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  1. It's really not "reef safe", though it says it is........it does not contain 2 of the harmful ingredients most often sited, but it does contain some others. Basically, you need a non-nano zinc based sunscreen.
  2. What makes you think that luxury cruisers would be less friendly than those cruising on other lines? If anything, I've found the people I've met on Crystal to be far friendlier than those I met on previous cruises on mainstream lines - though my experiences with mainstream lines was several decades ago. I find those I've met on Crystal to be generally relaxed and friendly, and I have made some great friends I've met through cruising.........I'm not saying it's the only line where those things happen, just that I don't see them as happening any less often on a luxury line. It's not stuffy at all, even on "Black Tie Optional" nights when some people are dressed in formal wear. (And though I'm dressed in just a summer sundress, I get no flack or strange looks......I get smiles and "hello"s.)
  3. So, they tried to do the wrong thing to cover their asses. And assets. That doesn't give them a pass in my book. Another example of the land-side part of their business being far behind the on board side of their business in customer service. They tried to "pull a fast one" on unsuspecting or unsophisticated travelers, and there's nothing in their bottom line that will make that look better to me. I"m not saying I won't cruise with Crystal again (I know I will), but it does go in the list of pros and cons.
  4. I've got ThinkSport, and it does its job. Seems highly regarded, and it was easy to find.
  5. I agree about the short visits -- I would very much like to see Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but I don't really envision wanting to spend a lot of time there, so a cruise stop sounds like the perfect option. I've got that planned for 2022. However, for me, cruising in and of itself is exactly why I like to cruise - long stretches of sea days is perfect for me and I'm calmer and more relaxed there than anywhere else. That's why transpacific cruises are my favourites.
  6. Or, you could say that there are some places that are inaccessible by cruise ship because the cruise ships are too big, even if a boat or ferry is the best or maybe only way to visit. I can't think of a single place that is only accessible by cruise ship. Most are also accessible by plane, and those that aren't (such as smaller islands) are accessible by smaller boats and ferries.
  7. I don't know that I could handle it even when I'm not quarantined. The lack of natural light would be a killer - I think they're allowing interior cabin passengers a few hours on deck per day in order to allow them to get some light and fresh air (though there are strict rules about safety and not getting close to other passengers).
  8. No, but it can be frightening to the person inside the wrong cabin to hear someone trying to get in, and frustrating to the other person to try the wrong door, perhaps more than once. I don't understand why you're so against the idea......if it works for them, why does it bother you?
  9. Actually, I have seen that, but unrelated to safety........it's more because the doors all look the same in a long corridor, so people with weaker vision can easily recognize their own cabin. Some people put up magnets or something, but I have seen photos of people.
  10. Are you kidding? I paid over $5K for my 17 hour flights home from NZ (first class).
  11. I'm sure she wouldn't say that either.....I said it, not her. She's very nice and not a braggart, but I'm not going to belittle her concerns or negate her past experiences.
  12. I'm 58 now, but I did my first solo cruise over 20 years ago. Like the ages of any passenger, it will vary with the individual voyage - the line, the location, the duration. I'm currently on a leg of the 4-month long world cruise on Crystal Serenity, and the average age of solo cruisers is probably in the late 60s, but a week long Caribbean cruise on RCI will have a younger solo cruiser age.
  13. That's really bizarre since she admits it will be an obvious lie (i.e. crew know she's traveling alone, and no one else would be in her cabin without an invitation). Regardless, if she want's to carry around extra shoes and clothes, that's up to her. I think of the safety issue as no different than on land, and so I act no differently than on land (though I more often have a drink because I don't need to drive). However, I've met a gorgeous woman traveling solo on this cruise who says she never goes anywhere alone on the ship because she doesn't want anything she says or does to be misconstrued. She wears her wedding ring (and many diamonds), and is not flirty (as I've seen), but she apparently knows from past experience than men will create "flirting" from her clothes, smile, or "good morning", in spite of her best intentions. So her answer is to always go places with her roommates (whether a friend, her daughter, or her mother). I do feel badly for her, as it doesn't occur to me not to go somewhere alone, but she's a 50-ish year old "10", and I'm a 50-ish year old 6, so I defer to her experience.
  14. They could.......their question would be which is more likely to bring in more advertising income. That's their bottom line - they're a commercial site that makes money from advertisers and we, the participants in the forums, are what they are selling.
  15. It is not in CC's benefit to restrict any of their forums that way.
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