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  1. Ok good for you. What I said is still true, that being lower down and closer to the center of the ship provides less motion.
  2. I would hope nobody! But I would think most people spend a fairly significant amount of time in their cabin, and I was providing advice for choosing a cabin that has less motion and would thus be less likely to cause seasickness.
  3. In general, the lower down and closer to the center of the ship you are, the less motion there will be.
  4. That's pretty much how I feel about it also.
  5. I wondered about that also. It was pretty harsh.
  6. Lol am I the only one that couldn't care less if I stayed in a cabin (and bed) where someone had died?
  7. Looks like they stuck their tail between their legs and ran away. Although I suspect they are still watching.
  8. Huh? I was asking what guest services' response was when OP complained to them.
  9. When I saw the thread title, I was wondering if being there at night was even an option.
  10. That is something I would have trouble giving up for a long time...the ability to cook what I want, when I want.
  11. Can you provide us a link to where you saw the results?
  12. I know that you have mentioned Royal Caribbean ships but consider going on Princess. Princess goes to Glacier Bay National park, Royal Caribbean does not. Glacier Bay is not to be missed!
  13. @island lady, since you are online, I had posted a few general questions yesterday for people on the WC. If you feel like it, would you care to answer any of them? I think "the rest of us" would be interested. I've repeated them below. Either way, thanks, I've been enjoying following along! What things about the cruise are you enjoying more than you thought you would? What things are you enjoying less than you thought you would? What are you enjoying the most because you are not at home? What are you missing the most by not being at home? Is there anything you wish you had brought that you didn't? Is there anything you brought that you wish you hadn't?
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