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  1. @jean87510, did you book Sun Cay specifically or Pearl Island? 

    We just booked Utopia in January and I spotted an excursion to Sun Cay featuring an underwater sculpture garden that looked interesting. I checked Google maps and it appeared that Sun Cay and Pearl island and Sun Cay were exactly the same place. 

    I’m wondering what’s going on there. We have not been to Pearl Island but friends with similar taste to ours have and loved it. However, the Pearl Island that they visited did not bear any resemblance at all to the island you recently visited! 😱 Sounds like they may have made some major changes on the island beyond the island’s name, changes I know we would not enjoy any more than you did. Your description may have just saved me from a pricy excursion DH and both would have totally hated! 

    It kind of sounds to me they’re now marketing to the short cruise, weekend party crowd. We’re booked on Utopia 

    Here’s a screenshot of the sculpture garden excursion that caught my attention. Did you see or hear of anything like the sculptures picture in this excursion description?



  2. I currently have 2 cruises booked. Both were booked for early dining.


    In the app:

    Wonder - September ‘24 not in app

    Utopia - January ‘25 - shows in app early dining


    On our Allure B2B in April/May we had confirmed bookings for early dining on the first leg and late dining on the second. On our cruise cards they were reversed. We did get them fixed but shouldn’t have had to. I even had email confirmations for our booked dining times. The MDR staff were all very helpful.

  3. 12 hours ago, OCSC Mike said:

    $65.99 for Wonder next month, lowest I've ever seen for my Wonder cruises.


    Good prices on refreshment ($23.99) and Soda ($8.99) as well. Refreshment isn't D and above, just says C&A, and soda is a standard sale.

    $62.99 on our September 8 Wonder cruise. We’re not drinkers so we’re not buying. Refreshment and soda the same as yours. We already have soda at $8.99 from Black Friday.

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  4. 16 hours ago, BillOh said:

    I'm not stuff, but perhaps a bit boring, especially as I enter my GET OFF MY LAWN years.


    Bill, you’re not boring! We sailed with you and Gina and very much enjoyed your company! 

    I love that you’re saying that you’re entering your GET OFF MY LAWN years! We already there although I’ve never thought of it that way! 😂 Can I please borrow that expression? 

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  5. Hi Bill! Barry and I are now 92 days out from our Wonder cruise so I’ll be following your review with great interest.


    As you know from our Symphony cruise, we’ve always been traditional late diners. However, that has recently changed for us, at least for the first leg of our Allure B2B. While we’re able to keep our late dining time on the second leg, we had to switch to early dining on the first because the show times just didn’t work for us. I’m a night owl so late shows don’t bother me at all but DH Barry is an early bird and shows that don’t start until 10:30 just don’t work for him. The nay earlier show times were during our late dining time slot.We’ll be doing early dining on Wonder for pretty much the same reason. 

    I know you’re on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary and we’re on Western but I’d still appreciate it if you would post your show schedule. I’d like to see how it compares to the one I have for the current Western sailing. 

    We are in a Boardwalk Balcony on our sailing so I’m also wondering if they’re showing late night movies in the Aquatheater on nights where the Aquatheater show is not running and if so how loud is the volume on the movies. I’ve already told Barry to bring earplugs! I looked into moving us to an OV balcony but the sticker shock 😳 was well, really shocking! Maybe prices will drop some after final payment next week. 🤞🏻






  6. Thank you, Ashley for taking the time to write and share this very detailed and informative review with us. I got a bit behind for a while but I seem to have picked the right time to come back and get caught up - just as you were finishing up! I had a great time following along with you, your mom and your dad. Kudos to your mom for all the walking she did! My own mobility impairments seem to be different than hers but I know all too well how difficult all of those cobblestones and stairs must have been for her and I admire her perseverance in doing as much as she did but also the wisdom she showed in knowing when it was time for her to rest.


    Thank you again for doing this review. I had fun following along! 

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  7. On 5/31/2024 at 6:23 PM, OCSC Mike said:


    White night is night 2 (Italian night).


    Caribbean is night 5 (both food and dress).

    White night and Italian night do not go well together for me! By the end of dinner my white outfit would be tomato sauce red and white! 🤣😂🤣

  8. On 5/31/2024 at 12:42 PM, niksmom630 said:

    Ugh, I hope that happens to me! I wouldn’t have walked out on that moving glass floor if you paid me! 🤢

    I hope it happens for you someday too. 🥰

    On 5/31/2024 at 6:10 PM, niksmom630 said:

    No luggage yet, they said as late as 8 pm for delivery. 

    I might have packed my carry on differently if I knew this…. But hopefully my air tag is as wonky and unreliable as the cellular connection coverage here…. otherwise my suitcase is rolling down the highway….😬




    Since I can’t unpack, I guess it’s time for a beverage and some exploring 

    I sure hope that wasn’t your suitcase rolling down the highway!


    W had trouble locating DH’s suitcase on our recent Allure cruise. The suitcase had its own Air Tag in it plus he couldn’t find his keys which had their own Air Tag. Turned out that he had put his keys in the suitcase which did show up but not after I’d called the parking lot to see if he had left them there. I guess nobody loading suitcases had an iPhone. 🤷‍♀️


    On our Odyssey cruise openings for free times on North Star and iFly were showing up each morning so keep checking daily. We were able to walk on to free North Star one day by showing up and hoping for people who had reservations to no show. We got lucky and were able to get right on. Hope you can too.

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  9. On 5/31/2024 at 4:57 PM, Denversail said:

    My room is huge. I’m not sure if all the junior suites are like this. It has been awhile since I’ve been in a junior suite.  I’m don’t know which jr. suite category I’m in. Mine has a walk in closet, large bathroom with tub, and extended balcony. I would say it feels a little roomier than your average hotel room. 

    Please stop telling everyone how nice the space in a JS is! Prices are going up enough already so let’s not make them any more popular than they already are and drive up the prices even more! 

    We’ve always been able to board in the Suite line when we’re in a JS. You probably would have been able to avoid some of the embarkation chaos that way.

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  10. I’m glad we got one last turn on Allure before she gets amped even though it was a 4 day/3 day that went in circles in the Bahamas, not the Cozumel run on the 4 day that we had originally booked. We were cruising mainly for the ship, not the ports this time so we still had a great time in spite of the itinerary changes. 

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  11. @niksmom630 the only black box I’m seeing is post #16. All the other pictures are beautiful! 

    I used to be afraid of heights but at some point in my life with no effort on my part to get over that fear I realized that I was no longer afraid and that I actually enjoy heights now. 🤷‍♀️ I have no idea how or why that happened but I’m glad it did! I would be right there on that giant Ferris wheel and up that Space Needle ASAP!

  12. On 5/27/2024 at 8:00 AM, OCSC Mike said:


    Yeah, Symphony's current standard itinerary has her docking here on Sundays. It's the only Oasis class ship missing from my bingo card but at least I'll get to see her.


    Someone at the other site will be on Symphony next week and we joked about an excursion to visit the ship next door.

    We sailed Symphony in April 2019 which turned out to be our last cruise before the pandemic. It was also the cruise when we sailed with @BillOh and Gina. We had a great cruise! Loved the ship!


    I love your idea about an excursion to visit the ship next door! Depends on what ship it was though. I’d definitely do an excursion to see Icon! 

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