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  1. We had a deck 12 Port side Aurea Suite with the curved balcony and hot tub on Meraviglia Xmas 2019, those are the largest of the then Aurea Suites and have a separate bedroom and living room plus walk in wardrobe as well As bedroom wardrobe, the downside was the vanity unit in the living area was actually smaller than a Bella cabin despite having at least a three foot space at the side of it. The change of name to Grand in my opinion is just a money making gimmick. As Emma's Gran said in an earlier post currently you cannot leave the ship in ports unless you are on an organised ship tour, whether this will change remains to be seen.
  2. sidari


    Received our refund mid July for our cancelled April 22nd Preziosa cruise via our travel agent.
  3. I would think that they would have to follow along with the others but they may have added their voice to the others with what they are doing in Italy.
  4. If you have to wash your hands before entering or have hand gel on them why would people have dirty hands!
  5. I believe the included WiFi for YC began from this summer.
  6. Received ours middle of July for this cruise from Cruise 1st, have you tried your credit card issuer ?
  7. Magnifica will be sailing from Genoa on 10 night cruises starting in October.
  8. I reckon that Grandiosa and Magnifica will be the only ships sailing up to the end of the year for MSC.
  9. No longer going to Corfu for some reason.
  10. I wouldn't book a cruise before Xmas even though Costa will welcome UK guests from the end of September, Insurance is a big issue as pointed out in the previous post, getting to Genoa or other places like Civitavecchia or Naples to join the ship would be difficult at best. The way the UK Government are playing roulette with the so called air bridges is reason enough not to go.
  11. MSC said there was No contact with the person concerned! There has to be.
  12. It seems the crew member was onboard the ship and was taken away by Ambulance, it is good news that the system is working well but at some point there would have to be contact with a crew member in order to carry out the tests.
  13. The story was carried in a number of Italian news agencies and was also mentioned by a passenger who should have boarded in Genoa but joined the ship in Palermo.
  14. Rumour is that the person had not yet joined the ship! No ultimate proof of the story.
  15. I think that would put me off for the time being, just as well we cannot cruise due to Government advice.
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