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  1. We had already bought our plane tickets to Paris years ago...’86 maybe? and suddenly France required Americans to have visas issued. It didn't last more than a year. Requirements sure do change!
  2. I have always read and heard that a passport trumps all other forms of identification. I’m shocked that it would need anything to supplement it.
  3. Lovely! if a light goes on in the middle of the night, my brain says the kids are up to something and the adrenaline flows. By the time I remember they have adult children of their own, I’m wide awake.
  4. Oops! My bad. I meant to say Jr Suites (which we have) and standard balcony cabins (which my DD has) in case a night light in the bathroom was inly a perk for certain categories. Actually, looking back I did say “standard balcony cabins”, but I wasn’t clear enough.
  5. The comment I read was referring to battery operated tea lights in cruise ship bathrooms. Specifically that newer ships have night lights in the bathrooms so no need for tea lights.
  6. John, I just started bringing tea lights for bathroom night lights. Really made a difference on Crown Princess not to have the light on at 3am. Now I just read there is a night light so no need for tea lights. I don’t want to have to spend a dollar for them if I don’t need to! I know you’re in a suite, but can you tell me if Jr Suites have a night light in the bathroom? standard balcony cabins? Anybody??
  7. Normally I would say RCI transported you to Anchorage so they fulfilled their contract. However, the train is a major attraction and very special, so I agree there should be some compensation even though the rock or mud slide was out of their control. Several years ago the first day of our Rocky Mountaineer trip from Banff to Vancouver was by bus because they were unable to use the tracks. The tracks don’t belong to Rocky Mountaineer just like the ones from Denali to Anchorage don’t belong to RCI. Rocky Mountaineer made the bus experience as much like the train’s would have been as they could. A month after we returned home, we got a letter apologizing for the situation and offering the same trip FREE to make up for it. That is exemplary customer service!
  8. I suffer from FFS myself! I try to go back and read what I type before I hit send but usually forget.
  9. OK, showing my ignorance here. Or just brain collapse. What port is OC?
  10. We were on the 4th sailing of the Royale. Had no idea if we would like cruising so the 5 day was a good way to find out. It was glorious. Because it was all new to us everything was special. The company I worked for for several years took all employees over a period of a couple of months on the Royale and then the Oceanic. Those were good times!
  11. I did ship’s excursions twice in the past. All motor coaches have to drop off quite a walk from Market Square.
  12. I booked Martin’s Taxi for our day in Bruges. Price is 100€ Round trip but their very nice vans hold 8 comfortably. Our Roll Call wound up with 8 or 10 taxis from them and it worked out beautifully. Each group decided on their times to go and return The taxis were at the terminal. For anyone who can get a group together, it’s a great deal. The email address to check with them is info@martinstaxi.be. Lou is great and replies promptly.
  13. The photo of the ship has the terminal in the foreground. The first few years I sailed out of Canaveral parking was in a field and check in was in a geodesic dome. And there was only one. Same people waving from Jetty Park, though!
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