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  1. I wonder what an itinerary that included this island would look like. It's over 1,000 miles from Australia. By contrast, Coco Cay is about 140 miles from Miami.
  2. If I'm understand you correctly, you are occupying one chair and saving 3 unoccupied chairs for "a few hours". Not to sound harsh, but it sounds like you are contributing to the problem. I don't think that being there with the unoccupied chairs makes it OK.
  3. Lol I think every generation says that about the generations that come after them!
  4. Just put up a few signs about the dangers of skin cancer. That should eliminate at least some of the chair hogs.
  5. You're right, but probably not in the way that you think:
  6. Understood. I thought you meant that the food you are currently walking off doesn't sound like a good time.
  7. I highly doubt this. Relatively few prospective cruise passengers will ever even hear about this. Has any major news site even mentioned it?
  8. Keep in mind that an adult will also be required to purchase admission to the water park to accompany the 13-year old. So it will basically be $106 for the 13-year old to use the water park, if he is the only one using it.
  9. Oh it's not a waste of time for me. I was just looking for examples. If you choose not to provide them, then that's OK.
  10. Really? Cruise lines have been promising things to people then taking them away after the people are obligated to pay? Can you cite specific examples of when this has happened?
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