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  1. I just heard that now kids can get Covid and Covid can be found in the air . Wow! Didn't see that coming. (sarcasm).
  2. I can tell you that in Florida there are a lot of TV commercials from hospitals telling everyone to come in if they need help with things other than Covid and how safe it is to go there. I'm thinking they need the money due to empty beds.
  3. Yes, there are many hurdles to overcome to get a vaccine. I am sooo glad that so many people are working on this and not dismissing it for so many reasons. I am realistic, but also hopeful that soon we'll have a cure, vaccine or better treatment.
  4. I totally realize that. Except I'm not concerned with how O does business. I don't own them or work for them. I'm concerned about my business and family. O can decide to collect final payments and then cancel cruises. That's up to them. I don't have to agree and vote with my wallet to not sail with them again. I understand that it's not O's fault that there is corona virus. I just don't agree with how they are handling it at this point. They have obviously decided not to hire more people to handle refunds and not to hire tech people to make refunds more automated and to hold
  5. This is continuing fraud! Totally unacceptable and short sighted on O's part. At this point we all know what waitlisted means. Why O doesn't just say it like is now is beyond me. Maybe they don't care if anyone cruises with them in the future? Not a good business plan.
  6. I wouldn't pay final payment. I have final payment due in a couple of weeks on a Viking Ocean Cruise. I will not be paying it. Like you said, you can always rebook. Good luck!
  7. Good News! Along with two other couples, now I have received my refund from my April 29th, 2020 cruise that was cancelled by O on March 31st. Got everything back except for around 1,200 which is supposed to be coming.
  8. I beginning to wonder if AMEX charges are being given priority?
  9. Haven't received my refund for our April 29th cruise. Two couples that were going with us received their refunds last week. They paid with AMEX. I didn't. I have and email into my TA asking her to contact O and see what's going on. LOL
  10. Cruise date April 29,2020 booked through TA. Oceania cancelled March 31, 2020 and I requested refund through TA on that date. 2 couples traveling with us just got their full refund on their AMEX card. I have not received mine, but am hopeful it will be soon.
  11. I have a Viking Ocean Cruise booked for January 2021. Final payment due end of June. I am not paying my final payment. Even though Viking has a good reputation, I'm not risking any more money to cruising right now. If there is a miracle cure/vaccine by end of June, maybe, but unlikely.
  12. Thanks so much for the update! O cancelled my April 29th cruise on March 31st and I requested a refund the same day. Still waiting. Hopefully I'm next to get a refund!
  13. Good. Then they will have no problem giving me my refund. lol
  14. I'm with you! Getting close to calling my cc company. Not feeling good about getting my refund.
  15. Thanks for the idea! This is my first Viking Ocean cruise and I wasn't thinking about the 120 days for a full refund when cancelling. I'll have to think about that. There are more couples joining us and it's a big decisions for everyone.
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