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  1. Thanks Kirbi for sharing your experience with us! Carbri - when you return from your cruise, could you please provide your thoughts too? I'm thinking about taking this excursion in Dec while my family is cruising on Carnival Breeze. I think DH and I will enjoy it (anything involving rum or tequila sounds great to us), but wondering if mother in law, dad and his girlfriend will like it too. THANK YOU!
  2. I don't remember seeing any bicycle taxi riders at Grand Turk pier. If there are some, it's not obvious like Amber Cove where they are lined up waiting for people.
  3. Thanks for the Iguana Mama recommendation! I appreciate hearing from someone who has used the company before.
  4. Oh my goodness! I'm already stressing out about being in an inside cabin with DH and MIL on Breeze in Dec....can't even imagine what 5 in a room would be like. Glad you made it work and had a great time!
  5. Hi Kim! Can't believe I have a suggestion for you, after you've given me so many suggestions for my cruises. I love reading your reviews and appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and pictures with us! I'm spending a week in St. Kitts this fall so starting doing some research. I found this blog about a trip to St. Kitts and it included a dune buggy tour with Mad Max Dune Buggy. I haven't done it myself, but it sounds like fun. https://handluggageonly.co.uk/2018/05/08/your-essential-guide-of-things-to-do-in-st-kitts/ I read another post on this board and it mentions Shipwreck and Discovery beach bar are still there. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to reading your review.
  6. I'm interested in knowing someone's experience on Mama Iguana's Eat Drink & Be Merry - Best of Puerto Plata Tour. It sounds almost to good to be true. It's "all inclusive" because it includes lunch and rum drinks throughout the trip. Beside the food and drinks, it sounds like a lot of fun with a variety of activities. It includes cable car ride to the top of the mountain, visit to Ron Macorix House of Rum for rum tasting, lunch at a courtyard cafe with another free alcoholic drink, stop at Puerto Plata square with a visit to Espigon Cigars to roll a cigar and sample more local rum. And in case you haven't had enough to drink, water, soda, rum and snacks are available on the air conditioned bus too. What was your experience? Will I have fun? I like rum and trying "local" food. Will my 70 something MIL have fun too even though she'll probably only have one drink? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!
  7. I felt safe, it was just kind of scary on a couple of jumps. Listen to the guides...when they say jump straight down with your arms beside your sides, do it. I didn't have any problems, but DH forgot to keep his arms straight beside him and landed on his back instead of feet first. He paid for that mistake and ended up taking the stairs whenever offered the rest of the trip. They did have a couple of places with medical help available if needed. The first one was a guy with a donkey/mule that was the "ambulance" to take you back to the starting point. The 2nd time was just a guy, but I saw he had some first aid kits. Of course DH was didn't want to admit he was in pain...but he struggled walking back to the ship. I'd definitely do it again!
  8. It's been a couple of years since I did this zipline, but I didn't think it was too extreme. The only thing that was a little scary is that some of the lines require you to take a big step off the platform and it looks like you'll just fall. It's not bad because you quickly stop going down...just makes you think twice before you actually step off. The guides provide a safety briefing before leaving the check in area and they were very safety conscious throughout the trip. By the way, how did you find out they were open again? We were just in St. Thomas in early Dec and was told they were still closed and it wasn't offered as a Carnival excursion. Several years ago when I contacted the zip line company directly, I was told that I needed to go through the Carnival excursion because of their contract and couldn't DIY myself via a taxi. Don't know if that's changed though. Hope this helps!
  9. Thank you everyone for your practical advice and jokes! Your comments are helping me realize I'm probably just being a worrywart about the potential issues instead of focusing on the positives like being on vacation! It's hard not to enjoy visiting islands with gorgeous blue water and having someone else do all the cooking and cleaning. I didn't mention that my dad and his girlfriend will be going too. I talked to his girlfriend yesterday and she offered to help keep MIL entertained. I think they'll get along pretty well. My brother, his wife and 8 yr old daughter will also be cruising with us which is probably adding to my stress. My brother and I just tolerate each other, but this will be a great opportunity to spend some time with my niece. They live in CO and we live in FL, so we've only seen each other a couple times. Can't wait to take her to the Dr. Seuss sea day brunch and go on the water slides together! Thanks again everyone for your help! That's what I love about Cruise Critic!
  10. Thanks everyone for your feedback! I wanted to spring for the balcony but compromised and got the spa inside room instead. I laughed about the cheers suggestion and laughed even harder when Homosassa suggested looking into the penalty for homicide in my state! At least I can carry on a 3rd bottle of wine! Sounds like I made a good decision to get the bed out of the wall. MIL is late 70's and we're mid 50's. I'm still pretty flexible and shouldn't have too much trouble climbing up and down the ladder. Glad to hear the steward can put the bed up during the day to give us some more room walking around. I'm usually the one who creates all the clutter, so will definitely need to do better about finding a place for everything. I've never tried the organizer over the door before so I'll give it a try this time. My husband has showered in the spa before, but I've never tried it so was curious about the experience for a woman. I'm not a prima donna but usually take extra time on hair and makeup for elegant night pictures and don't want to be competing for mirrors and space in the room. Thanks for confirming hair dryer availability. I should be fine getting ready there. Oh well, everyone is right that we won't be spending much time in the room anyway. I'm definitely planning to chill out in those marvelous warm loungers in the spa reading a book. MIL will probably hit the slots on sea days and after dinner as long as she doesn't lose too much $ early. Thanks again for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming! Happy cruising everyone!
  11. Hi! I'm cruising on the Carnival Breeze in Dec. DH and I usually cruise in interior rooms, but this is the 1st time MIL will be staying in the same room with us. We'll be in an interior spa room for 3 people. They will be sleeping in single beds and I'll be in the pullman pulled down from the wall. I appreciate any insight and feedback you can provide. * How will I get into my bed? Is there a little ladder? Any estimate on how high it is off the floor? * Is my bed down all the time or is it put up during the day and pulled down at night? * Is it difficult for a woman to shower and get ready for elegant night in the spa locker room? Thinking it will be less chaotic if I do hair and make up in the spa instead of the room. Does the locker room have hair dryers? * Are we going to kill each other? The 3 of us have never stayed in the same room before and I'm afraid it's going to be "too much togetherness". * Any survival tips? My MIL usually finds a way to get on my last nerve, but I usually calm down after I spend some "me time" away. I'm afraid it's going to be even worse since this is her first cruise and she won't want to adventure very far away from us. Thanks for your help!
  12. Thanks for doing this review! We just booked the Breeze for the week before Christmas, so this will be a great "preview" of the ship during the holiday.
  13. Allytiel, Sorry, but I think it will be bad for you. I had a great time on this excursion last month, but I doubt if you'll enjoy it. You will have to jump into the water and you'll end up going under the water. One of the jumps is pretty high. The water is deep on that one and I went down further than I expected. They do have steps you could take down to avoid jumping for most of the jumps but don't remember if it was an option for all of them. My friend is afraid of heights and she panicked on the big jump and took the steps instead. And, you would need to slide down the rocks and end up underwater because there isn't a way around it. Everyone must wear a life jacket. You float in the river between jumps and slides and some times you can touch the ground and sometimes you can't. My friend's husband was worried about that piece because he's a poor swimmer, but he did fine thanks to the life jacket. The hike up through the woods isn't an easy stroll through the park. We're in our late 40's early 50's and not in the best shape. So we were huffing and puffing during the walk. The guides were great though and took numerous breaks so people could catch their breath. Hope this helps! I had a great time but don't think you'll enjoy it.
  14. Hello! We'll be in St. Thomas on Dec 5 when there are 4 ships in port. We're on Carnival Magic which is the last ship to arrive at 11am. Does anyone have any suggestions for a beach to go to on such a crowded day especially since the other ships arrive before us? We were there on a land vacation in Sep and liked Magen's Bay, but concerned what it would be like with 4 ships in port. They had a large part of the beach roped off for a ship's excursion but we want to do the excursion on our own to be in control if we want to leave early or late (ship departs at 7pm). By the way, we need umbrella, chairs and prefer to have food/drink available. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  15. Stupid question of the day: Why shouldn't you use one with a surge protector?
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