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  1. Yes Patty, we in the UK are able to book in pounds.Thank goodness given the state of our currency 🙂 Sue
  2. Hi Anne, Have copied your friend & Karen (Karefreekaren) booked the Eden Blue.My flight via Doha arrives around 04.00 so thought it a good idea 🙂
  3. Have tried to message you Karen & failed, 🙂 if you get a chance please email me shamansue "at" hotmail.com
  4. Have a look on the Crystal website. They have a "deluxe stateroom with verandah room guarantee only "on some of there 7 night europe trips, that with the help of a good TA will be close £1,900 ish. Great value for money. Airfares also quite reasonable Oct/nov
  5. Does any one know what hotel/s Crystal uses in Mahe ? Crystal reservations UK are not being particularly helpful. My flight will be arriving early in the morning & would prefer not to hang around the airport for hours 🙂
  6. Thank you for the heads up. Booked this trip after reading your post ,great price with no single supplement.Very happy. Friend attempted to book the same, today however supplement is back on.
  7. Not trying to highjack the top-pick but wanted to thank you, booked 15th Feb, not as inexpensive as some of the others ,but a great deal, thanks Anne
  8. Ok, this will not be for everyone, flights could be expensive,Seychelles return 7 nights all inclusive .To get the rate, I think you need to call & not book on line. I booked today, a "solo gty" Dates 25th Jan & 1st Feb $1,300 & 15th Feb $2,200. This is so good its possibly a mistake, so if interested call Crystal.
  9. Hi Anne, Wasnt aware Crystal had any solo special offers, apart from there usual 30% ish surcharge, which is good I know.Is it somewhere hidden on there web site ? Which trip did you book ? Sue
  10. Am back on :) Drib, what a fantastic web site ,many thanks, Sue
  11. Drib,I know a teenager & Im going to get him to translate your message 🙂 Sue
  12. You think he may be snoozing Cheek ! Stickman, do you think he may have banned me due to my attitude ? Sue
  13. BLOCKED! ( you believe that you have been blocked in error, please contact:Big Dog Foto Hope I havent upset drib ! Sue
  14. Hi drib, have found your web site invaluable, but am no longer able to log in, get a "blocked" notice.Is it me, or has the site been blocked ? Sue
  15. Recently noticed that many of the Crystal cruises on there website have the solo prices.Although far from inexpensive, many items that are extra on other lines are included on Crystal, also there staterooms are a minimum O/V & a good size . There are a couple of extended European voyages in 2020 that are very well priced & give us time to arrange flights, possibly on air miles 🙂
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