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  1. Looks like that number has climbed to 18 ships leaving: "A total of 18 less efficient ships have left or are expected to leave the fleet, representing approximately 12 percent of pre-pause capacity and only three percent of operating income in 2019." https://www.carnivalcorp.com/node/62011/html
  2. We had a Vista Suite on the K and it felt cramped. We didn't have any cabin dining as it was literally eat on the bed or put your plate on the tiny table. It would have reminded me of dining from a tv tray. I much prefer our experience on the Nieuw Amsterdam where you can easily move the coffee table to the balcony and adjust it upward and enjoy your room service. I'm a detailed person so I pay attention to things like this.
  3. With verified reports this week of a person being re-infected after having the virus earlier in the year, this makes the creation of a viable vaccine all the more difficult. The reports state that it was a different strain of the virus which again imposes challenges on a successful vaccine. What the future holds for cruising is anyone's guess as this virus (like many in the past) is evolving.
  4. We were disappointed with the Koningsdam and the direction that HAL is taking with the Pinnacle Class ships. True, the ships have the decor and the vibe of a HAL ship, but the ship reminded me more of a Celebrity ship than a HAL ship. Cabins are notably smaller. Much smaller. Smaller cabins also mean smaller balconies. In-cabin dining is very difficult on the Pinnacle class ships as HAL has removed the adjustable coffee table from this ship. A perfect cruise day for me begins with a wonderful hot breakfast enjoyed on our balcony. HAL has made this very difficult in the Pinnacle class unless you book a Signature Suite or above. Entertainment, as others have noted, is lacking. I see cruisers posting their "Where & When" and I think I would be bored on a HAL cruise now. There just doesn't seem to be much to do on the ships anymore.
  5. I see the same thing in my community. Does anyone really have faith that the cruise lines will ensure compliance with health restrictions when these same cruise lines cannot ensure compliance with dining room dress codes?
  6. You got it. There are so many instances not to wear masks on a cruise ship - and many of these instances like dining and drinking involve crowds who will not physically distance, that cruising isn't designed for masks.
  7. Case count has now been updated to 53. https://www.itromso.no/nyheter/2020/08/05/53-personer-n%C3%A5-bekreftet-smittet-i-utbruddet-p%C3%A5-Hurtigruten-22422328.ece?fbclid=IwAR01xHk1kEADc4HOdR4bbV1yRuJGX7FXA4rN6VsFjrO38RFRUd2uV1O45DQ
  8. The situation is not looking good for Hurtigruten as this story continues to unfold. Now there are allegations of a cover-up. Norway's Health Minister stating that he has lost a lot of confidence in the cruise line. Norway's Health Institute is now fearing a new nationwide outbreak and the police are investigating how the cruise line handled the outbreak. https://www.newsinenglish.no/2020/08/03/hurtigruten-cancels-expedition-cruises/?fbclid=IwAR0IH3M1Nn2B-gkkr8tHyuNmCV7jGve2WgxEeUcBiqAYwjSyRBccmDSPOFg#.Xyh_2E_WQDM.messenger
  9. Sadly, yes, for many countries things have simply gotten worse. And we knew it would from previous pandemics. Perhaps we were naive enough or arrogant enough to think that we know better this time - time will tell. We can see now what is happening in Australia as they wrestle with COVID and their flu season. I don't think the situation will be very optimistic for NA this Fall. I am also surprised that people are still planning cruises. I am not looking at cruising for the next 5 years.
  10. I am not surprised with the news of the outbreaks on these ships. The best deterrent for this virus is physically distancing and some people just seem incapable of doing that. Some people just seem to be totally unaware of their surroundings and their place in them. Add in a ship environment which makes physically distancing substantially more difficult, especially among crew members, and you have an environment that is conducive to viral transmission.
  11. We've all been on cruises. Most have experienced the cramped airports, cramped flights and busy cramped hotels just to get to the port. We have all experienced the joyous chaos of arriving at the dock, the long lineups to check in and the large groups waiting to board. We know first hand the large groups on the ships, the constant passing of each other in the hallways and dining venues, the claustrophobic inducing lineups to disembark at the ports throughout the cruise, crowded theaters and the lineups at the buffets. And we have all experienced the end of the cruise with the crowds waiting to disembark, lineups at the luggage retrieval, lineups at customs and the organized chaos of trying to leave the pier and start the whole cumbersome trip to get back home. How can a cruise possibly be safe during a pandemic with so many points of infection involved?
  12. This leaves the industry in a terrible predicament. When reading this post, I immediately thought of points made by the CDC in its July 16th Extension of the No-Sail Order where it stated, "that cruise ship travel exacerbates the global spread of COVID-19" and that, "...persons on board or seeking to board cruise ships may likely be or would likely become infected with or exposed to COVID-19 by virtue of being on board at a time when cases of COVID-19 are being reported in increasingly significant numbers globally."
  13. It appears now that 33 crew members have tested positive. https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/travel/2020/07/hurtigruten-cancels-svalbard-cruise-crew-members-have-been-diagnosed-covid-19 I agree with your thoughts, OP. Any cruise line that takes the approach, "no reason to suspect" is taking the wrong approach. The correct approach, imo, should be, "suspect it is onboard and test and retest to confirm." It is going to take major changes before I will trust that cruise lines will take the correct approach. One change I would like to see is infectious disease specialists staffed permanently on every ship with the authority to order quarantines and lock downs.
  14. If cruise ships cannot sail safely, they should not survive. Whether small or large, the preservation of human life must be paramount. The reality is if all cruise lines go bankrupt before a vaccine is found or before they can figure out how to sail safely - so be it. If and when this is over, new cruise companies will emerge.
  15. I don't see us cruising anytime in the foreseeable future. There has to be a vaccine and there has to be an effective virus prevention and management process readily available on cruise ships. And I won't be one of the first people in line for a vaccine.
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