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  1. Sure hope you are right about the Carnival gift cards. This is the first time I heard of Gift Cards being honored during a bankruptcy. You won't see me complaining.
  2. I never said I wanted Carnival pricing to increase nor was I suggesting it. Pricing, however, will probably increase considerably to make up for the loses . I have 23 completed Carnival cruises with 2 cruises booked and the last thing I want to see are price increases. On the other hand, I am being realistic.
  3. The way I see it is that if the Cruise Lines are not allowed to sail within the next 6 to 12 months, they will go under. Then there will be 20 to 30 cruise ships waiting in various ports and a couple of new ships being built. All the ships will be ready to be purchased. The junk ships were all scrapped so the remaining ships should be in decent shape. Carnival will be gone and a new line (Let's call it FANTAYSHA) will take it's place. Naturally all fares will double. Carnival stock will be gone but Fantaysha stock takes its place. Life continues with some cruisers being very unhappy while others are smiling. I have $1,300 in Carnival gift cards that I will use as final payment for a January 9, 2021 cruise booked over a year ago. I doubt the January cruise will take place and I will probably get a $500 credit towards the purchase of another cruise. If so, I will book another cruise. I can keep doing this but if my above scenario is right, my gift cards will eventually be worth the price of saw dust.
  4. Just curious. Am booked for January on the Horizon. Do you think they would still have the evening shows in the Theater? It was difficult to find a seat in the past and with the 6 foot rule, you would end up with quite a reduction in attendees. Then there is Bingo. I guess they could do the numbers on the TV and the winners could call in with their cabin phones. With the self serve meals gone, they would probably have to serve food all day long. The pool would be interesting but probably limited to a dozen people. Sure would have to have many changes made and some how make it entertaining. What do you think?.
  5. I did not see any thing in the articles where it actually said OCEAN REWARDS would replace the VIP Program. Carnival would be out of their minds to pull that stunt at this time. How much money would you save by discontinuing going to the front of the line, for instance? With 23 completed Carnival cruises and 2 more booked, I was really upset at first. Then I read the articles again and calmed down. OCEAN REWARDS is a different type loyalty program to get you to buy more on board while VIP is a program to get you to purchase more Carnival cruises.
  6. I have a January 9, 2021 cruise booked with final payment due in October, 2020. I doubt very much that the cruise will take place but I have $1,300 in Carnival gift cards so I could make final payment with them. Since I cannot return the gift cards that I already have, I figure I have nothing to lose and could possibly earn a credit for a future cruise assuming there are future cruises. I also have a cruise booked for January, 2022 but I do not know if a cancelled cruise credit for 2021 and credit for the carnival gift cards could be applied to that cruise. Sure gets complicated and I feel like I am in the Casino. I either get all kinds of credits for the next cruise or I lose my $1,300 gift cards and my $500 deposit. Have completed 23 Carnival cruises and never had any experiences like this. Even when I call my travel agent, I get a record and then many maybes. I need a cruise so that I could sit on the balcony, enjoy the fresh air and think this all out.
  7. The problem is that not only is Carnival in dire straits but several other corporations in the US and world wide. Not only does Carnival have to survive but also the other major corporations or the problem just magnifies. Sounds horrible because it is. It sounds like the vaccine is the only solution but prompt distribution to all is not likely in 2021 so I see this as a very long term issue.
  8. I am booked to cruise in January, 2021 and I am almost certain it will not happen. I am also booked for January, 2022 and I have serious doubts about it. After that, you will not have to worry. There will be no Carnival.
  9. "BINGO!" It's 4:00 pm and I just won at the Bingo session and they are coming to me to get the Bingo card confirmed. I just won $2,500 and I can use that cash to purchase the next cruise. Hey, if you are going dream, you might as well go for it.
  10. Looks like you are absolutely right. Did some searching (Which I should have done in the first place) and found the following under "Other Covered Reasons". "Bankruptcy or Default of an airline, or cruise line, tour operator or other travel provider ............................... causing a complete cessation of travel services more than 14 days following Your Effective Date." So I read that as a "Yes". Now the next question is: Will the Insurance Company still be around if the cruise companies fail? That's a lot of payments to be made.
  11. Let's say things continue to get worse with the virus situation. Cruises are cancelled for the remainder of 2020 and then them most of 2021 until Carnival throws in the towel. (Note that I have 23 completed cruises with Carnival and I think they are the best.) Would any of the cruise insurances (non Carnival) cover the costs that have been paid or are their clauses in the contact that exempt payment for bankruptcies? I got $1,300 in Carnival gift cards and I know that would be a loss but would deposits or final payments be covered? I think not but this is one time I hope I am mistaken. Might also be that each insurance company handles this situation differently. Two years ago, who would have thought this could happen? Thirty or so $200,000,000 ships that are tied to the pier. You might have to adjust your calculator to get the totals.
  12. I have a Horizon cruise coming up in January with final payment due in October. I have my doubts it will take place but I am trying to be optimistic but with great difficulty what with all the negative newscasts on the hour. Actually though, Carnival has made my decision for me whether or not to make the final payment. I have $1,300 in Carnival gift cards that were purchased with a 10% reduction. My final payment is $1,263. If Carnival were to go under, my $1,300 in gift cards would be worthless. If the cruise is cancelled, I could apply the refund to a future cruise assuming there would be future cruises. So in my case, Carnival gift cards have made the decision for me. Now if it were cash, that would be another story. I have completed 23 Carnival cruise and have never experienced any thing like this. Seems like there is concern that many on the ship could get the virus so restrictions are applied. Yet, if you do not cruise, you could take the same plane to another vacation location. You could stay their in a motel or hotel. Then you could take a Huber or bus to a restaurant to have breakfast, lunch and supper. The other option is to stay home in your closet and hope the delivery guy does not get the virus. If you think we have it bad, I checked the internet regarding the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic and found the following. There were 675,000 deaths in the US and 50 million world wide with WW1 just ending. That's scary.
  13. So they have banned cruising. The good news, however, is that instead of cruising, you can fly to a vacation site and stay in a hotel or motel. Then take an Huber or bus to a restaurant for your meals. But remember, you must wear your mask and stay 6 feet away from the other vacationers. Now this all starts to make sense. The other option is to stay home, lock the doors, have your meals delivered and ride out the depression that follows. If the Delivery guy gets the virus then that would be a disaster. Am I being a wise guy? Absolutely yes, but I think it shows we really do not have answers to this virus problem. I am booked for a Horizon January 9, 2021 cruise and I have no doubts that it will be cancelled. My final payment is due in October and if things continue as they now are, I will probably not pay it but change the cruise to May 1. Even May is a gamble. I looked on the internet for data regarding the 1918 Pandemic and found the following. There were 675,000 virus deaths in the US and 500 million world wide which was 1/3 of the total population at that time. So it does show it was even worse then and they had just completed WW1. In the old days, I would be all excited about the next cruise but for this cruise, I am not even sure there will be a Carnival. Heck of a way to start the day.
  14. I went out and measured the garage since I thought I might use one of the ships for fish trolling. But the ship is a bit too big. Good price, however. .................................. What do you mean that was a bad joke? I am now thinking of expanding the garage.
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