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  1. I visited my friend in the hospital two days after her replacement surgery. She walked across the room and shut the door…no cane, no crutch…no limp!!!
  2. I’m glad she’s home and you’re together again. Your history goes back a long way, too.
  3. We’re Moderna, and there’s no telling when they’ll approve a booster. The great thing is the report that Moderna is giving the highest immunity. That buys us a little time.
  4. When I was 18 and 19, almost all of my friends were getting married. I actually had people ask me if I was worried. So I got engaged. Had one of those light bulb moments two months before the wedding when I realized I did not want to marry my fiancé! So I broke the engagement. My parents put a nice little notice in the paper in the midst of engagement and wedding photos that my marriage would not take place. Oddly enough, I don’t remember being embarrassed; I started dating again, and one of the guys I was dating invited me to dinner with his family. His sister’s boyfriend was invited and he brought an old friend who had just come home from the service. I married the old friend!
  5. Jax Beach has oceanfront hotels and some across the street. Some pretty good restaurants. The beach itself is nice…plenty of sand and room to spread out. Other than that, I can’t think of anything to actually do! Palm Valley Fish Camp has really good food and is on the Intracoastal Waterway. Case Marina Hotel is oceanfront and has a rooftop bar. You’d need to check with them to confirm that it’s open. The beaches are about 15 miles east of 95. If you are driving south on 95, you can hop on 295 just south of Jax airport for the east side beltway. From there you’d take Butler Blvd straight to the beach pretty quickly. It’s limited access and ends at A1A. From there, left would be Jax Beach, and right would be Sawgrass and a nice Marriott. I’d love to be heading to Pt Everglades fir a cruise!
  6. Ha! I was practically an old maid for those times…I was 25. And yes, that makes me 85 now. My outside looks a little better than the inside, held together with string and chewing gum!
  7. Thank you. He never knew his three beautiful grandchildren. Hard times, but we got past it.
  8. Right! Dick loves to take off in every port and just wander. I’m done with shopping…when you live in a condo, you have to decide what needs to go when you bring in something new…except for jewelry! I love being on a quiet ship, getting something good for lunch, and bringing it back to sit on the balcony with my Kindle and eat in peace. With bad knees, I don’t enjoy the beach any more, and I sure can’t get into or out of a chaise lounge. The beauty of a cruise is that everyone can do what suits them, and feel totally safe doing it. I had a friend who loved to sit in bars and listen to conversations. She always said a cruise ship was a dream come true for her. Friendly surroundings and no worries.
  9. Thanks, everyone, for the kind thoughts. There were plenty of bumps in the road over 60 years, but we weathered them all, so far. We’re fortunate that our children live within an hour, even though the next generation seems to stay where they graduated from college! We lost our youngest to opioid abuse, but his twin daughters and their husbands and little ones live close by. Life overall has been good to us; retirement brought time to travel, so we have visited all 50 states, 7 provinces, and at last count, 34 countries. We’ve seen and done things our younger selves never dreamed of. Cruising and Cruise Critic have added so much to our lives. I enjoy each and every one of you, love reading the minutiae of your lives, and feel like we’re friends, even though I haven’t met you. Mimi
  10. Steak for several meals! We discussed ordering one ribeye and splitting it…8 oz each, but Dick wanted a filet, so I decided this was one time we won’t consider anything but getting what we want. It will be 60 years before we do this again!
  11. Tonight Dick and I celebrated our 60th anniversary at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. We can’t eat like we used to, but everything we did eat was delicious. My ribeye was perfect, but I’ll be eating it for the next couple of days! Lots of leftovers for both of us. or I should call them planovers.
  12. I couldn’t like your post, or comment on it, so hours later, I’m trying again. I’m glad your cataract surgery is done, no more anticipating it! I hope you have great vision again in a few days.
  13. Our daughter and son-in-law did that. Close to the house is covered, with a swinging day bed and high top table and seating. The remote opens and closes the screen. The rest of the deck is open, with a fire table, couch and a bunch of really comfortably padded swivel chairs.
  14. Hope all goes well tomorrow, and you can see clearly everything you want to see.
  15. I used to feel like I reeked of garlic the next day after eating it. Not my breath as much as my skin. After I had my gall bladder out, I never smelled it on my skin again.
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