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  1. From the looks of those pictures, I'd say that the worry is justified, in my opinion.
  2. I'm confused. In post #4 you said: "15 minutes while I drank my beer I went in and showed the video to the waiter. They moved along on her own steam. No pun intended." So...did you tell someone or not?
  3. OP, where did you see that they are allowing it? I thought it was against the rules.
  4. The ship was docked in Puerto Rico. Wouldn't it fall under Puerto Rican jurisdiction?
  5. I guess they also would have had to obtain prescription medication for everyone that takes it.
  6. Perhaps in the form of a milk shake. That sorta kinda makes it a "drink".
  7. If you are talking about the soft-serve, that is most definitely NOT ice cream. I believe it's called "Frozen Desert Product" or something like that.
  8. Understood. To me, that view out the back is pretty much the definition of obstructed!
  9. Seems like these two posts contradict each other?
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