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  1. I don't believe there is any scientific evidence of that yet, just wishful thinking by some people.
  2. I'm the week before on Enchantment, I've got serious doubts that one's going to go.
  3. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22732-royal-caribbean-to-use-ships-to-get-crew-home.html If Royal is taking the crew home by ship they know it's going to be awhile before things are back to normal.
  4. They need to make FCC’s transferable so you can transfer to us younger folks. Now before anyone gets offended, I’m just kidding. Aft Cabins Rule
  5. Most, if not all, people traveling on business are under the age of 70. Most people over the age of 70 are traveling for pleasure, it is absolutely a fair comparison. I was an air traffic controller for over 33 years. I can’t tell you how many flights I worked in my career that had a medical emergency on board that needed to either divert or requested priority handling. One of the questions that we asked the flight crew was the age of the passenger. I have no exact figures, but the majority were under seventy. This whole discussion is fairly irrelevant, because nobody is cruising until this virus is no longer a problem. That letter does nothing other than trying to cover the behinds of the cruise line.
  6. https://howmuchtoiletpaper.com Aft Cabins Rule
  7. Probably because they really have no where else to be. Maybe because Royal chartered flights out of MLB or MCO. I doubt there are very many commercial flights going overseas. Aft Cabins Rule
  8. If the letter does stick around, there is no way of verifying that the signature is from a real doctor. I believe a lot of them will be signed Dr Vinny Boom Bats.
  9. And if you’re going to put those restrictions on people that cruise, you better put them on people that fly. Are you prepared to not let disabled people get on an airplane because they will need extra assistance in case of emergency evacuations? I doubt it. Aft Cabins Rule
  10. Nobody, not even Michael Bayley, can answer that question honestly. Royal will keep on saying yes right up to the day they say it’s delayed. Aft Cabins Rule
  11. Canada can reopen their ports as quickly as they closed them. If this virus miraculously disappears in April, as some people have suggested, they could be up and running the following day. Now is that going to happen, nope. RCI is taking a wait and see attitude because that all they can realistically do. Aft Cabins Rule
  12. I’m fairly confident that once this shutdown is over the requirement for that over 70 letter will disappear. It was something that was hastily put in place to try and prevent from being shut down.
  13. I agree to a certain extent, but if that contaminated spoon or hand goes into the food, problem not solved.
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