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  1. Great review!!! and awesome pictures. Now would love one of you and your sister!!!
  2. I bid on a upgrade from a inside to a promenade. I booked a GTY inside on a b2b with two different agents. I was really surprised when booth bookings put me on deck 10 mid ship, thought that was a great GTY. Now I'm hoping I won't get the bid on the promenade because it could be a really bad location like all the way to the end of hall.
  3. So will my Dec. 1st cruise have lots of kids? I do love kids but not when Im cruising with just me and hubby!
  4. We will be in Cozumel one of the days of our cruise Dec 1st. I have a Verizon plan that I can call from Mexico. My question is, if I get off the ship and make a call from that little shopping center will I still be calling from the ships tower? Verizon said not to call while we are docked if we are calling the ship or there will be charges.
  5. So when do they start decorating for Christmas. We are doing a B2B starting Dec. 1, was hoping it would be decorated.
  6. Are you saying they did away with the Diamond 3 drinks on your card??
  7. We are doing a B2B in Dec. Second leg we turn Diamond. I was told we can go to the Diamond Ambassador to get our cards changed to Diamond. Can't wait!!
  8. Ok I think you all have me convinced to give WJ a try! We have always ate in MDR, but our last cruise in Jan. we skipped the desert and later in the evening went up to WJ for our desert and noticed the desert was better there than MDR. So I think we'll give dinner in WJ a try on our Dec. cruise.
  9. DO they add a tip on the 3 drinks on the card? Or do you just tip them youyrself
  10. Don't get me started on living together and cruising together before marriage!! Just my opinion!
  11. Sakari looks so much like actress Ali McGraw when Ali was younger!!
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