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  1. On Regent website go to the cruise and hit header/ tab ...whatever it is called for excursions and click. Then pick a port. It should show you what type of things have been offered in the past. We do not cruise Regent for the excursions but general experience and excursions are just a bonus.
  2. I never knew any of Regent ships had a Godmother and I’ve been on all of them so far.
  3. What a great report! Thank you for the details and pictures.
  4. I don’t want to do my cruise comments online. Yes, I’m old school. I feel we should have another option.
  5. Yes, we have been on all the Regent ships and many times on Navigator. I have to admit when we went back on Navigator after an Explorer cruise, we were taken back for a very short time. There is a big difference. Luckily, for us we adjusted quickly and loved Navigator experience once again.
  6. When using this kind of service, when do they pick up your bag from the ship when cruise is done. Will it beat you home ?
  7. I wonder if growing from 3 ships to 5 and therefore spreading out the long time crew is causing a growing pain situation for crew and passengers. We have been on 10 Regent cruises and not all have been a “10”. Maybe this is just one of those. Keep enjoying yourself and keep posting.
  8. Thanks everyone. Do any of you know of TSA approved ice packs for the medical transfer cooler? I have a cooler but in a move “lost” appropriate ice packs.
  9. The timing may be that I need to bring my RA medication that is a shot that must stay refrigerated until time for me to get my shot. I give it to myself. Will the medical office store it for me? Not sure I want it in our drink refrigerator because of possibility of it getting set out when they stock refrigerator. Anyone have experience with this?
  10. If you have a small wrist...I was told wrist blood pressure monitors are not very accurate.
  11. This situation is why I only send undergarments and socks while my husband sends any and all his stuff. I just can’t imagine they have room or time to hang dry items.
  12. Yes..it would open at 5:01 for you. So, you set alarm or just book when you get up.
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