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  1. If Fantasy goes, I’d be surprised to see Fascination stay in San Juan. Especially with all of the issues cruise lines had been having with San Juan before the COVID mess.
  2. Does anyone want to speculate on any potential changes that might cause ships to change homeports once cruising resumes? More than likely, if cruises resume before the end of the year Port Canaveral would most likely be without it’s two longer itinerary ships (Radiance and Mardi Gras) to sail the 7 day and 6/8 day runs. With many ships being scattered across the world, it would make sense to fill that void with another ship. I would believe some homeports would be less quick to resume service (California), so I wonder if Carnival would replace ships if only temporarily with another ship. I could see Panorama taking over Mardi Gras’ itinerary until Mardi Gras is complete and possibly Miracle taking Radiance’s routes since there will probably be more restrictions in California than in Florida. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens, especially once we find out what ship(s) are removed from the fleet.
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