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  1. We received our cabin amt and extra 50% as a FCC from our 4/12/20 cruise cancelled by Princess over a month ago but had not received taxes/port and princess insurance. When I booked another cruise for March 2021 last week I used the FCC amt and when travel agent asked princess about port/taxes/ins they said sorry had never been processed. Received port/taxes as credit to my credit card today but not princess ins. Aren't we supposed to get the ins refunded too?
  2. I have had a problem too. I have cruises booked for November and January. Sometime November cruise only comes up and sometimes can access both. I like to check both cruises for possible upgrades.
  3. Wear whatever matches you mask?
  4. Thanks for info Urbanhawk. I was finally able to talk to a very competent lady named Ronnie and she confirmed I had 2 also for Hot Streak. Unfortunately I won't be taking grandkids afterall. It got too complicated with 8 people and getting a commitment from them. Imagine being offered a free cruise in a balcony and they didn't jump on it for a spring break cruise. So will just book my husband and me for a cruise sooner.
  5. It is a offer expiring in my VIFP offers on 6/29/20 and included 500 obc for cabin and free drinks while playing in casino. I can't get through to my vacation planner and get cut off when Carnival transfers me all over the place. I have emailed casino and vacation planner too.
  6. Can Hot Streak casino offer be used to book 2 separate cruises? Tried calling Carnival but kept getting transferred and cut off. Anybody have a direct casino phone number? Thanks in advance.
  7. Anybody know if you can use Hot Streak offer for more than 1 cruise? Would like to take grandkids on 1 and another with spouse later. I don't know a good casino phone number to ask. Thanks in advance
  8. Princess applied my FCC from 4/12 Regal cruise that they cancelled to my Jan 2, 2021 Enchanted cruise. Duh. Enchanted is a free casino cruise. Called casino and they put it back into Capt circle acct which I will use later.
  9. We chose option 1 on 3/17/20 for our 4/12/20 cancelled Regal cruise. Today our FCCs showed up on our accts. Basic cabin cost and extra 50% showed up separately on each of our accounts.
  10. Got a call back about upgrade request. I wanted to upgrade to a balcony from free inside. They said no casino upgrades available. Cabin I wanted showed available on website. Can't really understand why I couldn't. Anybody else get that answer? I may try calling or emailing again. What do you think?
  11. We booked inside offer on Tuesday but lady would not let us upgrade at the time. She told us someone would call us to upgrade later. After originally calling and on hold forever, I had emailed and not gotten a return call so I called Tuesday at 8:00 pacific time and got through right away. I may try that again tomorrow to see if I can upgrade.
  12. Feeling sad. We should be in our muster station about now on the Regal Princess. Sure hope this situation gets resolved soon. I want to cruise.
  13. Luggage tag on Legend 2/2/20 cruise
  14. We tried to get on Rhapsody last Sat. and gave $500 to get waitlisted a week in advance. Did not get on so on Thurs we got booked on Brilliance instead and cancelled waitlist on Rhapsody. Since it was 2 days before sailing our cabin steward did not even have us listed on manifest. Had no Diamond info or stuff and stockholder obc. Went to guest services twice but never got obc on acct. Also Diamond host did not have us listed either. Went to lounge anyway and was told when past passenger reception was held. Also tried to get anytime dining on 1st day and was denied. Diamond lounge consierge was able to get it for us later in cruise. Learned last minute booking doesn't go so smoothly.
  15. Personally I would ask to be moved if a 16month old was seated next to me in a specialty restaurant.
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