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  1. Know how you feel, today EasyJet has grounded all flights so as expected our family trip to Malaga isn’t going to happen! Waiting to try and get refunds for villa and flights. Like you, think our June Med cruises are not sailing, and even our b2b in Autumn is looking bad! Not looking forward to trying for refunds and think EasyJet could go bust, I’ve six return flights booked this year with them.Having said that I would give all the trips up just to have the kids and grandkids with us and everyone healthy! Dianne
  2. The planning is what I miss so much! Our June b2b will almost certainly be cancelled. We still have our September/October b2b but I’ve not booked any hotels or transfers for that just in case. So going to miss our cruising but we will look forward to getting back and will never take things for granted after all this! Dianne
  3. Sorry you have cancelled but I understand your reasons, I’m still waiting and hoping to do our b2b but we really don’t know how this is gonna end. Will hopefully have to have our glass of fiz🥂together on another cruise! Dianne
  4. What ship and when do you sail? That sounds very fair.
  5. So sad that people are having to cancel their cruises. Up to now we are still going our B2B in June round trip Venice, cruises we have done before but loved so much we booked again and again! Really hope things get better soon. Will only miss these trips if we have no choice. Dianne
  6. CruiserMicky, we will be on the same b2 b as you! Though I’ve paid for both early. Before the virus was common knowledge. Optimistic as well! Dianne
  7. I thought I was doing great paying my June cruises off weeks before final payment! The flights to Venice and back I booked in September, hope this gets better but I haven’t a good feeling about it! I’m not paying the final on my September b2 b until the last minute.Things have moved so fast in the last week or so.Dianne
  8. Which ship? Hope you get your price drop that’s a great saving if you do!
  9. Emailed my agent in the states to see if my summer cruises have dropped, no chance!she says they are up by a good bit! She reckons the cruises that have been cancelled there are people wanting to book other cruises regions.
  10. Always get an invite to the lunch, usually we do attend as it’s relaxing and so nice to be served! As been said not a lot of choice but if you are staying on the ship instead of going on a tour or out ashore it’s a nice touch.
  11. Connie has Tuscan up on deck 11 from what I remember
  12. We had the same thing a few years ago, I rang Celebrity Uk and explained that I had someone else’s booking on my planner. I told them to ring me back which they did. I had access to a lot of this persons details, when Celebrity rang back they couldn’t explain why this had happened but the booking disappeared and I don’t know if the other person involved was any wiser. I think it was a bit scary that someone could have your details in this way.
  13. Well we got the better weather on that cruise I think! Feeling the cold now we are back home😕looking forward to the next cruise 🚢
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