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  1. My wife is not yet Platinum. I've been cruising Cunard since the 1970's, wifey's maiden cruise was QM2. Jonathan
  2. Hi Marietta, Nice to see you on the boards, thank you that was a fun roll call. Just back from Empress, loved it. I enjoyed several frozen drinks with the paper straws, a little tough to draw on them as they are narrow, but, otherwise not so bad. Maybe, the salt in the Margaritas dissolves them. Jonathan
  3. Paper straws on Empress, no big deal at all. They do not disintegrate, they are perfectly fine. A little harder to draw on for frosty drinks if they are thick but, no biggie. Really. Jonathan
  4. You will never make it. We had expedited departure and did not get our bags till 9:15 am. There is always the chance for a screw up, like issues with the gangway and alternatively debarking on deck 2 along with 300 other passengers as we experienced yesterday with Empress. Add in security at the airport that can take at least 20 to 30 minutes. You should re-book your return flight, because you will not make an 8:30 am departure. Jonathan
  5. Thank you Twangster for this fabulous Live Empress travelogue. Your photographs are just gorgeous. We are boarding Empress on Sunday morning and now more excited than ever to experience this lovely little ship with the big heart. Happy Cruising. Jonathan
  6. We were booked in a Junior Suite, the minimum bid was $400 per person, I bid the maximum $900 per person. It's a great deal because this was originally a Cuba cruise and after the itinerary change we are due a 50% refund on our original fare. So the balance for this Owners Suite is just a couple of hundred bucks. Plus Royal had this suite priced at $5,600 last week. Very excited. Happy cruising. Jonathan Jonathan
  7. Just scored an Owners Suite for our Empress Western Caribbean cruise next Saturday. Super Excited. Jonathan
  8. We've sailed Anthem 4 times and have been able to sit in reserved seating. Jonathan
  9. That's a shame. We've always enjoyed this perk on board Anthem. It's pretty lame that Royal is taking some of the few nice junior suite perks. Jonathan
  10. We love the Junior Suites, lots of room, comfortable, large balcony. There's usually a pre-boarding waiting lounge, early embarkationg, dinner at the Coastal Kitchen, select seating area in the main theater along with double points. Have a great cruise. Jonathan
  11. 32 days till Empress to Key West & Mexico 212 till Anthem to the Bahamas
  12. Thanks for posting this Kao Kao chocolate tour DeepC. This looks like the perfect thing to escape the summer heat. Defintely booking this. Jonathan
  13. Egad, the Noordam is all the way in Australia?! Bring her back and loaded with Tims Tams please! Which ship cruises from Boston, is still Veendam? Will have to look into that. Where are you cruising to next Sail? Jonathan
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