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  1. I prefer to look at the glass half full. I have had so many cruises canceled lately, I just want to keep dreaming of Empress until it comes true. Happy cruising. Jonathan
  2. Well aware of that ill fated destination. I have already had my heart crushed numerous times with canceled cruises. As of right now Empress is scheduled for Bermuda, Royal Caribbean says she's staying in the fleet, that works for me. Jonathan
  3. No. Hamilton, Bermuda all systems go. First round of Dark and Stormy's is on me. Jonathan
  4. You can probably add Crown Princes to the list. Our August 2021 British Isles cruise has just been canceled as the Crown is being redeployed which probably means she is being sold or scrapped. Jonathan
  5. My mistake. Empress is not being redeployed. It was another cruise line, Crown Princess being redeployed. Empress to Bermuda is still a go. Carry on. Jonathan
  6. It means Royal Caribbean is moving the Empress from one spot to another. She is moving from Cape Liberty in New Jersey to some other port. Jonathan
  7. Just learned that our June 2021 Empress to Bermuda cruise has been canceled as the ship has been redeployed. Very disappointed, love the Empress and was looking forward to cruising into Hamilton and St. George. Perhaps Empress will be sailing out 0f Europe. I hope she is sailing somewhere as part of the the RCCL fleet. Jonathan
  8. This is wonderful news, thank you for posting this. We would love to sail the Greek Isles on board Empress, as soon as that cruise becomes available we will jump on it. Jonathan
  9. Very sorry to see Empress leave the Royal Caribbean fleet. Will definitely book a cruise with whichever line has purchased her, she is a special ship. Jonathan
  10. Hi C-boy, Thank you very much! Yes, big sweet tooth. I once asked for extra toffee sauce for my sticky pudding on the QM2 and the waiter Abdul brought me a bowl big enough to swim in. I did. Jonathan
  11. Here's my latest Queen Mary 2 video. Come join us for a 5-day voyage on my favorite ship. No packing required.
  12. Ocean liner journalist Peter Knego has a great website where he sells off various furnishings from old liners. I purchased a couple of nice swivel chairs from the original Love Boat, Island Princess. He's a nice fellow and will return your emails promptly. Haven't seen any Royal Caribbean memorabilia on his site but, you never know. https://www.midshipcentury.com/ Jonathan
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