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  1. Yes, he was. We were also given a nice little pin to wear and a very useful map. Took the shuttle bus into town and visited the museum, which was interesting. The local volunteers were very friendly and eager to help. The town was very clean, very little traffic and no graffiti that I could see. What a contrast to Melbourne yesterday! The weather has driven us back to the ship early though, the wind is rather cold. It is 15 degrees centigrade here, but feels like 5 degrees! We are watching them load shipping containers onto a large ferry moored next door to the Maasdam. Very interesting. Would love to come back to Tasmania when it is a bit warmer!
  2. Whoops! That is the view from the port side. I still have trouble with my ship’s geography!
  3. The view from the starboard side of the Maasdam. Dark clouds, some rain and a beautiful rainbow. Very windy afternoon and some folks got caught in hail. Hopefully tomorrow will be better weather, so we can venture into the city.
  4. The Maasdam coming into Fremantle on a beautiful sunny morning. My niece was thrilled because someone in a yellow dress on a verandah waved to her! Thank you.
  5. We are staying with family in Perth waiting for the Maasdam to arrive tomorrow, and we board on Wednesday. Have loved reading the reports of her trip around Australia. Yesterday, we spent the day on Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth. Would just like to say that if any of the passengers get the chance to take a tour to the island, then definitively do it. It is wild outside the settlement, the hop on hop off bus is great, and stops at all the little coves and walking tracks. We saw dolphins, huge seals, ospreys and off course the adorable quokkas. It is easy to do as an independent tour as the ferry leaves from quite near the cruise terminal, although it is a bit of a walk. Not cheap, but well worth it. Enjoy the rest of the cruise.
  6. Have just watched the Maasdam leave Sydney on the harbour webcam. The most beautiful sight. Have a great trip all on board and we will be joining in Fremantle on November 6th. Looking forward to the remainder of your reports.
  7. You might be interested in the tours offered by Halifax Titanic Historical Tours. We paid in Canadian dollars in cash on the tour. We took the tour of the city, the Titanic graves, and lunch in a very quaint fishing village. The tour bus held eight people with plenty of room and Paul, the guide was very informative. It was one of the best tours I have ever taken. They have a website and it is easy to book online. Halifax is fascinating, we had never heard of the Halifax explosion before and learnt so much on the tour.
  8. What I would love to know is, how to take the tedium out of unpacking!
  9. Thank you SempreMare for finding and posting the explanation for No Joy in Mudville. I loved the poem.
  10. The pictures above bring back great memories of our tour with Patrick in Bora Bora. If you ever have the good fortune to cruise to Bora Bora then this tour is an absolute must. It was the greatest experience.
  11. I think question two has been already answered. But prescription drugs, and even over the counter drugs can be a minefield. Last year we were cruising around the Baltic. Our travelling companions from the UK asked me to buy some over the counter medication here in Australia for them, as it had been withdrawn from sale in the UK. I was happy to do this. But I decided to Google the status of the drug in Denmark, before our flight to Copenhagen. It turned out that that particular drug, although legally bought over the counter here in Australia was a prescription only drug in Denmark. Needless to say we didn’t take any with us. I had visions of us being detained at the airport, unable to produce a prescription. I don’t know of any list that covers which drugs are banned in certain countries but it is possible to Google and find the information.
  12. Same thing happened to our ten day cruise in November from Fremantle to Sydney. It completely disappeared from the website. As we had already hooked I was a bit worried. But it reappeared a few days later and was significantly cheaper! So we refared and paid our air fares with the savings. I hope this good fortune happens to you as well.
  13. Thank goodness that HAL has not gone in for really loud music around the Lido pool. The music they do play is bad enough! After two trans Pacific cruises where the same music was played day after day, albeit at a fairly quiet level, I was ready to scream the next time I heard the same song! One evening, hoping for a quiet drink by the pool we observed several people moving tables to try and find one that was not directly under a speaker. We also have been known to scope out the area and find a quieter spot. On the other hand a live band for a few hours a day would be very nice. We have not tried any of the lines with MUTS or big screens round the pool area, and never will. We like to cruise and enjoy the sounds of the sea.
  14. Looking forward to your blog. We will be on the Maasdam in November, can’t wait! Could you tell me who is the Future Cruise Consultant? We had a dreadful experience with the FCC on the Maasdam last year and as we hope to buy another Future Cruise Deposit we would like to know who we will be dealing with! Enjoy your trip.
  15. Thank you for your quick replies. I shall now start looking at tours. Such fun planning!
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