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  1. I agree. However, think about these cups that have lids and people are using a straw. If you take off the lid, then nothing you have put your mouth on is being held against the public fountain. I've wondered because I see people using the cup they got from the stack and refilling it over and over again. To me, that is worse that taking the lid off your cup and filling it.
  2. Thank you! That is pretty much what I was looking for. That part of the Hub App wasn't available on our last cruise. We've never had an issue getting the wait team we want, but wasn't sure if it would be different if we used the app.
  3. Thank you. We have never had an issue with waiting a few minutes (it's only been more on elegant night). Maybe we will only check in with the App that night.
  4. I always bring my Tervis for drinks and my Yeti for water. My Tervis is a 16 oz (I purchased Red Frog and Blue Iguana ones and bring one or the other). When I order a frozen drink, I give them my cup. A normal drink in their cup is 12 oz (you always see leftover in the blender). They fill my 16 oz to the top and I get charged the same as if I was purchasing a 12 oz. I also bring my re-usable straws as well as my milkshake silicone straws. I will especially remember them this year as I do not want a paper straw. Those are the worst for people who really love using a straw. I also have an over-the-shoulder holder for both of my cups (purchased at a craft fair). Makes it really easy to carry them around.
  5. We always do ATD and love it. We also usually ask for the same waitstaff if we like the ones on the first night (and yes, we are willing to wait). For our cruise this year, I understand that you can use the Hub App to make a reservation for ATD, but you cannot request the waitstaff. My question is for anyone that has used the Hub App for reservations for ATD, when you got to the dining room, did you (or were you able to) ask for your preferred waitstaff? If you did, how did it work? TIA
  6. I have to say that I don't ever recall seeing a Guy's burger sitting in grease too long on the grill. They go pretty fast and don't really have time to sit.
  7. Haven't been on the Freedom, but have sailed the Conquest and have been on the Magic. While we did love the Conquest, I have to give the Magic the edge. Love having the Mongolian Wok, Guy's Pig & Anchor BBQ & the Captain's Pasta Bar (didn't do dinner). I didn't feel that the lines on the Magic were any longer than on the Conquest. I loved the Serenity Deck on the Magic and felt that the sports deck had a lot more too. Plus the ropes course since you have kids.
  8. Well, I will be different! I am a chronic over-packer, I know it and embrace it (and we drive)! My luggage is plentiful and heavy. However, I figure if this 58 year old woman can lift it, then it is good. 😂 I have never measured or weighed it. As for storage, each piece stores into the next size piece and it all fits easily under the bed and is not at all a problem. Basically, if you can lift it you shouldn't need to worry about the weight. Don't worry about room as there is plenty of room under the bed. Don't go nuts (even I don't go too crazy), but you don't have to try and cram everything into a couple of carry-ons. And, I have to say that I am truly impressed by those that can.
  9. Thanks. I thought it sounded kinda weird, but you just never know.
  10. This may seem like a strange question, but we have only been to Half Moon Cay once on our first cruise. If we decide to get back on the ship (Breeze) for lunch, what will be opened? Someone posted that nothing is opened on the ship at all for lunch when at HMC. Sounds strange so I figured I'd see if anyone here knows. Thanks!
  11. Agree! We are on the same sailing as you are. I missed Dr. E when he was on the Magic by about 2-3 weeks. I am hoping he will be ours. I've heard a lot of good things about him.
  12. You and I need to get in there and tell them how to do this! LOL I'm not sailing until October, but it would be really nice if they figured out some better packages before then!
  13. Then you clearly haven't been to China. 😃
  14. That is ridiculous. If you don't have a PP, then obviously you haven't been to China. And this would be for the government to make that call as they are they ones who say you don't need one for a closed loop, not the cruise lines.
  15. That does make sense and what a totally ridiculous way to do it! It was set up to fail. I'm talking back & forth on FB with someone on John's page. He mentioned the formal ones too. I suggested an all casual package with options to purchase your formal ones at a discount. That would encourage people to purchase more, but not have the excess of those who abuse the formal pictures. All they have to do is scan our cards like D scans the bands. They already have the tech to scan them when we leave & return. They just need handheld devices for photographers. John did say more packages were in the works, but didn't say when or what type.
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