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  1. How do you change the privacy settings? I would like to set mine to "Safety Only" but cannot find this feature in the app. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, but I am in the US, so probably not the right email for me. I will try tracking down an email for the US.
  3. My understanding is that my name and photo will pop up on screens throughout the ship when I am in close proximity. I don't need pushy salespeople greeting me by name. I have also seen mention of names and pictures being shown to your fellow passengers when you are waiting for an elevator. Can I opt out of these features? Maybe this is more of a concern to women than men. I am not concerned that Princess knows where I ate dinner or what I bought since they would have already known that.
  4. I am glad you were able to get your situation resolved. I am missing points from a cruise I took two months ago. I tried reporting it online and received no response. I have tried calling the number posted above. When you select the option to report a missing cruise, it simply tells you to report it online and they will get back to you. Very frustrating!
  5. I don’t consider myself to fall into the tinfoil hat camp. I just like to keep my info secure from random strangers. I am looking for something to keep my medallion handy to take out and use when I want it and secure in my pocket when I don’t. I prefer something small rather than a bulky wallet since one of the benefits to cruising is that I don’t need to carry my wallet all the time.
  6. Has anyone used an RFID case for their medallion? Does the medallion fit in an RFID sleeve or is it too big?
  7. Does anyone have any feedback on which is nicer? Is the walk from port to Turtle River Falls safe and easy? I am looking for something a little more relaxing than Dunns river falls. Thanks
  8. I am currently having two issues: 1) My last cruise (in September) is missing from my history. I clicked on the button to report a missing cruise. Does anyone know how long this usually takes to fix? 2) The cruise summary for my next cruise is only showing the basic information at the top of the page (reservarion number, dates, cabin number). The rest of the page is blank. No itinerary or information on having the specialty dining pacckage. I booked last week for a cruise next fall. Is anybody else having this issue? Thanks
  9. I see that many of these end this week. Is there any hope of them being extended like they keep doing for Free at Sea?
  10. Yes, my lesson learned from this which I admitted in my trip report was that I need to do further research on dock assignments before sailing. I have always looked to see how many ships are in port with us, but generally don't do much research on actual docking assignments. I was aware that we would be on the industrial side of the Quebec City port and I knew that we would be tendering in Bar Harbor. After the fact I did see where Charlottetown posts assignments but I have yet to find where Saguenay posts this information.
  11. Thanks to all that posted. Yes it was the recent NCL Gem that missed two ports because we had tender assignments. In both cases we were larger but had shorter port hours. One ship was a HAL, so probably not a more expensive cruise, but the other was Viking. I wouldn’t have minded so much had NCL advertised them as tender ports or at least as possibly needing to tender. Finding out the night before you arrive in port was not cool. It looks like NCL may frequently have the crummy dock in Quebec City.
  12. In a port with multiple docks or a mix of docks and tenders, how are the assignments made? Is it based on who scheduled the stop first? Arrival times? Who is willing to pay more for the better location? We just got off a cruise where we seemed to draw the short straw at every port including having to tender while other ships docked. All ports were in Canada if it matters. Thanks
  13. We had decided to drive to an airport in the US served by Southwest for our flight home. Rental cars from Quebec City were outrageously expensive, so we took Orleans Express to Montreal and spent a night there before heading home. The bus ride wasn't bad. The only minor hiccup was all announcements are in French only, but we were able to figure which stop we needed. Our hotel was the Doubletree which was connected to the underground mall. It worked out well. We enjoyed Montreal, but not as much as Quebec City. I just loved the old port area of Quebec City. Rental car from Montreal back to the states was cheap and easy. We were able to see some of the Adirondacks before returning home which were already showing some wonderful fall foliage. Overall, a good trip with some minor disappointments. Lessons learned are to check port schedules with port authorities before we cruise rather than relying on our posted itinerary. And pack a few games/books/whatever to keep busy during lags in the activity sheets or inclement weather. I hope I didn't come off as an NCL basher, because I absolutely am not. It is still my favorite cruise line with the variety of food options and entertainment and freestyle cruising.
  14. Didn't think about the kids, but yes all of the outside stuff for them was closed. The temp in our cabin was perfect. Dock location in Quebec City was as shown in the pic (thanks for that). We were fine to walk from there to the upper and lower city, but some are not so fortunate. There are at least two spots to tender in from in Bar Harbor. Princess had the closer spot. Ships were docked in other ports where we were expected to tender. I would love to know how dock/tender location is decided if anyone knows. I just saw on another site that a competitor just gave their passengers $300 OBC for missing Sydney. Please understand that I would not expect that, but something more than the single digits we received back in port fees might have been nice since in at least one of our ports the "bad weather" call was highly questionable.
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