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  1. Norway will not be accepting cruise ships at all this year apart from those by Norwegian companies, hard to see where these ships will sail to if anywhere. There is still no decision on how ships will operate and how customers will be dealt with onboard. My own feeling is that the next announcement may be cancellations to the end of August.
  2. Ate ... Wouldn't expect to see the other two categories again until some time next year.
  3. I doubt it has anything to do with cancellations and everything to do with social distancing, the Scientists will be the ones who decide when cruising begins again a fact not gone unnoticed by the head of Carnival.
  4. I think Grandiosa is moored in Civitavechia and Divina is headed there. T.UI cruises have said their 3,000 passenger plus Mein Schiff operation are likely to have around 1,000 passengers per sailing initially, something to think about!
  5. I would think it will be a waiting game with staff working from home and like other cruise lines the possibility of staff furloughed as well.
  6. Hopefully there will be info coming from MSC soon with regards any further cancellations and itinerary and ship changes.
  7. As I said the one on MSC site is Seaside.
  8. ER ... The decks with cabins have the wrong numbers, as I said earlier some YC Insides of available cabins on a dummy booking show an RS and Deluxe cabin which means the actual deck plan cannot be Seashore.
  9. I looked on the US site and it has the same deck plan as the UK site with 18 decks.
  10. ER ... Hard to believe after such a long time of Seaside and Seaview sailing but the UK website still does not show Deck 19 for either ship! When you click on "go to our cruises" then Ships and choose either of the two ships and scroll down to the Deck plans they only go to 18. Just did a dummy Seashore booking on the US site and it has the same issues re wrong cabin numbers as the UK site, when the cabin numbers come up the ship shown says Seaside ... 🤣
  11. BB ... There will be three YC decks on Seashore then the YC pool deck on top. There are two decks of YC on Seaside and seaview. There will also be additional cabins elsewhere.
  12. sidari

    MSC Seashore

    Seashore prior to the close down of the shipyard.
  13. ER ... The current deckplans on the MSC website are of Seaside, when you do a dummy booking for a YC Inside the cabin numbers include a YC Deluxe and an RS but shown as Inside cabins.
  14. Deck 20 Forward is the YC pool deck.
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