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  1. We also live in the Phoenix area, where is this site that gave 50,000 shots per day? As far as I know the Cardinal’s Stadium parking lot, was the biggest site in the state. When we got ours, about two months ago, they were doing about 6,500 per day and it was run very efficiently. Before they shutdown and moved indoors to the arena where the Coyotes play hockey, they were up to 9,000 and that bogged them down some.
  2. The vaccine didn't have anything to do with it? Just comment on the things you believe in, don't mess up anything by commenting on all the variables.
  3. They are working hard, but some of the US citizens can't be told what to do. The CDC (the professionals whose only job is public health) has been saying from day one, wear your mask, social distance, and now get the vaccine. These are the people who have the say if/when cruising begins. Yet, for the most part, these boards are full of people who can't be told what's good for them and scour the web for experts that agree with them. You have been sitting home for the last thirteen months, and at least 2 1/2 months to go. Why not go along with their recommendations and try to prove them wrong?
  4. You missed my point, the question was "where's the discrimination"? There is no US owned cruise lines to be discriminated against. All oceangoing cruise lines are being treated equally. Along this point, NCL has a ship, sailing strictly around Hawaii, that is at least flagged in the US and they aren't sailing.
  5. Name one oceangoing cruise ship, now sailing, owned by a US company. Also name any oceangoing cruise line owned by a US company. Where's the discrimination??
  6. Wishful thinking, I checked several of the cruises, from the US, in July and there seems to be plenty of available cabins in almost all categories. Where’s the reduced capacities to allow social distancing and rooms for isolation if they run into a problem? Apparently they don’t want the ships to sail.
  7. If the CDC makes it a stipulation that all passengers, and crew, must be vaccinated before cruising resumes, who will back down? There will have to be proof of vacation, with all the people who said they wouldn't get the vaccine, they should believe nobody, at their word. If they are willing to risk a felony for forging the card, that's up to them.
  8. The court would have no say if the vaccine really works, they would judge the incident of the ship docking and attempting to take on passengers. It would be such a blatant disregard of the order, I doubt a competent judge would even hear it. This would be the height of desperation, and I can’t believe the line would be naive enough to try it.
  9. I don’t know why, but every time I see him on tv, I picture him with a big round red nose, oversized wig, oversized baggy pants, size 48 red shoes, and beeping a bicycle horn.
  10. It appears that RCL just announced that all passengers and crew must be properly vaccinated before getting on one of their ships. I would like them to announce that since the governor of Florida says that they can't do it, they will immediately start to move all their ships out of the state. See if he blinks.
  11. I guessing that most cruises embark on Sat/Sun to coincide with peoples vacations. Every place I worked vacations ran from Monday through Sunday, though you could use one week a day at a time.
  12. It would be ironic if the CDC allowed trial cruises with the stipulation that all cruises must have fully vaccinated passengers and crew. See what the Gov says then. They could run Caribbean cruises out of Galveston.
  13. Their only concern is the best way to control or eradicate the virus. The economy, or anything else are not their concern. That falls on people with a lot higher pay grade than theirs.
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