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  1. The Cardinals football stadium is giving vaccines 24/7, seven days a week, and they are booked through the whole month of February. I doubt if they'll run out and have to throw vaccine away. My neighbor was there last Thursday night for a 2am appointment and it was backed up so far it took him almost an hour past his time to get it.
  2. Why would they do that? They were separate when owned by the same company, what would change after the sale?
  3. If you make it to Elite Plus, it's 240 minutes per person per cruise. We very seldom use half of them even on the longer cruise, say fourteen days.
  4. Good move, if aren't getting the numbers you want, change the way you calculate it until you get the results you want. It only took them ten months to lower the bar.
  5. I’ve booked 46 cruises through different online travel agents and have never received a non-refundable obc, all refundable.
  6. From what I can find, there are no ocean liner cruises leaving from Italy, or anyplace else. I don’t know when they stopped. Costa is talking about one ship starting this January 31 and MSC is talking one ship this February 14.
  7. The CDC only has jurisdiction for the U.S., if the cruise lines aren’t happy with the way the situation is being handled, there are many places they can move there operations to. Canada, Mexico, all of South America, Asia, the Europe, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia. Oh, they aren’t sailing either, who are you going to blame for that?
  8. Nobody in the world is running trial cruises or cruises of any kind, why isn't the WHO, or whoever is making the decision being ragged on like the CDC? I think they aren't sailing because the pandemic is out of control and the lines feel that there chances of success isn't worth the risk. I think after the new president takes office on Wednesday, things might get even tighter but will move along faster because I think he has more of a commitment to put this to bed.
  9. We’ve been very fortunate, through good paying jobs and smart investing to accumulate a very nice financial portfolio. We basically have everything we want and have traveled to anywhere we desired yet our account keeps growing dramatically. We have also helped our son pay off their house and set up a college account so our only grandchild will be able to go to school and graduate with no debt. Yet the account grows. We refuse to spend it just to spend it, so our son and our grandson should live good lives and nothing could make us happier. Win - Win.
  10. If people don't start taking this seriously and taking the necessary precautions as listed by the CDC, WHO, and all the other experts, the vaccine might not be given fast enough, and everybody might have already taken their last cruise. It's been shutdown for 10 months and at least 3 1/2 months to go.
  11. Why aren’t they sailing? There is no ban on cruising now. They are considered super spreaders and all they have to do is show what they will do to mitigate that. According to all announcements, they say they are volunteering to cancel the cruises. You didn’t answer the point on why they haven’t filed suit already. It’s a bluff, they are smart enough to know it would get tossed out.
  12. The article is about 3 1/2 months ago. If they thought they had any leg to stand on they would have filed it then. The way the virus is spreading now, if the CDC had any guts, they’d issue a no sail order now.
  13. I had to start taking mine at 69 1/2. I started out, in 1987, in a 401k plan through my employer. It’s been 100% in stocks even though my brother, a certified financial planner, has been after me to diversify into safer investments for years. It was up 28% in 2020 so now my withdrawal is almost $10,000 more than my social security, my wife’s social, and my generous pension combined. No matter what happens now, smartest move we ever made.
  14. We’ve done it three times. San Diego to Ft Lauderdale, on Norwegian Sun in 2006. L.A. to Ft Lauderdale, on Sun Princess, in 2007. San Diego to Miami, on Serenade of the Seas, in 2009.
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