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  1. One can not log in early and wait. Best to wait until 12:01 ET.
  2. I agree with you 100%, but am afraid we’d be in the vast minority. Other lines already do this, but boarding isn’t until 2-4 pm, a time when they have all the rooms turned around and ready. That means all those flocking to the ship at 10:00-12:00 looking for that lunch would be disappointed. I just have a peaceful lunch ashore and wait there until after the cabins are ready.
  3. We fly from BNA so always must do at least 1stop. BNA-ORD ORD-HND non stop. sweet!
  4. Fly into Haneda not Narita. Haneda is relatively close to the Yokohama port. We took a taxi from the ship to the Yokohama Shinkansen station. Relatively inexpensive and from there, Japan is at your bequest.
  5. A thousand meals and never a bad one ! Can I get a lottery number from you or a pick on the the Preakness? 😂
  6. Remember the pdf is not the Bible or the 10 Commandments. It is not written in Stone. It is only valid as of the day it was sent. Shore tours may be added to, or subtracted from, those early editions. If you’re into ship tours, I’d recommend requesting a new pdf around cruise final payment date if your old one is over 60-90 days old.
  7. I find the term “ inconsistent “ to much better describe the situation. I had an excellent meal, some ok meals, and a poor meal on my last cruise as is typically the case. People here often rant about subjectivity. Rare are the issues subjective. If a steak or fish fillet is grotesquely overcooked, then it’s overcooked. If it’s properly cooked, it’s properly ( as ordered) cooked. Not much subjectivity in that unless one loves well done or beyond food. I you get a grisly steak and I get a great one, it’s not subjective, it’s inconsistent! It’s called inconsistency in either the kitchen, wait staff, or both.
  8. One of the things butlers do: On our last cruise, the lady next door died of a heart attack on day 5 or 6. Starting the next day, while still attending to passengers ice and water needs, the butler had the pack every thing up of what was supposed to be a 51 day cruise by the couple. Not only did everything have to be packed, but a complete inventory made of what went into each suitcase. Likewise, security had to be called and the safe opened. Everything therein was inventoried and signed off by him and security. Those items, in the safe, were combined with valuable items such as cameras, iPads, and other items to valuable to go into a suitcase. The room stewards were only available a short amount of time to assist him, as they had other duties on a full ship in their areas. This was a tedious time consuming task. She was one of 5 that I know of that left the ship unexpectedly to not return. No clue who performed those functions for the other passengers. Sometimes, even when they try, our simple concerns aren’t at the top of their bucket list.
  9. The phone system has an easy paging system for one’s butler. I use it whenever I need him. In your case, I would have paged him concerning your needs. A nasty comment on the mid cruise survey would have likely corrected the issue also if continued. We’ve only had one poor butler. Strange thing is we’d had him once before and he’d performed wonderfully. One never knows. A question, to which I’ve never contemplated or inquired, are the ships likewise carbonating and producing their own sparkling water? In the dining venues , I often see sparkling water poured from a jar similar to the still water. Other times it comes from a commercial retail bottle. I always assumed it was done by guests requests or possibly the shortage of ship generated sparkling. The two tastes very differently. Anyone know for sure?
  10. There is an expresso machine in both the Executive and Concierge Lounge. It is however the regular grade of coffee used in the dining venues and not the more superior quality found in Barrista. Still easy and complimentary.
  11. I believe Gary gave a very good list of some of the possibilities. Actually they’ll attempt to achieve most any requests one has. There in lies the important part: requests. A lot of people are pure, or nearly so, DIYers. They’d rather sit on hold, and then talk to a perhaps untrained phone rep than use their TA. Except for a few perks, they never use their TA. We allow our TA to take care of any issues that might arise and never do the 1-800-thingy. There are a lot of things one’s TA can do if requested. Same goes with the butler. Some people refuse to use any services they can provide, others might do so minimally. I’ve seen some that prefer to stand in the Specialty reservations line because they prefer to DIY as opposed to asking the butler. I’m not saying our butler is always capable of getting that extra reservation when and where we want it, but a no from him is typically 85% accurate and the wait in line isn’t typically worth success the other 15%. Long story short: It is what you make it. Mostly your choice. Ask and you shall receive. Don’t ask, don’t receive. Personal choice. Happy cruising.
  12. On my recent cruise I didn’t notice any increase in staffing of the wine stewards. What I do believe is, as they get to know the individual drinkers, they increase the size of the pour so to not have to come around as often. Those 4-5 Oz pours became 6-7 Oz ones.
  13. Oceania, especially the CD, would rather not listen to 1-3 days of complaining . Except in the rare case of some very localized weather, all the decisions are made in Miami. Miami makes a decision and the ship’s crew bears the brunt.
  14. I have found that the tour operators often know if a port will be missed before we passengers do. One tour operator was telling us three days in advance the ship was skipping the port while ship personnel refused to confirm it until 24 hours before scheduled arrival.
  15. In all my experiences with Oceania, except TC and Waves obviously, we have always been escorted to our table from the hostess station; seated, hand our napkins placed; and handed a menu. Always! There was never a wait to get a menu. If Clo experienced anything other than this procedure, it was definitely out of the norms. We never received a menu from our waiter. How long we might have to wait to place an order can vary significantly, but never having a menu.
  16. One small comment. All the above comments have been about the TA, as in the Travel Agency. Nothing has yet be said about the other TA, or Travel Agent. Not all Travel Agents working for an OCC Travel Agency are Oceania specialists. If only perks matter, I suppose getting a quote will suffice. However, if one wants a bit more from their Travel Agent, it takes more exploration than just identifying an OCC.
  17. We were on the Riveria last month and it had been Starlink. The system worked fine, except of course in S.Korea where it was blocked.
  18. I believe the TC is obviously best for you. We’re never into the 39 minute Applebee’s meal. We don’t require 2 tops. Different strokes for different folks. Many of our memorable meals on Oceania have been wonderfully pace meals with new diverse passengers. Something many disdain.
  19. I agree wholeheartedly. The only question is how the majority of Oceania cruisers, on any given cruise, differentiates this!
  20. Forgive me if my post was aggressive. We have almost always loved the dish. Just saying that Miami has a rule that the Specialty dish be served 7/365 regardless of ingredient availability. We even had a restaurant chef apologize a Specialty course because Miami dictated it be served regardless. I can love a wonderfully flavorful dish that excites the taste glands while not calling it “ spicy “. Spice does not have to indicate heat, but it is often described independently of sweetness. While I can love properly prepared key lime pie and its wonderful flavors, I don’t call it spicy. Is a beautiful crème brûlée spicy? Do NoNos get to vote?
  21. I am so glad you enjoyed the watermelon duck salad. It has historically been one of our favorites. However, on the Riveria last month it was neither confit nor crispy. There was no cashews , mint, nor basil. Along with the totally unripe watermelon, it was a disaster. My question to you is the definition of the dish is” spicy”. Do you personally consider” fresh fish sauce” as being “spicy”. While you may enjoy sweet, does that classify in your mind as spicy? Fwiw, they originally used tamarind sauce not sweet sauce.
  22. Oceania’s major issue derives from from its huge swings of inconsistency. Being a long term Oceania cruiser, the food in the GDR was once significantly different from that in the buffet (Terrace Grill). Outside of the grill station, Oceania chose to make the evening menu similar for the two. For those wanting to eat a complete meal in 30-40 minutes (or less), they could go to the buffet. For those wanting a more relaxed dinner, served at their table, they could go to the GDR. The food is the same. This degraded ( only imho) the GDR.
  23. We got off Riveria a month ago and was served Heidseck. I personally believe we are at a point where all our ancedotal experiences have little value. Are the port Agents, under Oceania’s instruction, just digging through the warehouses and flushing out all the old stock? A few cases of this and that found here or there that needs to be poured out? Perhaps the only direction we can receive on this is for someone on board to ask the question directly if the head Somm. I say this realizing the head Somm we had on the Riveria was basically clueless. She taught a wine class and made numerous eras in her presentation while repeatedly she was still learning. She was the head Somm (wine steward )! However, perhaps that person might give information on the intended direction. Where they plan on being in 4-5 months, not where they are now.
  24. Several of the dates are suspect because of ship positions. They aren’t doing a dry dock in FP, nor some of the other scheduled ship locations.
  25. If you’re staying at a major hotel pre cruise, you can have the the party send it to the hotel. Notify the Concierge or front desk. When traveling abroad on business, we had documents sent to us quite often like this. Don’t use US Mail. Have the party send it FedEx or UPS! Using the regular mail may take until the 2028 election to receive.
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