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  1. Now you have me confused. See the second line of my post. "I really like Carnival".
  2. Have completed 23 cruises and all were with Carnival so you can tell I am a Carnival fan. I really like cruising. I really like Carnival. I am concerned, however, that Carnival will have a tough time with this situation and may or may not survive. There is no way of telling at this point since we can't say for certain even how long this situation will last and that is an important factor. It is all guessing. I have a Carnival cruise booked for January 9, 2021 and even this far out I wonder if it will take place. To make matters worse, I have $1,300 in Carnival gift cards which would be useless if Carnival goes under. So I watch all the news casts which usually begin with figures on how many people died last night with the virus and how things can only get worse. That does not help. Todays news added another factor like maybe we will have to wear face masks on the next cruise. I know that is not funny but it beats despair. So you can see I do not have the answer. I doubt any one else does at this point. Like the stock market with its ups and down, I hope the worst is nearly over and things can only get better.
  3. All I can say is that I was stationed on a Navy Cruiser (USS BOSTON) about 1964. The ship was not new and had been around for several years and sailed for several more after I left. THERE WAS NO RUST. PERIOD. The wood decks were (HOLY STONED) every morning and they were in perfect shape. They were always painting the ship. If the paint is the problem. Then fix it and paint the ship.
  4. Cruise was great but the Virus problem definitely affected the cruise and it certainly was not the same as my other 22 Carnival cruises. Grand Turk would not allow any passengers from the ship to enter the island and we were docked in port for a few hours while they reviewed the matter. In the end, the Magic left the port. I did get flu like symptoms for about the last 3 days of the cruise. Yesterday I went to see my doctor and he says I do not have symptoms of the virus but only of the flu which is very similar. I understand that there were some other people on the ship who had the same flu like symptoms. Food was very good and for the first 4 days, I ate well. After that sparingly. During the last 4 days, all food was handed out individually by a server and you could not help yourself to any thing except the drinks. They did not want you to touch any of the utensils. I don't think most people realize the extent of the problem being faced by the Cruise Lines. We sailed out of Port Everglades and there were about 5 other large cruise ships in the port. It was announced that we had over 4,000 passengers. Multiply that by 6 and we have a grand total of 24,000 passengers leaving the ship and also another 24,000 boarding the ship for a grand total of 48,000. There were also about a dozen or more freighters so let's add another 1,000 for a grand total of 49,000. Then there is Cape Canaveral just North of us with cruise ships. Just a few miles South is Miami with probably even a bigger total. A few blocks from the Port Everglades and you have the airport to add to the problem. Now let's add all the ports from the other states. As you can see, this is an impossible situation to resolve and is probably too late anyway. And that was just Saturday so you can add the other days of the week which may not be as large a figure but still adding to the problem. Do I have the answer? No! Not much of a review because of the virus problem, but it certainly has an effect on every thing taking place on the cruise. Getting on, getting off (maybe!), eating, available ports, on and on it went. Just hope we can get though this problem without any future problems. Got a cruise scheduled for 2021 and 2022 and I am not sure what to expect.
  5. Thank you! Thank you! I have been looking for Fun Times for months for the Exotic Eastern, Magic cruise and every time I found one, they were 5 years old and unreadable. These are recent and readable. Thanks again.
  6. Why can't Carnival publish past FUN TIMES for all ships and current cruises? I am quite sure Carnival reads these posts so consider this a suggestion. Since they already exist, it would just be a matter of putting them on a web site. If they don't exist, forget it. They would be great for the newbees and planners. It would also be one of the cheapest advertisements for Carnival do. I know timing for events could certainly change but at least it would give you a general idea of what to expect. I cruise 2/29/2020 on an 8 day cruise and it would be nice to know how many Bingo games there are. Timing for the shows. Art sales. Contests. etc. I am one of those planners.
  7. I you are trying to buy a Carnival gift card from AARP, forget it. They are forcing you to use PayPal and PayPal is not equipped to handle the situation. They will take all your data and then the system freezes and no one can resolve the situation. The word "PROCESSING" will show up across the screen and nothing else happens. AARP says it is a PayPal problem. PayPal says it is AARP. They are probably both right.
  8. Looks like they are back for $100 gift cards. You can only buy one a month and only through PayPal. I don't know if I want to join PayPal. Cannot just use your Charge Card like you use to although it gives you that impression at first.
  9. The shows are OK and I go to them all. Are they fantastic? ........................... Not really. They are mostly modern music with little to no old time favorites. The dancers and actors do their very best but are limited due to way the shows are programmed. The backgrounds are electrified and are really amazing to watch. Maybe just a bit overdone. The music is loud. No louder than that. Crazy loud! There are flashing lights at the sides and every once in awhile you are blinded as they move across the audience. The orchestra is mostly gone. Now some will really disagree with me and again that is OK. I think the issue is that generally, the audience is older but the shows are designed for the very young generation. Once programmed, the shows remain cruise after cruise because of the investment. As I said before, I will attend all the shows but in the very back of the theater where it is just a bit quieter and I can leave early if necessary. In the past, the audience would applaud for a consider amount of time and the actors would take bow after bow. Now there is brief applause and the actors take their bow. Now bring on the jeers. After 22 Carnival cruises I can take it and I think that is the problem. I remember the earlier cruise shows and it was really different than now. What a cry baby!
  10. Thought I would give the AARP site another try this morning and reviewed the gift card offers. There are no TRAVEL cards in the members-only section nor in the general offerings so it looks like that part of the program is over with. That's a shame since it was an easy 10 percent off of a Carnival cruise. Luckily, I bought $2,600 in gift cards just prior to the shut off to pay a final payment on my current cruise and the deposit on my next cruise. AARP made since a hassle over the transfer of accumulated points and then they discontinue the travel gift cards any way. Would have been nice if they had been honest and just said we are discontinuing the sales of most AARP gift cards. That I could understand and accept. Oh well, looks like I will have to investigate the Allstate site which has a similar program.
  11. Got an E-mail from AARP as in the past and did a search of the gift cards with great difficulty. I tied every thing including being a member and I could find very few gift card offers. Gift cards like Carnival, Cracker Barrel and Dennys were none existent. Sure hope they come back in the future but at the moment I have my doubts. I have purchased many gift cards in the past but it looks like times have changed. I am going to give AARP some more time and a chance to recover. Time will tell.
  12. Although the majority of cruisers are of the older generation, Carnival designs the shows mainly for the younger crowd. So rock or rock and roll dominate. The music is extremely loud. I mean really crazy loud! Costumes are rather plain. The shows are not bad but nothing like they use to be in the past. When I get home, I don't rave about them like I use to but just say "Yes, I went to the shows." One thing that is amazing are the backgrounds which use lighting and computerized sketches that the actors work with. They have really become part of the show like one of the actors and some times the entire show. I think Carnival has put so much money into this that it reduces monies for other activities during the show. On the other hand, it is probably the best remembered part of the show. So after 22 Carnival cruises, I will continue to go to the shows. In stead of trying to get a front row seat (It might make you deaf), I sit at the back in case I would like leave early. I know that sounds negative but as I said before, the shows are OK but not outstanding like they use to be.
  13. The best VIP gift was a night light. I still have and use it. The luggage tag is .............................. OK and I will use it along with the dozen other luggage tags I have. Believe me, if you are VIP, you already have luggage tags. It's the thought that counts, however.
  14. If you are not a football enthousiaste, make sure you don't cruise during the Super Bowl Week. It takes over the entire cruise. Every things ties into it. Even the theater isn't available as much so the game can be viewed and discussed. Now if you are into football, go for it!
  15. Every time I listen to the TV news and there is the mention of an oil issue, the price at the gas pumps jumps up immediately and stays that way for a few days. Then the price comes down and we wait for the next problem. It's a nice way to make a few extra bucks and gives justification for the action taken. I look at it the same way with the oil surcharge. If need be, it can be established and difficult to dispute. After all, we saw it in the news so it has to be true. Then the problem goes away. The surcharge is removed and every one is happy again. It's called economics in a strange sort of way.
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