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  1. Most importantly, where is the Diamond Lounge?
  2. Whoops... https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/23/health/arizona-coronavirus-chloroquine-death/index.html
  3. Yes, if I want to understand about a pandemic and the prognosis for fighting it, there is no better place to go for reliable information than a Cruise Critic message board.
  4. I've been on the Feeedon out of SJ. The amount of music/singing/noise was extreme. And it was everywhere, pool deck, promenade, beaches.
  5. I would say there is rarely a lack of answers regardless of knowing. 😳
  6. I think both are a good idea.... read CDC yourself, and have an intelligent, informed discussion with your healthcare provider. I love my GP, but I'm confident he doesn't know about all the guidelines. Everyone can look at the CDC info. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to discuss needs for boosters, etc.
  7. We just did a B2B on Enchantment, 4 days over Christmas, 6 days over NYE. It seemed to us there were more kids on the NYE cruise than Christmas. Dont have numbers to back it up, just our impression.
  8. We have redeemed over $500 of OBC in last few years, but not recently. Never had an issue, but maybe rules have changed. If you cant use a purchased benefit, just return it and get your gold chips back.
  9. Same for Enchantment, but not sure about BBQ. Schooner bar gave out free champagne at midnite. Some tables in centrum could be reserved for $300+.
  10. Given they were leaving at the last minute I figured it wasn't staff and given the luggage, I'm guessing not day pass visitors. Saw staff leaving in the morning. But all guesses.
  11. Bob, don't disagree, but the difference with an oceanview balcony is there can be limited breeze, in my opinion.
  12. Looked liked several people left Majesty today just as she was leaving port. Last of 6 stepped off, they pulled the gangway and left. Anyone know what happened?
  13. Is complaining about someone's poorly written post with a poorly written post of your own a violation? For for irony....
  14. That and 25 cents will get ya a quarter. My filter doesnt work when some people have to respond..... 🙄
  15. Thanks. We leave in 9 days to fly to Galveston.
  16. Chief may have some comments, but I believe before Coasties are dispatched, the med team would have a consultation with the CG flight surgeon to determine need and options. Not sure about Captain and any other land based med teams.
  17. I keep one of these in my CPAP bag. Great for plug limited rooms. 3 Outlet Wall Adapter Tap (3 Pack), Fosmon 3-Prong Portable Travel Mini Plug Grounded Indoor AC Outlet, ETL Listed - White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073X1K1R6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_KJd5Db7PP9D14
  18. From all of us, thank your son for his service...
  19. We are Emerald currently. We are on a B2B JS 10 Day total. We make Diamond during the second leg. We're going to try doing this, but don't expect it will happen, given it is during the second leg. But, it will be a holiday cruise, maybe they will feel generous. We're also contemplating booking on board, so will be asking if we can get the higher discounts too. Maybe that will grease the skids. If they decline, no biggie, we'll have fun anyways. Have appreciated the great info we've received here on CC about B2B and Diamond.
  20. I would suggest early and frequent testing of the packages activation, especially on the pool deck. Frequent quality control is critical for the enjoyment of the package. 😎
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