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  1. Some of us aren’t drink snobs so we don’t really consider Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker very cheap liquor.
  2. Make up your mind, if you can, your previous posts said that the curve has already flattened just because deaths have dropped off and that’s the only stat that matters.
  3. I don’t know how anybody can honestly answer this question until the actually take a cruise when they resume. The mask and social distancing will be a factor. Another factor is all the other changes dictated by the changes made to combat the virus. Lastly, the changes made to recover the tons of money they lost during the shutdown and the billions of dollars in loans they took out just to survive. They also said not all ships will sail and the ones that do will be at a reduced capacity, maybe for some time. The money will have to come from somewhere.
  4. It’s a given, masks and social distancing will be part of any agreement that will allow cruising to resume. If the cruise line can’t, or haven’t got the intestinal fortitude to enforce it, they won’t be sailing for long. Not back to square 1, back to square -5, and probably bankruptcy.
  5. Yes we do. We prefer the lounge to the bars. The question is social distancing, your suggestion was to close the lounge, my point is why discriminate, treat everybody the same and close them all.
  6. Apparently you always get a drink package, some of us don't. Eliminate all bars if you can'r socially distance in them. That's what is happening now, because of the virus, and life seems to be going on.
  7. You have about as much chance of getting that as we do getting snow in Phoenix Sunday. They're talking 116 and sunny so if we get it, it won't stay on the ground long.
  8. It's been a few years but I remember a minimum age requirement as well as a maximum weight requirement but no max age.
  9. I can see this when/if cruising starts up. If the CDC makes it clear masks and social distancing must be part of the startup agreement, and the lines don't aggressively enforce it. I can see them being shutdown and open for litigation. Unless some idiot signs and agreement that exonerates the line from any liability.
  10. Logic tells me you get nothing. The fcc is 125%, you paid $0, hence 125% x $0 =0.
  11. If you set it too high, the lines will be out of business. I would suggest 50 to start with, just to be on the safe side.
  12. Everybody 65, or over, should cancel all their booked cruises and take a refund not fcc, and cease all future bookings. See how that works out.
  13. Though the Mercury wasn’t our first cruise, the three cruises we took on it ranks as our three favorite cruises. We’ve bee on most of the “s” class ships an RCL’s “Oasis class ships and none of them even come close to our experiences on the Mercury. I’m glad there are other who appreciated it as much as we did,
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