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  1. We were also on your sailing and continued the following week. Thanks for posting pictures. Reminders of the trip are fun to view. One thing you might want to attend in the future the little get togethers. In the Roll Call, I mentioned getting together in the morning by the IC for coffee and chat. I would have loaned you my roll of tape had I known. But wherever or whatever time of day these little get togethers take place, it's nice to meet people and share tips.
  2. On all Princess sailings we've been on in the last few years, they have nachos available daily in the afternoon in the buffet. They use Tostitos brand. On this most recent cruise, they also had potato chips alongside. This was on the Enchanted. If his taste preferences are for salty carbs, he might like to try the Majestic's noodle bar.
  3. Thank you for responding. I got that from your previous post. I meant why you prefer Princess over NCL in the overall. But last night, I read up more on NCL and I think we'll pass on cruising with them.
  4. I understand your comment about the views on NCL ships. NCL reviewers are sometimes not complementary about the food, but generally prefer the entertainment. For several reasons, which I won't list here, I think we've sailed our last on Princess. We're looking at an NCL sailing. I'd be interested why Princess is your preference in the overall.
  5. They might do things differently in different countries. We prepurchased excursions, then cancelled on the ship. So the money became OBC. The unused portion came back in the form of a check in a very plain looking envelope, 15 days post cruise. Be aware the envelope could easily have been mistaken for junk mail. Perhaps if we had cancelled pre-cruise it would have gone back to the card.
  6. So long as you do not remove your, "Customer Appreciation," waitstaff are in the tipping pool. Extra is of course up to you.
  7. What strikes me from your two posts here is that you are upset about it enough to post about it while on vacation. This shouldn't be happening! We do not eat in the specialty restaurants because too many times I've heard complaints... And in those venues, you're paying again for the meal you're already paid for in the MDR. If the MDR food is bad, you can walk out and get a burger or pizza. No, Rosè sauce is not the same as pasta primavera. Personally, I'd ask to have the charges removed. They may not comply, but however it goes, I think you would feel better by being assertive. And thanks for the tip your giving to the rest of us. Enjoy your vacation fully!
  8. Posting to correct my post as it is too late to edit it. I typed circuit breaker. After reading @LACruiser88, I am reminded it a surge protector feature that is not allowed onboard.
  9. Yes, you can borrow one from the ship. Cannot bring one onboard with a circuit breaker. We just completed a cruise on a Royal Class ship, a USA 110V plug was at the desk adjacent to the bed, so a standard six foot cord that comes with any unit would be more than enough.
  10. Puzzums mentioned elsewhere Medallions were not shipped. You do need to log into the Princess website and print your luggage tags. In addition to folding them, I strengthen them by covering them with clear packing tape. Some buy a holder. We had one get torn off once, before taping. It did evetually get to my cabin, but I was worried.
  11. No, those are not his initials. I already have a warning on my file here on CC for mentioning the general, not personal, 800 CVP line, so I'm not going to even hint. @AZaTaz, consider editing your post. If you are having trouble finding a good one, next time you are on a cruise, attend the M&G, ask around.
  12. While I doubt anyone at Princess reads CC as part of their job duties, this post stands out for me as one I wish they did. Many have reported unsatisfactory interaction with the outsourced call center, reportedly in the Philippines. I suggest getting a CVP, I cannot recommend mine by name, but near to both of us in Encino and very knowledgable.
  13. Oops! I misread the post. I realize (and for anyone else reading) these two are two different classes of ship.
  14. This recent thread has photos and may make for interesting reading. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2994640-sun-princess-cabana-disappointment/
  15. Of the six types of movement on a ship, roll, pitch, yaw, heave, sway and surge, some can be dealt with by choice of cabin. To minimize some movement, sensitive people pick a cabin lower and in the middle of the ship. Some say they feel vibration from the prop nearer the stern, but some pay extra to be at the most abaft cabin available. Up to you. I see you are new. Welcome. You may not know, but there is a world cruise section here on CC. Likely you will find a lot of good info there specific to longer cruising. For example, what to do about mail, housesitting and bills. I think we would cruise longer if we could trust that these things would get done reliably.
  16. Thank you for taking the time to answer so thoroughly. Happy you have recovered!
  17. It would be good for us readers to know. Was your Medicare claim denied because you were in or near a US port, or because you were at, or near, a foreign port. Either way, thanks for posting this. Prompts me to read my coverage in case of emergency.
  18. We just completed a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale doing a red-eye from LA. Arrived at 0-dark hundred. Like you, bought transfers, in our case to the ship. Anyway, the Princess desk was the first to open and that was at 10AM. But that was not the problem. We were told there are two places for the busses to park and if they are full, others busses have to circle the airport. So it was about 10:45 before we got on the bus and we were the second bus out to the ship. I have no info about hotel busses, but there were a lot of people left steaming, waiting with three Princess ships and at least two others, one was the biggest thing I've ever seen floating, the Icon of the Sea, sailing that day. Lots of people. My suggestion: Pack a generous supply of patience.
  19. Two places I'd look. You may have download your cruise summary, or booking confirmation, then forgot it. Failing that, many ports post their ships in port for the day on their website, which you can backdate. You can probably narrow it down to a couple of ports and find what you need.
  20. Either Coral or Sapphire would be good, but sitting eating breakfast in the Coral's buffet and looking forward through the glass at Alaska's beauty would be my choice. Some might prefer sitting high in Skywalkers on the Sapphire and seeing the sights with a good book and a cocktail. Your preference. Agree on the cruise after the land portion, so southbound. You'll be fed up with bus and train travel. I know it is more up front but do the Connoisseur package for your tours and meals on land.
  21. Need has to be the important issue, which only you can say. Cheap optics are frustrating, good ones are expensive. I bought a good brand at a garage sale used for a sweet price. Maybe you have local ads in print or Craigslist? Buy used and save. Rubber pads on the eyepieces protect from scratching eyeglass lenses. We like nature and looking up shIps we see on Cruisemapper. But I really noticed on this last cruise how different we all are. Most people don't care. Just decide whether it's important enough to buy and pack.
  22. Thank you for posting. Very disappointing. We had interest to sail the Majestic for it's unique food venues. @Cruise Raider Yes, there is an O'Malley's, it is quite a small venue. We could never get in because of the wait. Princess seriously misjudged how popular this would be. Arrive early.
  23. The Sapphire has 5 engines, not two. Four diesels and one gas turbine. All that available power must connect to some sort of transmission, which is what I suspect is the problem. But if you say you know they've been told to run on one, then I have no information to the contrary. There is a lot unexplained here.
  24. We were also on this sailing and will answer. We also stayed on for a B2B the following week and can add info should you ever choose to do the same. Immigration took place back at Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, the first port was at Princess Cay, Bahamas, before PR. For those at terminal debarkation there was no interview. There are several tablets mounted on poles. A facial recognition scan, and that was that. The lines move quite fast. For those of us on a B2B, we got off the ship, all 430 of us, a facial recognition and sat in a waiting room for, maybe half an hour, then reboarded. A week later we disembarked at Ft Lauderdale and just the facial scan. They tell you to have your passport handy in case there's a glitch, but was not needed.
  25. You already gave the salient points here. It's from June of '22 if someone wants to search the threads you started. I too enjoyed your posts and threads. Aside from things you found went wrong, tastes change and Princess is changing in a different direction. Happy you found something that suits your tastes. Never say never, as they say, but I think we too have sailed our last with Princess.
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