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  1. I booked chefs table with my OBC a while ago, now as it’s getting close to the cruise I would like to cancel and use the on board credit for something else! I’ve tries to cancel on cruise planner but I’m getting an error message. Any ideas how to do this? Thanks, Dianne
  2. Received email this morning to say 20th January Bahrain was cancelled, we are on from then until the10th February, expected them to cancel all future visits to Bahrain in the near future! We were going to go ashore at this port because even though we have done lots of Emirates cruises it’s a long while since we docked here! But safety first!
  3. Thanks for keeping us informed on the situation, Norwich Cruiser. Shame the weather hasn’t been perfect but hey it’s horrible here in the Lakes! I had a mishap a few days ago and ended up with a bad break of my upper left arm😟 so need some warm sun to help get better, I’m right handed so will still manage my 🍸 cocktails, 9 days to go then 3 weeks on board! Bring it on😂Enjoy your stay and hope the weather picks up. Dianne
  4. Hi, hope you are enjoying! What day was formal night on this cruise 🚢? Did you go to Doha?Thanks, Dianne
  5. I’m concerned that the fact these cruises were sold off so cheap will encourage rude, scruffy people from wherever! I booked my cruises 12 months ago so paid a good deal more, Sorry you had to witness this as you say she’s a lovely ship and we have always enjoyed our sailings on her! Hope things are a bit more civilised when we board, Dianne
  6. We will be on the Jewel as you board we are doing b2b2b from the 20th January disembarking on 10 th February, The recent events do concern us a little but we would not cancel unless there was no option! Have done similar cruises a number of times at the same time of year and love the warmth and relaxation. I’m sure things will be fine and we will all have a great time. Dianne
  7. Have been lucky to see dolphins a number of times usually in the med and around Gibraltar. Once saw a pod swimming right near the window when we were in an OV cabin! But some cruises we have seen whales and turtles and others out at sea think it depends where you are and the time of year!
  8. That’s what we do too😂That way you can leave without bothering anyone
  9. Glad to say all four of my cruises are now back to their original cabin numbers 😊 let’s hope this is all sorted now! Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone, Dianne
  10. Just checked on our cruises and the first b2b in June we have our same cabin back😁 september/ October ones still showing gty so hopefully they too will be back in a few days.Dianne
  11. Hope so Venice has to be one of the most beautiful places,and I love that ship! Greetings to you too 🌲😊
  12. No now my other cruises are coming up as gty these were in September/ October but I hope my June cruises will soon go back to original, glad yours are ok! My agent from Florida seems ok with all that’s happening so will wait and see.Anyways got all the family for Christmas so lots to do. All the very best🎄😎Dianne
  13. Think that’s what I’ve done😂panicked out! I’ve 4 cruises all with non refundable flights!
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