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  1. There's also possible concern regarding impacts on people later in life who have had the virus.
  2. Yeah it will be interesting to see what happens with that.
  3. Chief, thank you for your response. I realize that the suggested idea is almost definitely not going to happen, but it got me wondering. At what point must a ship perform a muster drill for its passengers? Is it if they are going to be on the ship for some amount of time? Is it if the ship is going to move? Some other criteria?
  4. Good catch. There's also some indication that covid-19 might cause problems later in life, so it may not be just about how many deaths there are right now.
  5. Sorry, I was speaking of the person that stated that they are all thrilled to be back. I agree with you, there are some that are thrilled to be back, and some that aren't.
  6. Oh I read the article. That's why I found your statement that all of the cast members are "thrilled to be back" rather laughable.
  7. I don't doubt that most all of them will return to work. I'm just not sure I agree with the statement that they are all "thrilled to be back".
  8. Lol not so sure about everyone: https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/regional/florida/disney-world-cast-members-worried-about-covid19-reopening/67-b34b61da-a942-45c0-ae89-9f1457fb35ee
  9. OK, I think I understand the confusion. The 10,000 number I stated earlier in the day on 7/8 (at 11:19 AM) was referring to cases reported for 7/7, because that's around the time that FDOH reports cases for the previous day on their website, and that's where I get my numbers. The article you linked was updated at 5:31 PM on 7/8, and was referring to cases reported for 7/8, which was close to 9,000. It was updated late enough in the day to include that day's numbers.
  10. The number was not less. I got that number from the Florida Department of Health, which shows 10,004 cases were reported that day. Are you saying FDOH is incorrect?
  11. I was responding to someone that was discussing the absence of more detailed reporting information, like how many people were asymptomatic, had minor symptoms, how many recovered at home, etc. See post #265. For what it's worth, yesterday I said there were 9,000 new cases. There were actually 8,948. The day before that, I said there were 10,000. There were actually 10,004. Sorry I don't meet your exacting standards!
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