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  1. The email I got from my TA said this was starting in the fall of 2021 so January should be ok. That’s if it even goes at all.
  2. I'm not sure I would want to spend $43 a day extra on a cruise that may or may not go. As for it being a good deal, I doubt you'll find it cheaper.
  3. Not even close to that. Not all ships have 6000 passengers and all ships will be sailing at reduced capacity. On top of that not all people are wasting that much food each day.
  4. Fuzzy math is how it’s explained. Plus I believe the kids sale free is only for 12 and under, not sure about that though.
  5. I think to most people it was not really unexpected. Even if they do start cruising in December it will be a very long time before things are close to normal.
  6. Maybe in December for 1 or 2 cruises. Probably more than a year before anything close to a normal schedule, even then we will still have restrictions.
  7. Anybody think their November cruise is still looking good, asking for a friend
  8. That option is not available in all areas and not everyone can afford it.
  9. I have a cruise scheduled out of Puerto Rico in March, unless they remove the travel restrictions they have to get to the island that ship will be sailing fairly empty. That’s if it even sails at all..
  10. I wonder if MSC operated at a loss for this cruise
  11. I let you know when I come down and visit my parents in Melbourne.
  12. Does that include drinks and a meal, or just a view?
  13. It used to be about 90 days I believe. But in the future, who knows. First they need to figure out when they can sail, where they can sail, and what shows will be on the ship.
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