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  1. Will you fit in, you ask? On this itinerary, you will find daily activities include more enrichment lectures than a Caribbean cruise. Excursions will be about nature and cultural interests. You can view an example of daily activities online. Princess calls their paper the Princess Patter. The cruise directors try to strike a balance of interests. Age of passengers on Princess I'll call the newly and active retired, but all ages. One thing that matters is Princess does not market themselves to families with kids, as does Carnival and RCI. If you have them, you can bring them, but they will be bored on a long cruise. We have sailed South America with Princess. It concerns me that you will be embarking from Peru. Lima has the worst traffic I've ever seen and we live near Los Angeles.
  2. I edited out my comment as I thought you might take offense and we all want to keep CC a friendly place! Interesting to know that CC sent an email notification to you before my editing period elapsed. Learn something new every day. There is some thought that those with milder courses might have had previous exposure to a similar virus and the immune system is on notice. But as you say, there is no way for the individual to tell.
  3. There was a news item that in the US, the vaccine would be offered at no charge, meaning tax dollars will fund. If that puts you at some ease. Thanks to the OP for bringing to light what should be brought out in the US media, and here on CC. It's not just about this virus' ability to be recoverable, or fatal, but the possibility of the infected requiring long term care and becoming pulmonary cripples. This virus spreads in an insidious manner. Use good hygiene and protection, of which we are all aware. Not just for yourself, but to demonstrate concern for others. If everybody did that, we could get back to cruising.
  4. Regarding the ship, since the Mardi Gras hasn't sailed yet, none of us really know, except what we read in advertisement. It is an Excellence class ship, same as AIDAnova, Costa Smeralda and P&O Iona. You might research accordingly. The Horizon is a Vista Class. If you have been on it or it's sisters, then you know. If you like the experience of larger ships, then either will suffice. Regarding the itinerary, Eastern Caribbean has a more, well, European feel, if you will. Excursions tend toward the cultural. Western excursions tend toward active interests. Suggest you do your research and go with the itinerary that offers the excursions you enjoy.
  5. Progeny on their own. We're retired. Time to cruise! Well, not this year, but resuming someday. We say, "Cruising is our timeshare."
  6. Todd, you posted earlier that that anything smaller than Grand class should become an artificial reef. The biggest ship for Oceania is 1250 passengers and half their ships are R-class, same as the Pacific Princess. FWIW... Costwise, you've got to look at what you would purchase through Princess, compared to what is included on Oceania. So only you can do that. For us, it comes out to be acceptably close on the bottom line compared to Princess, going down a cabin class or two. We are Elite with Princess though because they've continued to provide value and in those times when things went awry, which happens on vacation, they've done the right thing. But I wish they'd stay with mid-sized ships and give up on the Medallion.
  7. Don't know. Hoping you or someone will discover and post the answer.
  8. Astro Ocean renamed the Sea Princess the Piano Land. Peace Boat will change the Sun's name to Pacific World. Not my intention to nitpick, but to help. I know you've put in a lot of effort to get this right.
  9. Pacific Aria was also bought by Seajets. Name TBA. Several cruise lines have gone out of business. Seajets expanding into cruising, a new market for them. Bold move in these times. The Pacific Princess is listed for sale. Don't know if that counts as the 18th.
  10. There's a quicker way to get rich with an old ship due for scrapping. You might enjoy Wiki-ing, "gambling ship." Those of us who prefer the smaller ships like the Coral, Island and Pacific Princess would more likely take their business to Azamara or Oceania. The Royal class might be profitable, but IMO, Princess loses distinctiveness in the huge ships. Princess has a market share between Carnival and Seabourn. I hope they keep it.
  11. Fun idea there, Todd. Today, cruiseindustrynews.com reported the CMV's Columbus was just auctioned for about US$7mil. According to the article, the Turkish concern does not want to operate it, but speculation for higher secondhand tonnage market or wait for the scrap price to increase. So the scrap price is better than that. Pretty expensive, but I like your idea though!
  12. The Vista class will stick around because all those balcony cabins command a good price. The slab sided Sun and Fantasy class with few balconies from the '90's are no longer competitive. But scuttle at sea, no. They retain value as scrapping is a profitable, albeit dangerous, business.
  13. Source: cruiseindustrynews.com. They say they will post info on the Columbus and presumably the other CMV ships. Will also try to follow up on the Carnival ships, which is the topic of the post.
  14. Announced today that it went to Mystic Investments, an Italian travel firm that holds a couple of river cruising companies and an Antarctic cruise line called Mystic Cruises. No word on what they will do with it. Not suited to either role. Amount not disclosed. However, the company that bought the former Pacific Dawn, which is to become the Satoshi said they could not have afforded the purchase in 2019. Perhaps too good a deal to pass up?
  15. I don't know. Wikipedia says the ship was auctioned on the 9th, not stating the buyer. The Eggar Forrester site does not show a sale, but they state they've had trouble with the sale page. The Vasco da Gama dates from 1993. The best of the bunch at auction IMO. It could still be profitably servicable for years, but I wonder, in today's market, who is buying?
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