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  1. There are armies of Canadians in south Florida and over on the Gulf coast in the winter. Jacksonville is not a destination for snowbirds. That’s what made me realize poutine is definitely making its way around the world.
  2. I was cruising when you wrote this so I’m late to the party. I met poutine when skiing at Mont Tremblant in Quebec in the late 80’s. Served at lunch in a large paper cup: french fries, cheese curds and a tasty brown gravy. Delicious! Several years ago we saw it on the menu board at a Wendy’s in Alberta, and now there are several restaurants in Jacksonville Fl that offer their versions. Poutine is slowly taking over the world!
  3. We had a table for 2 every night along the wall. I sat on the long banquette so I could see everyone and watch our head waiter, Fernando, prepare his special extras. It didn't matter at which of those tables we were put, because we got to know everyone along the wall and we all chatted every night. It was like actually belonging to a private club where you know all of the members and the staff knows you by name. Being able to come back from a long day on shore, do a quick clean up and then walk into the dining room at various times and be seated quickly was why I booked Club Class. The ambience, service and surprise extra choices were a bonus.
  4. I think there are cruises that offer a Rocky Mountaineer Train trip pre or post cruise. Vancouver to Banff is wonderful. A fabulous two days of pampering and beautiful scenery. The train moves only during the day and at what they call Kodak speed so you can see everything and take great photos.
  5. We used to enjoy Outback. The salad was always fresh and the steaks were very good, especially for the price. We’ve seen a big change over the last six months, enough to make us think about Longhorn for an ordinary meal Our Outback’s salads are half their former size and the filets, sirloins, and ribeyes don’t have much flavor. Of course, we ask them not to douse them with seasoning which masks any steak flavor at all. That said, our last few times at Crown Grill and Chops have been disappointing. If we could afford Capital Grille more often, that would be my choice!
  6. It doesn’t matter what our Personalizer says, our bed(s) are the way the last occupants left them. I type a note for our steward requesting the queen configuration, no duvet, top sheet and blanket instead, and extra pillows. I also ask for ice replenished at night. That’s it, and I don’t have to bother him again. That way he knows our needs up front and can take care of them when he’s ready.
  7. I guess we’ve been lucky. I’ve been signing up for and setting up private excursions since I joined CC in 2000. For our upcoming cruise I have arranged for a taxi for 8, arranged a tour with everyone paying at the end of the tour, joined quite a few other tours where we will pay at the end, and prepaid a couple of tours directly with the operators. Everyone has been super friendly and enthusiastic about our tours, and I’m looking forward to meeting them. Roll Calls have a lot of uses, and to me, the best use is giving us all friends to cruise with.
  8. Corfu is like that, too. European look, the typical blue and white Greek Island architecture. Besides visiting Ephesus and Istanbul, cruising the Dardanelles and passing Gallipoli was like a dream I never expected to become real.
  9. Of course, my £s and €s are in 20s and 10s. I’ll need to get some broken down. I’ll have a stacks of $1s for tipping Room Service, but I’m not going to stick anyone off the ship with US money that would be a pain to convert.
  10. Ephesus is awesome. You’ll never forget it. Before we boarded our ship again, we stopped at a rug place in Kusadasi and I carried a small rug back to Florida. We spent two days in Istanbul. I’m still awed by having been fortunate enough to visit that most interesting city. We feel very fortunate to have been able to visit both places. As far as danger, I live in a nice city in Florida that has always been a really comfortable place to live and work. If we have a day without at least two fatal shootings, it’s cause for celebration.
  11. You might want to post this on the Princess board. Most people on the Roll Call board only look at the posts for their specific cruise.
  12. So often I read posts about tipping not being common outside the US. What is the custom for the guides/drivers especially in the British Isles? Yes or no? i think my question is: Are the prices set to give the excursion employees adequate compensation without gratuities, or should we carry £s and €s to be able to tip? i don’t want to stiff anyone.
  13. Glad to know I haven’t totally lost it!
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