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  1. Note that changes happen. Sometimes it's scheduled for Stockholm and goes to Nynäshamn and sometimes it's the opposite.
  2. Sky Princess is the same size as Regal and Royal Princess and they have been into Stockholm so Sky Princess can as well (depending on weather).
  3. Hallasm is right, especially about being up early. Serenade of the Seas will be in town on Sunday and has an expected arrival time of 08.00. The pilot will come on board at 02.00 for the journey through the Archipelago.
  4. Weather in Europe/Baltics can be be quite nice and warm/sunny but it can also be very cold with bad weather.
  5. Depends on where your ship will berth but as far as I can see your ship will berth at Frihamnen and then public bus #76 would be a better choice than HoHo buses.
  6. The tram that you can use to get to Vasa departs from Klarabergsgatan, next to Åhléns department store. From Stockholm City you can use several different exits but Klarabergsgatan exit is probably the best one to use. The tram stop is just to the right when you get out. Also there is no trams to/from Gamla Stan, just head left at the Palace and then right on Västerlånggatan. Continue straight ahead past the parliament (Stallbron, Riksgatan & Riksbron) then take a left onto Strömgatan after the second bridge (Riksbron). Then just left and then right past Sheraton. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/59.3284181,18.0637901/Stockholm+City/@59.3303211,18.0584511,151m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!4m13!1m5!3m4!1m2!1d18.0631018!2d59.3283117!3s0x465f9d5f75d8fd83:0x9509898c4cab7c93!1m5!1m1!1s0x465f9d607c0d4e79:0xaf45e010e373b0b8!2m2!1d18.0581951!2d59.3301694!3e2
  7. Trams/local trains, commuter trains and subway.
  8. Public bus #76 from Frihamnen towards Norra Hammarbyhamnen, get off at Djurgårdsbron and either walk from there or take tram #7 towards Valdermarsudde and get off at Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund. link. Sjövägen harbour commuter ferries from Frihamnen pier to Allmänna Gränd (very close to Abba). Both of these requires you to buy tickets before you board the bus or ship. More info at https://sl.se/en/ Alternatives are HoHo-buses or taxis. Not sure if the cruise line (Disney?) offers shuttle buses.
  9. The short answer is no, not much close to see except Stockholm.
  10. You should be able do what you want during the stipulated time more or less but It is totally dependent on how much of Gamla Stan you want to see.
  11. Freys Hyrverk is the only one I know of but they have a good reputation though.
  12. As for public transport from Nynäshamn to Stockholm. You could walk (or pay for the shuttle bus) from the ship to the train station in Nynäshamn and go with commuter train to Stockholm city station. Then you have to walk about 100-150 meters to where the tram departs. The tram will take you to Vasa (Nordiska museet/Vasa stop). From Vasa to Old town you can use the harbour ferry Djurgårdsfärjan (runs every 10-15 minutes), and then just walk from Old town to Stockholm city station. However remember that train traffic might suffer from delays due various reasons, such as people taking short cuts over the tracks (=traffic is stopped). However the HoHo buses are not really a good way of transporting yourselves around since it won't go straight from Vasa to Gamla stan but rather a detour around the city (like Frihamnen) so it takes extra time to get from Vasa to Gamla stan while Djurgårdsfärjan goes straight from Djurgården to Skeppsbron (Gamla stan). Occasionally it might stop at Skeppsholmen (but I thinks it's quite rare with passengers to/from Skeppsholmen).
  13. Necessary or not totally depends on the weather. Weather is really varied and unpredictable. The last week have been really warm and sunny but this week will have cold weather. Next week is too far away for any reasonable certain forecasts. I say bring the jacket and the jumper and then decide on the morning before you head out if you need to bring them or not.
  14. There are also storage lockers at the Central station. IIRC the cost for 24 hours is 60-70 SEK (around 7 USD)..
  15. Strömkajen is used by the passengers boats that heads out on time table schedules routes (just like public buses). However Strömma also uses it for their sightseeing tours Royal Canal Tour/ Djurgården Runt and Under the Bridges of Stockholm/Under Stockholms broar. Theoretically it could also be Nybrokajen since part of it is in 111 48 area code and there are boats stopping there but IMO Strömkajen is more likely. Museikajen does not have any passenger traffic, only moored residential boats. Directions from Stortorget (Gamla Stan) to Strömkajen: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/59.3251104,18.0712036/Strömkajen/@59.3277701,18.0715771,16.81z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!3m4!1m2!1d18.0743904!2d59.3269255!3s0x465f9d58429a61a5:0x9bbea3e4b7dd2f11!1m5!1m1!1s0x465f9d59baa32841:0x7d345217af47e90c!2m2!1d18.0754369!2d59.329193!3e2
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