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  1. Did you get your after cruise survey email. I’d have a few choice words for them
  2. They should comp you an entire cruise for having to put up with the smell, not once, but twice. That’s inexcusable.
  3. It’s nice to know I can just log off my kids whenever I want🤓
  4. So if you leave you phone in your cabin, let’s say on deck three, will it still pair with your phone on the pool deck. One thing I noticed last week on enchantment was when you went between your phone and your iPad without logging off, it would ask you if you wanted to change devices. I’ve never noticed that before.
  5. We had a huge aft balcony that we stayed on for five days and watched that wake go by. It didn’t really matter to us what the rest of the ship looked like. Meals in the MDR were fine, diamond lounge was never full, service was excellent, and the meal we ate at ChefsTable was out of this world. The best thing was this was the first cruise my wife and I have taken without our kids. It was kind of like being on a honeymoon. We may of overlooked a lot of flaws😉
  6. It will be interesting to see how Enchantment is once she comes out of dry dock next year. A lot of the problems that have been mentioned in these reviews just can’t be painted over. The woodwork in the cabins, while very clean, was also very dated. I wonder if all that will be replaced.
  7. People must be figuring out the real value of it and not buying it. The internet is about the only tangible asset of it, and it’s still cheaper just to buy internet in a package for multiple people.
  8. I’m just going by what was printed in the cruise compass. It states tonight dress, is “dress your best”. It doesn’t say anything about black tie or formal. I’m not arguing, just stating what someone can reasonably expect, and I wear a tux on formal night. What I meant by anything goes is that Royal doesn’t enforce their dress code, especially if they don’t really have one. I agree the outside of the ship needs a lot of work. Hopefully with next falls dry dock they fix that. I remember smelling that paint as my wife and I walked down the hall on deck 8. We had an aft JS and fortunately it didn’t smell all the way down there. We had a wonderful time on the ship but we didn’t have 2 energetic kids to keep entertained either.
  9. I was on this same cruise. They don’t do a formal night on it, they do what they call “dress your best”. Which pretty much means anything goes.
  10. Can’t blame me for putting you in the hold anymore, I retired 4 years ago🥳🥳.
  11. I’ve worked international flights routinely that were late. The problem is you have absolutely no backup plan if it is.
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