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  1. Could you share the biscuit recipe please, sounds absolutely lovely. I like homemade lavender syrup, lovely mixed with sparkling water and ice as a summer soft drink. (In winter it’s a spiced syrup with hot cider).
  2. That’s dreadful, I’m so sorry you missed your cruise. A 2 day margin would normally be more than sufficient but at the moment not much is going to plan. We travelled with a group all with different flights from different U.K. airports and not one of them went at the flight time initially advertised and only one did not suffer major delays after check in. I don’t blame you for not feeling like booking anything else right now, travel has become such a hassle.
  3. No signs required 😀We tend to dress for dinner as a matter of habit.
  4. It’s no better in Europe. Our recent flights were changed by over 12 hours in both directions. Our morning flight home became late evening… And then it was delayed so we got back in the middle of the night! The airports are stuffed, queues for security are long and half the amenities closed. I won’t be flying again anytime soon if I can avoid it.
  5. Just FYI the written Princess dress code is much better adhered to in Europe. Formal nights are still relatively formal.
  6. We arrived at one of these half finished hotels, reminded me of the “Are you being Served” Costa Plonka experience. The more often you cruise the more chances there are that you will experience issues and yes it is how it is handled that really counts and brings customers back. Cunard had to change one of our cruises after a dry dock and what had been booked as a 14 day Med cruise became a shorter Northern Europe cruise with most of the ship taken over by a large group. We got the option to cancel with a full refund and additional FCC or go with a generous OBC. We went and had a ball.
  7. It all changed in 2017 so only P&O cruises up until then count (and they don’t count for the top passenger lunch etc) just for loyalty tiers. Lots of frequent P&O folks are Elite and have only done one or two cruises on Princess.
  8. Unfortunately there are a lot of rude and ignorant people around. Shame your wife had to meet up with some of them. With rising infections I’m sure more will revert back to wearing masks. I’m still getting home deliveries to avoid supermarkets and some of the cretins that frequent them.
  9. Well at least people have the chance to cancel before the final payment, which in my case I would. We don’t travel with P&O much now but if we do we tend to eat most nights in the speciality dining or Glass House. The world has gone crazy.
  10. Having done a few cruises recently with extremely long queues, lack of staff and poor service we have been looking at a Fred cruise as a change of pace. For anyone who has been onboard in 2022 what was it like? Was restaurant and bar service quick and efficient. We’re there sufficient staff to clear tables and keep the ship clean. Any insights much appreciated.
  11. In one way it’s good that they are letting customers know in advance but they should also be telling customers what they are actually doing about it to provide the cruise you booked. They are offering a lesser service so there should be some cost reduction surely. The global shortages and supply chain issues were a known factor when the cruise was being sold surely but web sites etc still advertise the full package of facilities. Many of the cruise lines are still selling shiny things and great service that they simply can’t deliver. Surely their promotion materials should reflect this so customers can decide to buy or not to buy. I have a habit of keeping screen shots/ brochures for cruises from the day I book. It has come in handy a number of times. Im sure you will still have a great holiday.
  12. I read an article on this a while back and originally it was because women were considered to be the “weaker” sex and so 5 sets was thought to be too much for them. It also justified paying them a lot less prize money, that only changed at Wimbledon for example in 2007. It could be argued that 3 sets makes a more interesting game as players stay fresh and there is (apparently) more chance of an upset of the seeding.
  13. Love Beamish. We have stayed in your neck of the woods to visit it several times over the years.
  14. That’s me sold. My oh would just love the F1 simulator. I’ll be really interested to hear vamps feedback on MSC.
  15. Disney is really expensive once you are onboard. Really lovely ships, excellent entertainment, food more basic than P&O and drinks - take out a new mortgage for a glass of wine!
  16. What absolute rot. Gross generalisation. There are some people on these boards who would not complain and indeed would support their pet cruise line regardless of how bad anything onboard was. They eulogise every little thing. Yes there are complaints as well. Life is about balance, those with any sense read between the lines and adopt the middle ground.
  17. No, it is absolutely not your fault. You were sold something which has been cancelled at very short notice, that is down to P&O. I do hope you find something else that suits you. I also hope you get decent recompense for any inconvenience caused.
  18. Our Sky Princess cruise in May/ June was very short staffed on an almost full capacity sailing, so there were long queues everywhere you went. The issues were acknowledged onboard. It was also messy as waiters were too busy serving to clear. Eventually they used the deck staff in the evenings to clear glasses and debris. They charge the full cost but don’t offer the full service. Skimpflation is a great word for it Harry and they all seem to be at it.
  19. Did you ever go to the Scottish islands? I remember being told that they kept a “very special” hire car for VAT inspectors, revenue officers, customs and excise, DWP fraud officers etc. It was bright yellow and could be seen on those narrow roads from many, many miles away.
  20. Depending on the room you get you will have fun finding the bathroom as it is hidden behind a wooden panel that pulls out. It’s well worth paying for a forward facing room or you get a view of the car park. The rooms are really quirky and the Art Deco detail just lovely. Good afternoon tea too.
  21. Love the Midland, we have stayed there a number of times. Have you stayed there Zapp and played at hunt the bathroom? Kalos hotel looks amazing, have a lovely time.
  22. Summer doesn’t start at all here! It goes from winter, to slightly less cold to cold again.
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