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  1. Looking at options for our transfer from Southampton to Premier Inn Hotel Kings Cross on Thursday August 20th. Option 1: Catch a taxi to Southampton Coach terminal then National Express to Victoria Coach terminal then taxi to hotel. If we do self disembarkation how long should we allow after docking to book the time of bus. Option 2: Catch a taxi to Southampton Coach terminal then National Express to Victoria Coach terminal then train to St Pancras/Kings Cross - how difficult will this be with a suitcase each? Are there lifts or escalators at both stations? Option 3: Private transfer from Southampton to Hotel - any preferred companies? Option 4: Catch a taxi to Southampton train station then train to Waterloo then train to St Pancras/Kings Cross - how difficult will this be with a suitcase each? Are there lifts or escalators at all stations? Any other suggestions? Many thanks.
  2. Yes up hill walk, though there is a 2nd walkway that is a bit less strenuous but is longer. Hubby doesn't like walking and he did not go and he would not have liked the uphill part. Walking back was great! Attended a presentation there on birch sap.
  3. We didn't tour Anne Frank house but instead did the walk from there to the Dutch Resistance Museum. Purchased the small booklet "Persecution and Resistance" from Anne Frank House for .50 euro (though they did not have English version on the day, we used google translate along the way and purchased the English version at the museum) and followed the route. The museum is excellent! After our visit there we had lunch at nearby cafe de Plantage and then caught the tram back(we had purchased a 2 day transport pass) to our B&B in the Jordaan area.Was a great day!
  4. Agree that people need to do their homework to check what is included. Tours that include the history tour can be changed to the TWT or Kantishna tours for an extra cost. We spent 12 days self driving from Anchorage to Seward, Homer, Summit Lake and return to Anchorage last year. We then joined a 5 night Princess Connoisseur tour(1 night Anchorage, 2 nights McKinley, 2 nights Denali and then train direct to ship) - time for someone else to do the driving etc! For us McKinley was great - we knew it was isolated but that is what we wanted. Spent time chilling on the deck, walked to the treehouse, watched and listened to a great talk about rescue owls, went into Talkeetna and did the Hurricane train excursion(fantastic). Best of all we saw the mountain in all its glory on our second day and very very lucky to see it again on the day we left to travel to Denali! The TWT tour was included for us but we did consider changing to the Kantishna tour. Happy with the TWT even though it started in rain and was a cooler day we still saw plenty of wildlife. Loved the direct train to the ship even though it took all day and being able to walk straight onto the ship at the end. Would have liked to visit Fairbanks but for us this would have added more days to our 4 week trip and more flight options were available from Seattle to Anchorage. So do your research, read the boards and choose what best suits you and what you would like to see and do!. Most importantly - enjoy! We loved our time in Alaksa and would love to return, but it is a long way from Sydney!
  5. Just double checked and I must have been looking at the wrong date as we can purchase the 10-11 time slot!!! Will make sure we walk quickly back to the bus!!!
  6. Not 100% sure but I think if you want to explore on your own you will need to apply for visas. We have booked a private guide for our 2 days and they arrange a visa for us.
  7. Hadn't checked the website for Minatur wunderworld for a while as there were plenty of tickets. Just checked today and can only select 10.00-11.00 or 11.30 onwards - oops left it a bit late for the 10.30!!! Thinking of selecting the 11.30 -12.00 and hope that we may be able to enter earlier as you were able to - think this is a good idea or should we book the 10.00 -11.00? Do you remember what time you had to be back at meeting point for return to ship? Holland's website says it is a 7 hour excursion and departure is 8am, so taking into account the trip is 90 minutes each way should arrive in Hamburg around 9.30 and depart maybe at 1.30pm?
  8. Thank you for the information - will do some research!
  9. Your photos are great! Was Matthew a private guide? How did you book this day trip - looks great!
  10. Thanks everyone, I did think it would be too close and I would be very stressed! Wanting to go to Museum Stoomtram, so will do the trip the day before original departure and will head to Delft on the back to back day. Have visited Amsterdam on 2 previous visits so want to go further afield.
  11. We are doing the 21-Day Norwegian Fjords & Baltic Jewels departing Amsterdam August 23 2020. We will be back in Amsterdam mid cruise (August 30) from 7.00 till 5.00pm. Trying to plan a day trip outside of Amsterdam and would like to know the final all aboard for returning passengers. May not arrive back at Centraal station until 4.00pm and would need to then get back to cruise terminal - think this may be too close?
  12. Thank you everyone for your suggestions they are very helpful. Would like it to be a slow day.
  13. Thank you for the update. We are thinking of an inside cabin( we will have just completed a 21 day cruise on Nieuw Statendam in a balcony). Had been looking at mid ship. Appears that that there are no inside cabins available on deck 8 only on deck 9, may look at the aft cabins(9215 a sideways cabin near stairs is available).
  14. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Will look into catching the train to Cobh or Cork and looking/walking around.
  15. Thanks for the review we are hoping to travel on the Star next September - what cabin were you in?
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