CR could also be addressed. Now if you want to have a decent (not having to compete with the noise) conversation you must get there at a time when tables are available in the smaller aft areas of the restaurant.
  12. Google "Jamaica Prospect Plantation"
  13. Interesting to note that Regent's elevator music includes "What a Wonderful World" at times.......
  14. We will be on RSSC Seven Seas Splendor's inaugural voyage from Barcelona this coming February. With 487 nights on Regent we have great trust in the crew for a memorable cruise and if "ship happens" we'll just roll with it along with our fellow passengers.
  15. We will be boarding the Navigator 10/15/19 and have been advised by Regent that the actual berth assignment may not be known until 5-7 days prior to departure. Just makes advance planning a bit of a challenge.
  16. Having sailed twice on the Symphony - I, too, will be interested in your comments and comparisons.
  17. TC2- Regent used to put Jacquart in the suites for "welcome aboard" and served Montaudon elsewhere IIRC. We always changed-out the J for M untill we reached titanium and now enjoy VC as our welcome Champagne.
  18. Haven't seen any - just charge your stuff in your cabin when you are there.
  19. Hope it's on target - we're booked on the 1st voyage out of Barcelona!
  20. Thanks to all for the update. Just wondered what the quaff would be after finishing my one bottle of VC. Miss the Montaudon.
  21. Can someone report back as to the included Champagnes - usually one brand is in the suite as the "welcome aboard" bottle and a different one is poured in the lounges/restaurants. Thanks!
  22. Yacht Club is the ONLY way to go on these behemoths - private restaurant/lounge/pool area - quiet areas and attentive service. Best way to avoid the crowds/drunks/screaming kids. Check out the main parts of the ship when everyone else is ashore.
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