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  1. Lol OK then. I wouldn't render an opinion on something I hadn't ever done, but maybe that's just me.
  2. Have you actually been on Carnival? Many feel that their food is far better than Royal's.
  3. I would avoid it if at all possible. It's definitely louder.
  4. Lol not sure Royal is exactly a "luxury" cruise.
  5. No, it's not a daily service charge. If it was, it wouldn't be optional. Even the cruise line doesn't call it a service charge. You mentioned "taxation purpose". Can you elaborate on that? Exactly what would that purpose be?
  6. I have to ask...how do 62 people do dinner together? đŸ˜®
  7. Uh...tipping is extra. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be optional. If it wasn't, it would be included in the base fare. And there are MANY times when there is no line.
  8. I can't answer for the person you are asking this of, but quite often on long port days we don't eat on board the ship. And on those days, we use few, if any, public facilities.
  9. I didn't answer a question with a question. I responded to a statement with a question. (I even highlighted what I was responding to.) Anyway, as far as your question goes, have you asked it on the NCL board? I'm thinking they might be able to more readily answer.
  10. Interesting. I can't figure out how someone proves that they were given $0.
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