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  1. Thanks. I think I will bring 8 additional bottles rather than purchase on board.
  2. Does the $15.00 Corking Fee include taxes? I'm on the Crown Princess next month! Thanks
  3. My wife and I are ending a cruise in May 2020 and we would like to rent an apartment for a week. We don't mind staying in the suburbs and commuting into the city by train to lower costs. Can someone recommend what areas we should stay and commute near a train station?
  4. You are correct. My wife and I take TA's in the off season when children are in school. I hate flying and when your primary residence is in Thailand we can fly 30 hours from Tampa or take two TA's coming and going from Thailand and a nonstop 10 hour flight from Rome to/from Bangkok and we get to take the two TA's every year. We love cruising and the TA's are never crowded. We have taken two TA's on the Reflection and we love that ship, too. In fact, Reflections first TA from the shipyard in Germany, we were on board. It was a wonderful cruise. I do know that the Med cruises are full in the Summer months.
  5. I've never seen over 2000 on any Celebrity ship because I always take Transatlantics and the 3rd and 4th passenger are not aboard. My wife and I love TA's because no children or very few, so I'm surprised the Solstice can hold 2800+.
  6. I agree! I like the MDR's for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  7. The problem isn't the laundry it's the extra pounds everyone is putting on during the cruise, so they blame it on shrinkage!
  8. I would go on Celebrity Solstice. I enjoy smaller ships and intimacy, which Celebrity has!
  9. IsanTom


    Do you get one or 2 bottles of wine per cabin free? Normally we are allowed 2 bottles on most of the other cruise lines. We are a couple!
  10. Nothing is free! You are paying for it in the long run!
  11. Try and avoid this location. Very poor management, so I would recommend renting to airport and take taxi.
  12. My friend and her son are arriving on Costa Deliozosa this month. What do you recommend, if they do not buy an expensive excursion or are there any inexpensive excursions at the port? Thanks for the info.
  13. Can anyone recommend some hotels in Miami with Cruise Parking available? Our cruise departs 1/27/19 for 14 nights. Thanks
  14. When on Holiday, I leave all my valuables at home or in my room safe. I never carry a cell phone unless it's a cheap $20 phone. Why do you need an I-phone? Call home on holiday?
  15. Looking for a great bar to hangout for the day near the cruise port?
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