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  1. "What are things like where YOU are?" 10x more pensioners walking the streets
  2. I'm no P&O flag-waver, but seriously! If you spent less time moaning and more time actually trying to enjoy yourself you might just crack a smile. If you're walking around taking pictures and fault finding then that makes you one sad person. I mean a tissue that missed the bin, how pathetic are you? As for the "archaic signing in procedure" in the kids club, I know my kids will be in safe hands with fully trained child care professionals unlike one Royal Caribbean "college degree educated graduate" who gave my kid pizza despite him being allergic to tomato puree because he wasn't aware that the pizza had a tomato base. Or the South African Carnival kids club manager who told us not to worry because "We have had training dealing with retards"
  3. In our experience, if there are no two's available at breakfast and you request a table for two they will seat you on a four and not put anyone else with you.
  4. Only the good parents with well brought up children will apologise. There are some who will never apologise even when their kids are being vile. We were sat at dinner on a 6 sharing with one other couple. The lady tried to engage with our 8 year old son, asked him several questions to which he gave no reply. She said to him "Cat got your tongue" to which he promptly stuck it out, wiggled it up and down and said "no it's still there" She was disgusted. We then spent the rest of the meal explaining autism.
  5. Look out for the giant, creepy babies crawling up the casino wall.
  6. Above Olsen, just below P&O
  7. All depends on how you want to relax. As others have said If you want to laze by the main pool quietly relaxing you've no chance. Alternatively if you don't mind sitting around the adult only pool then you're fine. The retreat will give you all the privacy and quiet you want, at a price, but can also be too quiet (if you know what I mean) Don't sunbathe outside the kids club, near the sports deck, the games area or by the jacuzzi and then complain that it's full of noisy kids. You'll find lots of beds down each side of the ship which have very quiet areas or alternatively sun chairs on the promenade decks. The main pools and the jacuzzis will be full of kids/youths most of the day on sea days but if you do a bit of planning there are lots of opportunities while the ship is in port. Don't fret, you'll have a great cruise and be back next year.
  8. Kids clubs finish at 10.30pm off season, but I think they stay open until 11.30pm or even midnight on some ships during school holidays. Just to note that if you require night nursery it's first come first served and spaces are very limited. I think your 4 year old is probably too old for that, it's a note for others.
  9. The "law" doesn't apply to P&O ships because they are registered under a flag of convenience. However they will maintain the same ratios as they have in UK nurseries etc. From memory (and there may have been cutbacks) they have at least 20 kids club reps on board during the school holidays. #They ensure that the 8:1 ratio is maintained for the 2 youngest clubs. Staff move from room to room depending on demand. Not all kids want to go, don't attend all the time and not all at once. If you're worried about your little one they will issue you with a pager and call you if they have not settled or want to leave. You can also phone the club at any time from any phone to check on them should you feel the need
  10. Kids traveling on board P&O are limited to the number each kids club holds in each age section. No one will ever be denied entry because it's full. Sometimes you try and book a cruise with kids and P&O won't take the booking because they are up to the allotted number in that particular age range.
  11. 2500 surveyed is hardly a broad section of the cruising community. I guess that half of those surveyed haven't tried most of the lines they were questioned on. The one thing I take away from this "survey" is the more you pay the better perceived the experience. I have sailed with 11 cruise lines in the last 18 years, P&O is the one I keep going back to mainly because they sail from Southampton. Others have been better some have been a lot worse.
  12. Just out of curiosity, why do you avoid the MDR?
  13. HRH Dame Jane McDonald of Wakefield (to give her full title) Will be announced as Godmother of Iona, write the theme tune, sing the theme tune and play the theme tune (She is an accomplished organist to boot!)
  14. Some new quiz questions, especially in the James Bond Quiz and the Battle of the Sexes Quiz. Some participants know the answers before the questions are asked. Absolutely pointless playing
  15. If you want to see rude passengers go to the kids buffet (Noddy's tea?) 5pm on family friendly ships. Sign says for kids and their families only. P&O have to put a guard on the entrance (Pudding Police) as some passengers lose the ability to read or are desperate for a jam tart or jelly and ice cream. The amount of agro and rude comments the staff get is an entertainment show in itself.
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