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  1. Here is the problem, there currently is virtually NO Beef because of the slaughter houses being closed. Chicken is just starting to come back online due to plants being shut down. With restaurants now starting to come back online puts an extra strain of the already short supply. Costco here last weekend had NO beef period. They had a great supply of Lamb and Farmed Atlantic Salmon (which no one from this part of the world would eat). Milk and eggs are not a problem as there is an over supply of those. I guess we could go the Chops for a vegan meal..... 😉
  2. Marc, Look at the video that Heather posted above. Alaska is NOT happening. It doesn't matter that the Canada Pension Plan is part owner, it isn't happening. Also one has to undergo a 14 Day quarantine to enter BC. The next problem is no cruise line has ordered any supplies/food at this point. The orders have to be placed roughly 88 days before departure. I have personal knowledge on this. 88 Days from today is August 10th at this point. So does this sound like cruises to Alaska is a go?
  3. The BC Health Officer today made it as plane as day that there will be no Alaska cruise season this year. Dr. Henry was Asked about the Vancouver Sun report wearlier that was posted. Here is the video Dr Bonnie Henry and skip ahead to 33:45
  4. The BC Health Officer made it as plane as day that there will be no Alaska cruise season this year. Here is the video Dr Bonnie Henry and skip ahead to 33:45
  5. Just to throw another thought into all this is July 1 is a date they use but it really doesn't appear to be possible. We all know we are starting to experience shortages in now things like Beef and Chicken. I know my local Costco has no beef. My other half works in the the food biz that supplies cruise lines and she was at work yesterday and they have almost no beef in stock because of the plants being closed due to covid19. Also cruise lines have to submit their food list to the supplier roughly 88 days before departure. That would make it August 8th from today. Since there are no orders to supply any cruise line right now it appears July 1 start is far fetched. So if you think July 01 is a go it may be a vegan cruise for you.
  6. The BC Health Officer killed this about 3 hours ago. The Borders WILL NOT Open on May 21 as planned. Washington State has way too many cases still and no sign of it flattening out. Some stats showing why the BC govt. doesn't want the US border reopened: neighbouring Washington state, with 1.5x the pop. of BC, has 7x the number of COVID19 cases (231 today) and 7x the number of deaths. The Premiers of the Provinces held a conference call last week calling for the Borders to stay closed on the advice of Health Officers. If for some reason the port is opened you will have to do a 14 day quarantine prior to entering Canada under BC Law.
  7. It doesn't matter if the Ports are Federal. BC closed the border to Washington State BEFORE it was agreed upon with the USA as Washington State was a hotspot. What they did was issue a 14 day quarantine to those crossing. The cruise season was also talked about before Trudeau made the announcement. So you step off the Plane to get to the cruise and issued a 14 day quarantine, now what? Oh yes how are you going to Fly to Canada to board the ship? Air Canada has no flights to the USA for the foreseeable future and nor do other airlines. You have a major problem also coming up and that is where do you get a flight crew as in Pilots? Most Captains are over the age of 45 and require a medical every 6 months. Medicals were extended 3 months and will not be extended again. In order to get a medical you have to visit the doctor in person (NO Virtual medical here) because of all the tests that have to be done. In a lot of cases pilots have been laid off and will also require a Check Flight before getting back behind the controls. This takes a few hours and there are not that many Simulators out there to do it in fast order. I know this because I am a pilot. Oh and the big one that I read last week is how do the airlines bring the planes out of storage. Boeing and Airbus only have a manual for long term storage it turns out and no short term storage manual as it hasn't been needed. This is all new to them. It isn't a matter of kicking the tires and lighting the fire. One just needs to go look at what the Airline world body is proposing in order to start back up again. I read yesterday the proposal that is being put forward, is the airlines will require passengers to be at the airport 4 hours before a flight to go through all the checks. There is even talk of them requiring blood tests in some cases which in itself is problematic in my opinion. The talk of "additional" fees is also talked about. The turning off of Video screens will also take place as they are a germ magnet they say. I truly hope this get paired down or many passengers will be more than a little ticked off before getting on the plane. There is another problem in Downtown Vancouver right now and that is Hotels are being used to House the Homeless. This will not end anytime soon either. Just Google Downtown East-side of Vancouver and it will open your eyes. There are just too many hurdles as I see it to over come for this summer to be a go.
  8. He says that NO groups of more than 50. Please tell me how you are going to load and unload a ship at Canada Place and maintain social distance and a group of 50 or less. A ship could not do all this in 8 hours. There is NO possible way to load buses and maintain social distance as there are not enough buses in Vancouver to do this. Then there is the problem of cleaning them between loads.
  9. Just to clarify something, John Horgan is Premier of British Columbia . The Prime Minister of Canada is The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau. It is like calling the Governor of Arizona The President of the United States. 🙂 . And Yes BC is closed this fall so no cruises period going to Hawaii or Japan.... Oh yes and if the border does open you will be required to do a 14 day quarantine.
  10. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22905-holland-america-cancels-all-2020-alaska-europe-and-canada-sailings.html Also Princess has cancelled. RCL/Celebrity can't be far behind.
  11. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22905-holland-america-cancels-all-2020-alaska-europe-and-canada-sailings.html Celebrity/RCL can't be far behind.
  12. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22905-holland-america-cancels-all-2020-alaska-europe-and-canada-sailings.html
  13. I am not sure how HAL figures they can go to Alaska with just 2 ships. Princess may "have" 2 ships as well. First off places like Skagway have about 2500 "southerners" that come for the summer for work. So far no one is hiring for this summer because of the big unknown. How many people will take work in Skagway for the few ships each week. The expense out-ways the gain. The next question since Carnival now owns White Pass Railroad and all Land and Sea Journeys are cancelled does this fall into it. What about Gray Line of Alaska which does HAL/Princess Tours, they are not hiring right now either and it takes about 6 weeks to train a driver. I am just trying to be realistic here. I don't see much being open that needs southerners to work for them. I have heard that cruise lines will not sail at full capacity to start off with because they can ill afford to have 1 Covid19 case. If 1 case does show up the 400+ ships in the world may as well be sunk and turned into reefs at the bottom of the ocean. There is the question of where the crew will come from. In order to get crew to where the ships are you need airplanes to fly. That isn't happening in the short order because many pilots will need check flights and medicals (medicals have been extended for 3 months and are required for pilots over 45 every 6 months). Since that can't happen anytime soon there will be a backlog. Remember that Alaska attracts people from all over the world. What restrictions will be placed on people from those places or from parts of Canada and the USA. Each place is in its own stage with Covid19 and as I see we all need to be on a level field before I want to be on a ship or have people visit this part of the world. Too many hurdles to cross as I see it.
  14. It is waiting for an opening. As I said before it is likely to do a night time transit as it is cheaper. The Agua Clara locks are only single locks, not parallel like Gatun Locks. So you have to wait for all outbound traffic to clear then the direction changes and starts going the other way. As I type this there appears 1 more freighter Ever Legion that needs to go outbound before the switch would occur. I am not saying it will happen tonight but it could. Also passing in Culebra Cut is limited. I also suspect that Koningsdam will take on fuel once it reaches the Pacific side.
  15. It is an extension of that original order. Why would they need to re-issue the order when the original order is still in effect. Yes the order has other conditions as well and the cruise lines can dream all they want but there is no way that cruise will be back in the middle of May. Please tell me how the cruise lines figure they will be back up and sailing by then. The first thing is they have to re-crew their ships and that isn't happening anytime soon.
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