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  1. Over Xmas on Meraviglia we had boxes of tissues in our Aurea Suite.
  2. Did you get off the ship at all over those two days ? Our Xmas cruise had the itinerary changed so that we went to Roatan first and Costa Maya last did not hear what the reason was for it.
  3. Number of days cruises with other cruise lines Has nothing to do with status match, what does matter is the level you have with other cruise lines.
  4. It does sound somewhat odd regarding the Costa Maya stay especially when other ships came and went under the same weather conditions, however there was a post here on CC last week that mentioned that sharks has got past the nets and into the lagoon which may or may not be the reason behind it. We managed to go last Saturday but most excursions were cancelled citing the wind, they also cancelled the live music and parade. We were off the ship during the day and in the evening, the wind wasn't that strong. Methinks MSC are being economical with the truth.
  5. The YC area on O.C is only a small part of the Bimini beach area.
  6. Personally I believe MSC knew what they were doing when they changed the drink packages including the downgrading of the Aurea experience, by making the most requested drinks outside of the Easy package they knew that people would likely upgrade in order to get them. For some the Easy package is fine because it contains their preferred drinks, personally with the now difference in upgrade costs of a package beyond Easy on a Miami cruise we may well go back to buying the odd drink here and there.
  7. Having now sailed on both including twice on Seaside my preference would be Seaside, I found Meraviglia too disjointed, no show lounge large enough for big crowds to see the stage, the Meraviglia lounge is so small that people have to stand in the promenade to watch once the seats are full. If you are in Aurea there is only a pop up bar on the Top 19 Sun deck which only had drinks for the Easy drink package, for those with Premium, Premium plus or the Old Deluxe package as we did then you have to go down to the pool deck to get your own drinks or all the way to the back of the ship on Deck 18, the sundeck overlooks the main pool with booming music almost all day long to the point of distortion, Seaside Top 19 is away from the main pool area and has a great bar and more shaded cover than Meraviglia and is much quieter and far superior to the one on Meraviglia. Like Eroller says the outside space on Seaside is great both up top and on Deck 8 with outside seating for the buffet on both sides of the ship. The fact that Seaside has a buffet on 8 and a smaller one on 16 means that not everyone is crowded into the lower one and is close to the water slides which is great for those with kids. The speciality restaurants on Meraviglia form part of the upper walkway of the promenade with people wandering past as you eat, not good if someone is coughing or sneezing as they go by! Meraviglia will be one and done I think for us along with some others we sailed with over Xmas.
  8. Hi Slei ... If you are talking about 12007 then yes there are both outlets at the vanity unit which is half the size of those in Fantastica cabins for some unknown reason, there is one socket next to the bed but cannot recall which. We had a Four way UK socket with us so only used the European connection. The bed was a Double pull out Sofa and not bunk beds, the cushions kept coming off until someone from another department noticed the previous occupant had undone the velcro strips that hold them to the bed frame! The Whirlpool is larger than those on Seaside and those in the Duplex cabins, there was an issue with it that meant we could only use it once during our cruise. The temperature should have been at 36.5 degrees but was at 40 and so far too hot. Despite efforts to rectify it we never used it again, on Sunday morning before we left the cabin a maintenance guy came to change the filter so no idea if that was the cause. Sometimes it was quite windy but it is possible to sit out if the weather is dry.
  9. Easy package Aperol Spritz ? No Easy package Aperol and a prosecco ? Yes! Stupidity still reigns at times on MSC somewhat like the time we were refused a coffee with Bailey's in it but could get a coffee and a Bailey's !
  10. Just returned from our 10th MSC cruise on our 7th ship, sailed in Inside, OV, Fantastica and Aurea balconies and Aurea Suites and was not treated any different on any of the cruises, have no intention currently to cruise in the YC. Meraviglia will be a one and done cruise on this class of ship and much prefer the Seaside, Fantasia and Musica class ship's.
  11. There are not enough eating places on O.C. if you are on Bimini beach you have a long walk to get food. They closed down the buffet at 3pm so make sure you go before or like us you have to go back to the ship if you don't like what the food trucks have on offer
  12. Xmas 2018 we had an Aurea balcony, we moved to a Fantastica balcony for the new year sailing, spoke to Guest services and only had to attend the drill for the Xmas sailing.
  13. Forgot to add that we were up there last week, if you do not like booming sound almost all day from the pool directly Infront and below you, you would have to go elsewhere. The music was so loud that it drowned out our headphones and had to give up listening to our own music. In fact it seems there is no volume control on Meraviglia apart from Very Loud.
  14. The forward Aurea suites on the Meraviglia class from summer will be classed as Grand Suites, at least the one on deck 12 which has the biggest square footage will be, on our Xmas cruise we were told that there is a possibility that these Aurea suites will become part of the YC.
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