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  1. I'm willing to risk it. I can't recall how many days we did last winter, I think around 4 as a couple and perhaps I did a total of 2 alone and the weather was amazing. I just got back from Mexico -- 10 days away, non stop flights there and back, and all 10 days on the forecast showed rain, and we had exactly 2 hours of rain over the entire 10 days. Was perfect plus we tried 2 different resorts. October we're doing 9 days, November I think we're doing 10, and December is the 15 day trip, so it's very similar to a cruise ship but with fewer "free" restaurant options.
  2. The only issue here is weather related. Going on an 11-12 day cruise to 5-6 different islands means a much better chance of sun. The captain is going to try to avoid storms as possible on sea days, too. I have a 15 day Christmas trip to Mexico (3 resorts, each 5 days long) and I worry about hitting a storm front for 15 days. I would MUCH rather take my 10 and 5 day "B2B" cruises instead, but alas not worth all of the risks. Cancelling my airfare to Miami and switching it to Mexico cost me over $1000 extra I didn't want to spend because of last minute flight changes.
  3. Zero. I had 5 figures in deposits with RCCL I was loaning to them thru 2021 that I just cancelled over the phone. 6 deposits. My only reasons for cancelling them are: not being able to apply more than one FCC to a single booking not being able to cancel my guest on a booking and then get the full FCC in just my name (I cruise 10-14 times per year, my guests only cruise 2-3 usually) being forced to have some foreign corporation's contract worker scrape near my brain is not acceptable wearing a mask is not acceptable on a vacation I lov
  4. You're right. It will be a long time before I cruise again -- I'm Diamond Plus with RCCL, did it in 4-5 years, and was likely on track to Pinnacle in 4 more years. But if masks are required, I'm out. I've gone to Mexico a few times this "quarantine" season already, and I will be back in October, November and 2-3 times in December. No masks at the resorts, service was better, food was acceptable. We will see how it will be in the busy season. I much prefer cruising, it is way more my style, but I am not having some foreign-owned corporation swabbing my nasal passage
  5. I would have easily cruised in April, May, June, July or August if there was a waiver of liability I could have signed. You start the cruises, I'll sign whatever paperwork it takes to hold the corporations harmless in the event I catch a virus.
  6. Can I do this? i thought FCC is only on new cruises. if I can apply it to already booked cruises then I definitely will!
  7. If that’s true then I’m ok. I’m already booked thru 2021 tho so hopefully the FCC isn’t expiring quickly.
  8. Was cruising first week of April on the Serenade. its my most expensive cruise booked ever. Can an FCC be applied to more than one cruise booking?
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