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  1. Not all of them. Some are only suites. See above. 😊
  2. Oh give it up. You know that you said exactly what you meant: "You can not help yourself being rude. You live in USA" Not only will there be no apology, you have lost ALL respect too. Disgusting.
  3. Wow. Right here. Is it really so ingrained that you don't even recognize it?
  4. As am I. 🤷‍♀️ I, just like millions of others, have no underlying conditions that make me high risk. And last I checked, I was a full grown adult capable of making, and taking responsibility for, my own decisions.
  5. Sure it is. That's why the videos of the same beaches show the same crowds and the official Bournemouth Instagram posted it while begging people to stay away. 😉 The fact is that there are ignorant people everywhere, the world over. Not sure why you're so insistent on claiming there aren't. Except that you clearly want to stick with your negative position on Americans while ignoring the rudeness and ignorance in your own yard. 🙄
  6. This does. And the only one I see being rude here is you. This was posted on the official Bournemouth Instagram on June 1st.
  7. So you're saying this is not accurate either? 🤔 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-dorset-52875612
  8. I'm not scared or stupid. 🤷‍♀️ I am, however, intelligent enough to understand the risk to those with underlying conditions that put them more at risk, and take the steps I can to minimize their risk within my community. Social distancing, masks, etc. My personal opinion is that those who are more at risk should refrain from anything that exposes them to large numbers of people in small spaces... cruising, visiting amusement parks, going to concerts, etc... until there is much better protection for them.
  9. I see so many saying these *must* be crew return dates because they don't match up with scheduled sailings. Y'all do realize sailing schedules can be changed, not just cancelled, right? 😉
  10. Nope. The extra 25% has already been given on the actual monies paid with the first cancellation. The 100% FCC will be returned to your account, and any additional amounts paid will result in both 100% & 25% FCC's added to your account.
  11. "The original FCC will be added back to the guests' profile and then they will also receive a new FCC for the outstanding amount." Possibly 25% on the outstanding amount?
  12. There isn't even any reason for him to call, as there's nothing that needs to be "straightened out"! The email sent explains it very well - FCC's are issued automatically and should one prefer a refund instead, they simply click the link in the email from May 7th to 13th to request said refund. Easy peasy.
  13. I completely understand what he was referencing, and the fact that his claim is bogus. My response was to your " I have no idea where the OP got the wording at the top of the post ". That document is where he "got the wording at the top of the post" from. Follow the link and scroll down to section 7. Interestingly, he chose to leave off the end of it as well. 😉
  14. Just came across it so figured I'd come back and share. It's from this document, dated April 2017. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/FULL_CEBookingConditions_for_bookings_until_31Jan18.pdf
  15. Insurance purchased through NCL is included in the FCC. Note that it says it will be issued as a separate FCC.
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