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  1. Same here ... I'm glad I saw the other thread!
  2. Just saw on my booking online for my 11/13 Vista cruise Jamaica & Grand Cayman were replaced with Belize & Honduras
  3. I received the home test from Abbott today that I purchased as a back up for the PCR test I scheduled in November. The test was beat to all hell ... I hope there is nothing missing out of it. lol
  4. I had to pay ours for our November 13th Vista cruise.
  5. I made appts for my husband & I for 11/10 for our 11/13 cruise through Quest Diagnostics/Walmart. Hopefully cases are calmed down by then.
  6. I get my nephew's offers in my email ... he got one, I did not. I definitely would have done it. We could have booked a lido balcony on the Breeze for a 4-day trip to Cozumel for $397 total over my husband's birthday. Ugh.
  7. I got 23K points for paying off my cruise balance and redeemed for a $350 statement credit. Will be using it to pay off my next year's cruise soon.
  8. I just checked my November cruise, and suites are also receiving 2 days in advance to choose a time. Thanks for posting, I hadn't seen this.
  9. I've taken my husband's card with me and gotten drinks all the time, both alcohol & specialty coffees. 🤷‍♀️
  10. We have a suite for our 11/13/21 Vista cruise and the luggage tags still say priority.
  11. Vista 11/13/21. We booked a suite because we anticipate spending more time in our cabin this time. Hope we get to go.
  12. I've gotten 24 hour hold options several times. Not sure what makes the hold option different on some bookings, though.
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