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  1. Hi Jacqui , thank you for doing this , a fun post to see friends going here and there . We will be on the Westerdam from Jan 6 until Feb 29 , 2020 from Singapore to Shanghai its a B2B . We have also booked the Rotterdam a 16 day cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Rotterdam for April 6 2020 Azores and Normandy Expedition ( to the "old " country ) And for next fall the Oosterdam from Seattle to Auckland a B2B departing Sept 27 and disembarking Nov 7th , 2020 Tony
  2. This special is only on for a few more days so take advantage of it . I had a great deal and than Jacqui and some others followed up also and saved some major bucks . Not very often you get a cruised priced with our Canadian dollar at par with the American . That only happened a few years ago when our dollar was worth more and I bought a few of them !
  3. Great to hear you lucked out also Jacqui ! Yes I also double checked that the deposit which was larger than usual is not Non Refundable and she also said no you are fine until at least June of next year . I am very happy it helped you ! Cheers !!! Tony
  4. On the Home Page from HAL where they usually feature 3 specials there is this ; From a few days ago the difference on the cruise I was watching it was about $2900 CDN ! M said Book it Danno !
  5. We have some great memories of the four times we sailed with Captain Chris Turner on 4 different ships , the Zaandam , Prinsendam , Zuiderdam and the Volendam and we really enjoyed being twice at the Captain's Table in his company which was a wonderful experience . Martha and I wish him a long and wonderful retirement , we will be missing him on our future cruises . Tony
  6. If you are looking for some good prices for a very limited time (until Oct 16 only) there are some cruises being offered as if the Canadian Dollar was at par with the USD so at US price. I just booked a 40 day cruise to Auckland for 2020 and saved a bundle . Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians ! Tony
  7. Thank you very much for this Jacqui @kazu we are looking forward to this cruise with our good friends Ann and Pat ( VictOriann) and look forward to meet Diana and Bill who we will also be touring with and there are quite a few other loyal CC'ers on this cruise. Martha and I would like to wish you and Jose a wonderful Thanksgiving ! BTW we will again be doing our Tapas Tour in Malaga , great memories with the two of you there . Tony
  8. How many Sea Days do you have ? For 10 days I would think 2 Gala Nights .
  9. Thank you all for your reply , we were just in August on the Koningsdam and we had no trouble whatsoever to embark around 11.20 when we came from Rome , it was one of the fastest embarkations of all of our cruises with HAL. ! I had never seen this message from HAL before so I thought that this possibly is a " new rule " but with all of your replies I feel confident we will be on board again before noon . Cheers Tony
  10. Exactly that is another one of my points , hotels would like us to get out of there .
  11. Going on the Koningsdam next month some of us have received the following "Important Notification " from HAL. What are your thoughts and will this work , I am thinking of a van of 8 arriving with people in cabins on different decks or with different mariners status IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: To help facilitate a smooth start to your voyage we have implemented a progressive cruise check-in schedule. Please arrive at the check-in time listed below. If you have purchased a Holland America hotel package or airport transfer, your check-in time will be provided at your hotel or the airport. Boarding will commence shortly after check-in. All guests must be onboard 1 hour prior to sailing. 1:00 PM - Decks 7 & 10 - Schubert & Panorama Decks 1:30 PM - Decks 8 & 11 - Navigation & Sun Decks 2:00 PM - Deck 6 - Mozart Deck 2:30 PM - Deck 5 - Gershwin Deck 3:00 PM - Deck 4 - Beethoven Deck 3:30 PM - Deck 1 - Main Deck We invite our 4 & 5 Star Mariners and Pinnacle & Neptune Suite guests to arrive anytime between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.
  12. scubacruiserx2 . Was your Cellar Master Dinner in the Pinnacle on the Zaandam ?
  13. If there is no Cellar Master in the Pinnacle or Tamarind Ann on our October cruise on the Koningsdam with good friends like you and Pat for sure we will do this again but we will be careful and ask for a decent table .
  14. I happen to have here a menu of the Italian Cellar Master Dinner that was held in the Canaletto on the Koningsdam in August of this year . Our judgement of this dinner , which I realize is very personal : 1) The food was very nice 2) The wines were excellent 3) The presentation of Cellar Master Ivica Kolaric was excellent ( not Italian , but fairly close Croatian ) 4) As 5 * mariners we received the $69 dollar at 1/2 price . Which is an excellent deal ! 5) The Canaletto does not lend itself as a place to have a Cellar Master dinner . There hardly is any great atmosphere in the Canaletto with loads of people walking by the Canaletto during dinner time in the Lido . The noices of the people going in and out of the kitchen with carts , dishes and dishwashers and the table arrangements in the Canaletto are not very nice at all for a special dinner like this . Over the years we have had Cellar Master in the Pinnacle Restaurant and also once in the Tamarind and they were much much nicer but I believe they were priced at $ 99 not the $69 from this evening. One of our best dinners ever was a Master Chef Dinner but I have not seen anyone of those coming up at all anymore , I am always looking for that one to come back . A couple of pictures of the dishes , taken by a non professional . Sorry missed the entrees , I guess we were too excited . Tony
  15. Did you happen to see the last update on that thread you started IrishSmileyM3 ? I wish you a wonderful time and ceremony on your upcoming cruise ! Tony
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