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  1. If you’re a shareholder, that’s great. The company has raised its dividend from $1.10 per share to $2.60 per share (136%) during the last five years. Last time I checked it was .70 a share.
  2. The original poster talked about going both ways.
  3. We got to at use the suite line/lounge when boarding the AD in February, but I think that had more to do with being Terminal #25 and not #29.
  4. Yes, but you have to pick up on Eller post cruise unless you pay for transportation to FLL.
  5. Just a warning about picking a car up at Alamo on Eller. They are very pushy when it comes to insurance and upgrading. They have selective hearing concerning the word no.
  6. Has anybody figured out how many cabins have actually been added since the Nav left Turku in 2002 ? Also, how much the passenger capacity has gone up ?
  7. There is a dollar off coupon for the ferry ride fare at the port shopping desk. If you have a crew ID it's $3.
  8. Captain McDuff stated the less senior captain sounds the horn first as a salute to the more senior captain.
  9. It changes on night one and goes back during the last night. Labadee is Eastern time, but the rest of the cruise is Atlantic. Since Labadee is controlled by Royal, it makes sense to change the time right away.
  10. FYI, I got a pretty good wifi signal from the ship on the Columbus Cove beach.
  11. From the CD thread: Does anyone know who will be CD on the Ovation from 30 March to 17 April? The list here says Joff will be on till the 30th, his wife said they'll be on vacation from 17 April.... so that leaves a gap of 17 days. Hopefully the CD won't be Angelle.
  12. Hopefully I didn't invade on the OP too bad. Only saw one big hit two weeks ago for $21,000. The winner said she sunk $4000 into it.
  13. The casino is 95% new machines. Only a hand full of old style slots left. A bank of 4 old school machines were off and were going to be replaced.
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