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  1. Best Cruise Video I'v ever seen!!! Who did it? They had to get up close and personal with ya'll!!
  2. We Love going Rv'ing, we do that in-between cruises. Purchased a new Moter Home 4 years ago, and just paid it off!! So that is our plan!! See the USA without staying in hotels and eating out!! Yes we do love to cruise but not comfortable about doing that in the near further. At least we have 35 cruises we have enjoyed so I guess now it's time to do our second favorite thing!!! RV'ing!!
  3. Now that's an idea! Go camping instead! That's what Im going to do!!
  4. What is the Glory in Miami with people on it
  5. It's the only dreaded thing about a cruise, but it would be heaven to be at one right now!!!
  6. We cruised this past Dec. B2B Dec. On Liberty of the Seas. 1st cruise was not bad, but the second leg we heard it almost constantly, I love Christmas music but really didn't care for it in Main Dining room which they played the entire meal.
  7. Great review!!! and awesome pictures. Now would love one of you and your sister!!!
  8. I bid on a upgrade from a inside to a promenade. I booked a GTY inside on a b2b with two different agents. I was really surprised when booth bookings put me on deck 10 mid ship, thought that was a great GTY. Now I'm hoping I won't get the bid on the promenade because it could be a really bad location like all the way to the end of hall.
  9. So will my Dec. 1st cruise have lots of kids? I do love kids but not when Im cruising with just me and hubby!
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