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  1. This might have been it, but it's giving an error message. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/video/355/a-history-of-innovation-royal-caribbean-ships-designed-for-wow/
  2. It's next to the airport. Got put there overnight by American a view years ago. Busy place with not much around it, especially not walking. Food was pretty good, but typical airport hotel prices. Uber should be reasonable to the port.
  3. They originally were going to do the show in the Aqua Theater which would have cut out a lot more people.
  4. The scrubbers were added on the outside of the current retractable stacks. The scrubber stacks swing down. There are pics a few pages or more back .
  5. The CL's were open to Diamond, well before they added a plus.
  6. He doesn't want to do the Atlantis Charter?
  7. Maybe something they had to take off and send out for reconditioning?
  8. There were a few reports of cards being checked when getting drinks in the DL. The normal situation is unlimited in the DL. 3 drinks anyplace else.
  9. I'm on her that week. The times for some of the ports are different than normal due to pod issues.
  10. Booked around 60 days out, so well past final payment date by a lot. Haven't got lucky since.
  11. I was just checking myself to make sure I got it. ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES 800-327-6700 FL -296.90
  12. I booked an interior in December for the same price as the Royal website. I saw the prices take a big drop around Christmas and had him call to upgrade to balcony. They gave me exactly $296.90 back and I lost $25 OBC. Would have been happy with just the upgrade, but wasn't going to say no to a refund.. I called for an upgrade today on my latest cruise and didn't get anything back. I asked on here to be sure, since my prior experience was different then what Royal was telling me. I never once said it was the norm. I would imagine what the computer does or doesn't do can always be overridden by somebody high enough up the chain. Thank you all for the input. The numbers from the invoice are below. Price Total 585.00 Total NCCF (port charges) 380.00 Taxes/Fees 202.62 Total (USD) 1,167.62 Amount Paid 1,464.52 Balance Due -296.90
  13. He worked for a very big agency that does a lot of business with Royal.
  14. I found the invoice. I got $250 back in January for a February sailing. I tried booking with that agent again, but he's having medical issues and not working.
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