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  1. The specialty restaurants on the O ships are better, starting with the unique Jacques and La Reserve options and the separate Polo and Tuscany... Plus the fun cooking classes. we generally eat late and skip the shows.
  2. JPR

    Air upgrade

    We are flying nonstop from LAX to Montreal to pick up an Oceania cruise and then back from Miami,, and did significantly better by booking premium economy OURSELVES through United, with AN Air Canada codeshare on the outbound flight. We are going to arrive a few days early in Montreal, so we also saved the deviation fees. Of course, we booked the flights nine months in advance...
  3. Yes, you should be able to do that.
  4. Hospitals will have you towed if you’re parked in the visitors lot for several days.
  5. No doubt. We have enjoyed cruising on Navigator too, though never on a TA. But the fact remains that she was built using the hull of a Russian spy ship, and her stabilizers are only somewhat effective in high seas. All of the other Regent ships (and all of Oceania’s too, fwiw) do much better in rough weather. If you don’t care about that or the much smaller size and fewer amenities of the ship, you’ll have a fine cruise on Navigator with its nice large basic suites that are matched only by Voyager...
  6. Voyager too. Not the Navigator, which doesn’t do well in rough seas...
  7. Can we please stop posting digressions on this negative thread. Perhaps start a new one on point?
  8. When he governed Japan after WWII, General MacArthur required Japanese school children to read “Anne of Green Gables” as part of his strategy to prevent the reoccurrence of militarism and intolerance there. My understanding is that it is still on the standard school reading list there. Consequently, to this day, the most popular place for Japanese to get married outside of Japan (and perhaps Hawaii) has been Prince Edward Island...
  9. I think Shauna should be named the Cruise Critic Regent Board’s ambassador. Seeing her happy photos always makes us smile.
  10. We went to Pisa for an hour and then drove to nearby Lucca. You can rent bikes there and go on top of the city surrounding 16th Century walls (or just walk them), walk around the old town center, and visit Puccini’s home. Excellent stop for an al fresco lunch.
  11. Yes, in some supermakets. That's where you need to add chopped hardboiled egg and onion.....
  12. Actually, American Paddlefish Caviar isn't bad. It's Lumpfish Caviar that looks and tastes like tiny salty ball bearings....
  13. Have a separate area for cigar smokers, separate from the designated area for cigarette smokers.
  14. To get back on topic, caviar is also served as part of an appetizer in Compass Rose on (typically) the second night’s dinner menu. (I get a double or triple portion....) In Chartreuse, our favorite steak tartare appetizer is topped with caviar. We have also had a caviar tasting during some cruises, for which (as in the room) Regent charges retail prices but not restaurant prices. (Btw, I like my caviar with just a bit of sour cream spread on thin white toast (blini is ok) and a squeeze of lemon, along with vodka or akavit straight out of the freezer—which you cannot get them to do on Regent. So Instead I as, for a stirred very cold vodka or akavit martini with no vermouth or olives...)
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