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  1. When I saw this thread last month I ask C&A what they will be doing for the welcome aboard amenity on my upcoming Grandeur cruise. After a month of waiting here is the response from "Royal Guest Experience Management"... "Currently, we are just trailing cans of water versus bottles of water for environmental purposes onboard the Vision of the Seas between January 04, 2020 and March 28, 2020. During this trial period, the ship will provide our members with canned water in their staterooms on embarkation day. This will not affect your current sailing onboard the Grandeur of the Seas, March 07, 2020 unless there is a decision made between now and then that would be communicated that we are completely getting rid of bottles of water. If the trial is successful, we may be getting rid of bottles of water in the future, however, this has yet to be determined."
  2. But you have to call every time. It never sticks.
  3. The water taxi landing on Front St. in Philipsburg has a free public restroom.
  4. I always pre-pay gratuities long before boarding and I intend to keep this up because I want to support the hardworking folks. I accept this help the cruise line meet the guaranteed agreed upon wage but I would hope once this is met the worker gets extra. What is the tactful and effective way to give the stateroom attendant extra? The obvious is to leave cash in the envelope the last night of the cruise but I would like to let them know sooner than the last day that I care (and maybe get extra attention). Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Give a cash tip the first and last day? Leave an envelope with cash every day? What have others done?
  5. Those numbers after the names are the message number which provided the latest information.
  6. The video link posted by JMTtor is a real eye-opener for me. I always felt if I did the prepaid tips I was doing the right thing for the workers. Looks like that is really just the company agreed upon wage. After 20+ cruises I will now change my ways to give additional cash. Are they required to report cash tips? Is there any tactful way to give cash to the stateroom attendant during the cruise and not at the end?
  7. I would give Crusin Susan a thumbs down. We had her on radiance earlier this year and were not impressed.
  8. How to know if a checked bag gets sent to the naughty room? Do you get notified or just know when the bag never shows up? How long to wait before investigating? If it happens how long does it take to retrieve the bag (minus any prohibited items). Where is the naughty room?
  9. Last month on Serenade one bag was placed outside our door and the other was nowhere to be found. I was worried it may be in the naughty room. How to know if that is the case? I eventually asked one of the attendants who found my other bag and delivered it to us soaking wet. It was raining that day and the dock crew left in the pouring rain or a while. (I did give them a tip when they took the bags.) The stateroom attendent took the wet clothes and delivered them two days later laundered. We did get a FCC for 10% of the fare paid.
  10. Not sure which measurements you want. Remember this gets wrapped around the luggage handle. Does this help? Post Cruise Luggage Tag.pdf
  11. Found a post-cruise luggage tag. Lots of stuff to fill in. I plan to print labels to just stick on.
  12. Does anyone have a picture of the post-cruise luggage tags? I want to prepare labels to stick on rather than writing.
  13. What is " a "cruise package" from the phone carrier " I always put my phone in airplane mode to avoid the high roaming charges. I don't think phone carrier data package is available onboard. Just voice and text.
  14. Look on Amazon for "Cruise Luggage Tag Holder" and you will find lots of things much easier to use than the sticky labels. They also work for the numbered tags used for disembarkation. Send the luggage tag PDF supplied with your cruise docs to your local office supply store to have it printed in color. I use FedEx printing and its less than $2 for 4 tags. Just cut out the tag and slip into the reusable holder. No tape or staple needed.
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