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  1. We have learned after taking about 35 cruises that you will be better off taking tours either off an online tour guide or maybe finding a good tour at the dock. Try Trip Advisor or some other such site for whatever ports you will be visiting. The scare tactics that the cruise company uses by saying that they will not wait for you is just to get you to pay their high prices for tours. All these private tours could not stay in business if they didn't get people back to the ship on time. Do your research and find the best tour for your group.
  2. I thought I read some place where Diamond members can tour the galley and bridge and backstage for no cost, is this right?
  3. Sometimes they will let all Diamond's wait in a dining area and supply coffee and pastry's while you wait for your number to be called.
  4. Does being Diamond on RCCL help getting show tics?
  5. Sounds like they want you to go to Coco Cay where they will be able to take more of your money instead of you spending it in Mexico.
  6. We have been on many cruises(35) but not on the large RCCL ships. We've been told we have to make reservations to attend the shows, how do you know what the shows are months ahead of time? The ship is Symphony and the sailing date is 8/2020, judging from the ships size it is sure different than the Celebrity ships we are used to sailing. What are the other differences? J.
  7. Not a sale at all, they jack up the price and make it look like your getting a deal on 2nd pax. The bottom line is what really counts.
  8. Looking for info on beginner scuba diving on St. Thomas. Any ideas
  9. I can't seem to find a tour in St. Thomas that offers beginner scuba diving . any help
  10. We had to wait about 10 minutes for the bus to fill up but it was air conditioned so no problem
  11. We were in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and we used the Celebrity transfer service, after customs we were directed to a bus and they loaded our luggage and we were taken to the airport. I think the cost was about $18.00 US and it was added to our cruise cost.
  12. We traded ours for a large bottle of water, no problem
  13. I don't think being in SV will make any difference, you have to wait until cabins are ready.
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