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  1. 😂😂 we get extra laundry now we are elite plus but we only send things of little value. Husband once sent two designer polo shirts bought new for the cruise £180 worth they came back to fit a 3 yr old!
  2. Have not cruised Millennium but have been on Connie lots of times on lots of different cabins. Inside or OV I prefer deck 3 mid ship have had no problem with noise on these! Dianne
  3. That’s great to know, as I have booked it for my Jewel cruise in February! Dianne
  4. Fabulous review thank you! Brings back happy memories of our Panama Canal cruise a few years ago with Celebrity. Thinking of doing another in 2021 not sure which cruise line, but those photos are tempting me to get booking! Enjoy 😊
  5. Hi I usually book on board and the booking goes to my agent in the states, so I can get price drops etc. But this summer while on Royal Caribbean I booked a back to back for 2020 on the same ship, I booked direct and transferred to a uk travel agent. i had good price drops on both cruises and got the price drop because I booked on the ship, so worth asking it seems different rules if booked on board!
  6. Think we sailed her a few years ago around the Emirates, I remember it was just before She was sold to Thompson.
  7. Don’t really do breakfast,all I have at home is a cup of good coffee! But onboard I do enjoy the platters in Captains club breakfast and sometimes a cheeky glass of fiz🥂 Nice start to the day on ship!
  8. This was for all legs of the cruises, as said it’s 50usd under 10 nights and 100 on 10 nt and above
  9. Always ask for the b2 b discount sometimes the travel agents says no and if you push them to request it I’ve always received it.
  10. Oh Little Britain hope the weather settles for you! Malaga should be better weather so hope you do go there, we love it as a port to wander. Not long and we will be on the Jewel with you and think we will get some sunny 😎 times! Enjoy the rest of your cruise. Dianne
  11. Lovely Donna! We met her on Silhouette when she was the hostess she invited us to dine with the officers which we really enjoyed. Ran into her last year and she was in future cruises, very professional and charming.Dianne
  12. Really? That would be great as we are on the ship for 3 consecutive 7nt cruises hopefully we would be offered that on first night of one of them😉
  13. Really? That would be great as we are on the ship for 3 consecutive 7nt cruises hopefully we would be offered that on first night of one of them😉
  14. Thank you, I’ve never booked this on Royal before and would be good if I get a chance to do it with a discount, who knows might be so good we’ll do it twice😊
  15. Thanks, thought that was the case
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