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  1. Ironically we are booked for December 2020. we watch and wait, Hoping it is FCFS, it is 3 rooms family of 8.
  2. Hearing about status, I'm Pinnacle/ Diamond plus,/Diamond where's my special lounge/drink/ space/pool/water/ , dinner/seat/show And I deserve it because I went on a zillion cruises. and on and on and on.
  3. Maltings, pistachio martini. woowoo shots, and mini beer shots. I think Sy will still be there, tell him Judi and Michael say HI!!
  4. Jack Daniels Honey Lemonade....YUM
  5. No not really I watch people who try to cram 17 days worth of clothes in a 20 inch suit case come n here all day long all to not pay a luggage fee. Or not pack anything but shorts, tee shirts, a bathing suit and flip flops to not pay for a piece of luggage. Cheap is everywhere. But that said , the only reason these posts go south is because holier than thous come out and snark at the OP or just are in a total put own mode. Why is that? These posts can be fine even if you think it is a dead horse, just because you read it before,answered it before, doesn't make it a wrong question. It never fails that the longer posters/ cruisers are the first to go on the war path to an OP over something THEY decided is a dead horse. If you don't want to beat the horse, why do you answer and post with basically useless information and attacks??? You feed the "dead horse" theory, the one you claim to hate. 🙄
  6. and all in hot water and hot dryers.... so dedicates could be damaged..... not to mention their with who ever else's unmentionables are in there..😜
  7. 14 days so far but we are booked for a 19 day ( 23 total with staying over in Denmark and New Orleans , )
  8. I don't think there is a limit to how many as long as you're willing to pay the fee.
  9. I completely agree. We usually take transatlantics, and i find them inexpensive, in fact our first one was around 699 dollars 14 days, then we took a 21 day one back to back including the transatlantic for 1499 dollars PP ( balcony) now we are taking a 19 day one this October for $2070 dollars PP inside cabin. Oh well times change. The 21 day one was only 2 years ago. Are you on the Copenhagen to NOLA? in October?
  10. Jack Daniels Honey Lemonade!!
  11. According to CDC this years flu was a quadravent and is showing to be the most effective, so there's that....
  12. According to CDC this years if the most effective they've had as it was a quad serum. I know that if you got flu shot early ( September) it is now in it's last stages of strength, they usually say to get it Late October,,, We did and Hubs is a nurse that is around it everyday ( yep swabs people all day long) an has not caught it nor have I. Hope you feel better soon, We had a sinus thing hit out cruise in early January around NYE, we lucked out all 8 of us came away unscathed. WHEW!
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