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  1. Did you check the deck plans to see what’s above and below it?
  2. Please come back after your cruise to let us know how great it was and that there were no medical problems.
  3. The parents have good paying jobs. Are they asking strangers to pay their attorneys fees? If they would, in fact, have such fees.
  4. Everyone in my family gets the shot. I had influenza in 1968 and it almost finished me off. I’m a strong believer in vaccinations. I cruise in spite of Norovirus and any other virus that comes along on a regular basis. Personal hygiene is the only weapon we have against them.
  5. It doesn’t cover every strain. It also doesn’t cover the thousands upon thousands who doesn’t choose to get the flu shot.
  6. I hate that people are canceling because of fear is something so nebulous. This is a really bad year for influenza, which is a serious illness for vulnerable people. That isn’t stopping people from cruising. Yet a virus on the other side of the world has people in a panic. It’s their choice to cancel and lose a great cruise plus their money, but it’s sad that they don’t do a little research, that might change their minds. So far as ships being a breeding ground for germs, so are schools, office buildings and hospitals. My DS contracted C Diff in the hospital and almost died.
  7. My now 57 year old wore one as a toddler because I was pregnant with her brother and couldn’t run. Several times strangers told me off in public for treating her like a dog. She was fast and curious about everything. Chloe was probably the same, and its heartbreaking that such a lapse of common sense by a 50 year old man took her future away from her.
  8. I wonder how many of RCI staff have any knowledge of NYC at all.
  9. At 83 and disabled, I’m very fortunate to be able to cruise. The pillows enable me to sleep, as does the sheet and blanket instead of a heavy duvet. Somehow I get the feeling you are calling me a diva. I do not have servants at home, nor would I ever consider a steward a servant. I’m sorry you think that I believe I’m entitle to extra care, but I’ll just have to live with it.
  10. I don’t think my requests are out of line. And if I had a tiara, it would be plastic, so no polishing required.
  11. If you leaves clothes on hangers and put two or three at a time in dry cleaner bags, you can keep them from wrinkling. Lay one hanger inside with the bulk of the clothes outside on the north side. Place the next one with the bulk going off the east side, the next, south side and the next, west side. All of the top portions are in the suitcase. Continue as needed. Then fold in the west side, followed by the south, etc. My clothes travel wrinkle free every time. Git this from Delta Airlines 20 years ago. I use Downy Wrinkle Release for closet wrinkles. Great product!
  12. The balcony staterooms are a comfortable size. I don’t like the tubs, since I only take showers. It’s difficult for me to step over the side. Try for a balcony on the hump, great location.
  13. For non-Oasis class ships, I bring a couple of battery operated tea lights for the bathroom at night. From the Dollar Store, cheap and really lightweight, they give enough light not to have to turn in the bathroom light at night, and one will last through a 27 day cruise.
  14. Because of my bad back, I sit at the vanity to do hair and makeup. It helps to have everything in drawers right there. I guess most women stand at the bathroom mirror, so the lack of those drawers won’t impact them. I don't know how much a small mesh hanger would help, but it would clear the surface of anything extra.
  15. I wish I had done that. The only cabin number I can remember is M22, back in 1984 on the Royale. Our first cruise, and one that was a turning point in our lives.
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