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  1. Thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head. "Jussst, wash your hands, bump bump bump, Washing never felt so good, so good so good"
  2. They never asked why she was travelling. Perhaps they were smart enough to figure out that her end destination was Canada and she was travelling on a Canadian passport.
  3. Here is the update: Here 3rd plane arrived and left on time from Monterrey Mexico to Atlanta. The airport was very empty, at security there was a guy with a hand held thermometer taking temperatures. Standard questions at check in, have you been to China, Europe, etc... In our weekly meeting this morning, my manager mentioned that the mayor of Detroit is locking it down. I haven't had an opportunity to check. Perhaps that is why the flights to Detroit have all been cancelled.
  4. Seems like the borders are still open between US and Mexico but that could change and that is why she is leaving in the morning. Heading up to Monterrey to stay over night in a couple of hours. Will touch base with the airline to ensure they are still flying in the morning. Fingers crossed.
  5. Has anyone recently experienced travelling through the US back to Canada? I am sending DW home from Mexico tomorrow and just want to hear of what she can expect on her way home. And yes she plans to self isolate when she returns. She's even bringing back about 62 lbs of food so she doesn't have to go out including toilet paper and Clorex wipes. Neighbours have stocked up on beer for her so she will be set for 2 weeks. Thanks
  6. We have lots of mask here in Mexico
  7. We will pay for our cruise in August as planned. We intend to continue to cruise and travel unless something or someone prevents us. In July, I will switch my investments back from GICs, Bonds and cash to the stock market and equity funds. I bailed a little early back in October and lost out on a couple of thousand but I will reap the rewards when the market rebounds over the next 2 years. Maybe retirement before I hit 70 might be possible. 🤣
  8. There could be, I can only comment what is happening here locally. Perhaps other governors see things differently.
  9. Au contraire. The governor of Coahuila has announced restaurants have to reduce the number of patrons in their establishments and will move to take out only. Car plants here are shuttering as they are in the US and Europe. FCA and GM have started to close their plants. All production facilities from furniture to washing machines have implemented screening procedures for employees and will take them out of the line to the plant straight to a waiting doctor to be examined. Anyone who can work from home is working from home for the next 2 weeks. ALL Americans in the plants down here have been recalled back to the States last week. Believe me, they are taking this seriously and are taking precautions. Let's make the news real again.
  10. Change DW's home bound flight from April 21 to Monday. It might have been a bit premature to do that given it is still 4 or so weeks away. But the way airlines are stopping flights and borders are closing, we decided it would be the best for her to go early. I'm staying for now. Let's see how this plays out over the next couple of weeks.
  11. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, family of permanent residents and US citizens. So how do you prove or disprove you are a family member of a permanent resident? The Boy King does it again!
  12. Forget USD and Gold. The new currency is here! VID-20200314-WA0013.mp4
  13. Duh, of course, that was a silly thing for me to ask. Sorry I work in a industry with facts and data with little room for assumptions. Guess I need a cruise to get out of this work brain.
  14. So what happened to the other 62,360 people? 😕
  15. I just made friends with the Counsel General here in Mexico. I have some one to call.
  16. We have a Baltic cruise booked in August and have no intention of cancelling. I work for a living and if quarantined not sure if I will be paid. We are in our mid 50's and healthy. So the only thing that would stop us if the airline or cruise line cancelled. Just a note, if we did have a cruise in the coming weeks, we would not cancel. Wash your hands often, Lysol wipe your plane seat and cabin. Carry disinfectant wipes and use them often especially if you touch something. Avoid touching your eyes or face.
  17. From what my teacher friend says, after your wife exhausts her 11 sick days at 100%, she can then tap into the 180 some days she has at 85%. If she didn't get paid I'm sure her union would have a field day with this.
  18. Had a boardwalk room a couple of weeks back on the Allure. During the day it was no problem with using the sheers to let light in and not be seen outside. The issue comes when you turn on your light in the evening.
  19. Costco in Mexico had tons of toilet paper on Saturday and I think only my DW and I bought as package as we were out at home. Here's an idea for Royal, ease up on passengers bringing alcohol on board. That way we are not congregating in bar areas potentially spreading the virus. Plus, if we do get quarantined, we don't have to order drinks from room service.
  20. I have a question for everyone... IF you get quarantined on the ship for 2 weeks, do you get points?
  21. BC's Minister of Health has also said everyone should consider cancelling their cruises. We just came back from a B2B on the Allure. When speaking with a senior officer about this topic we agreed that the best thing to do is not panic and just wash your hands. I still saw people leave the bathroom without do so or just running their hands under water.
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