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  1. Where's Ventura going this week? I'm on next week and I hope that we don't suffer the misery that this has obviously caused you. I'm sorry you had such a poor experience. I assume that you will be seeking recompense from P&O.
  2. On the pool deck, opposite the burger, chicken, hot dog place. Last year I noticed there was a small one in the spa area near the entrance to the pool, though not sure if that was for the "healthy eaters"
  3. Just to point out that the sofa beds in Superior Deluxe cabins were replaced when Ventura went in for her refit and the beds are considerably firmer and more supportive than the tired old ones.
  4. Fancy dress has been outlawed by P&O, so I guess 60's / 70's / 80's nights are now a thing of the past. I think it's an opportunity for the Ents Team to dress up rather than the passengers. But TBF I have seen a few "original" shell suits around during the day, so the 80's could still be a winner 😉 Tropical night seems popular with the Hawaiian shirts and so on, Leis are given out in the venues and dining rooms.
  5. P-L-B Thank you for posting the photos. At least the Executive Chef on Ventura is Trevor Glass and not Trevor Connelly when we travel. I've had the misfortune to be on two cruises when Trevor Connelly has been Executive Chef and out of my 29 cruises both times were the worst food I've had on a ship.
  6. I'm on Ventura in less than a month and I'm hoping and praying it's anyone but Hughie Taylor. Natalie or Leon or Wez or James, but just NOT Mr Taylor! 🙏
  7. If you booked direct with them through their website you have a short window of opportunity to cancel your booking (should you wish to) without losing your deposit. They will (probably) tell you that if you cancel you will lose your deposit. This is not true. You have the right to cancel with a full refund under "Distance Selling Regulations" Contact them by phone asap explaining the situation and if they can't help cancel.
  8. Can you not purchase detergent from the shop on board?
  9. There is (as eddie11 says) a menu for kids for kids basics like burgers & nuggets, or pasta + bolognaise or tomato sauce, or roast chicken, or sausages, or fish & chips. This is the same menu everyday. For many years now my autistic child has had the menu for the following evening brought to him by the M'aitre D where he gets to pick what he would like the following evening, if there is nothing he can have due to allergies he tells the MD what he wants and it's especially prepared. This is P&O at it's very best, nothing is too much trouble and they go out of their way to make sure he gets the best possible treatment. I would suggest that you make a meal plan of what meals each child would eat and present it to the waiter and ask if they could have one of those meals when they dine with you.
  10. I understand that bus journeys in Akureyri in Iceland are free for everyone. Has anyone tried using the bus service? Does anyone have any experience or advice on usage or places to see?
  11. I think you'll find that there is a dress code in quality restaurants especially in London, they don't have a written policy, they have a door person who tells you that they are full if you don't meet their requirements, whether you've booked a table or not.
  12. Looks like you might own them, but haven't warn them judging by the laces and tag 🤣 NB I'll wager that the original poster won't have a clue who Stan Smith is, but I suspect you saw him in his prime 😉
  13. To be fair, In the most part I agree with you. I guess you are at the younger end of the spectrum and P&O want to attract a younger demographic but fail to move with the times. I see P&O as Basil Fawlty, they want your business but don't want the "Riff-Raff" element, hence the no football tops or hen party type T shirts but fail to see that most under 40's wear jeans, T shirts and trainers as smart wear and the cost of some of the designer casuals runs into the £100's. Companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc don't have specific dress codes even for their top execs because they have moved with the times. I totally get your frustration that a £10 pair of George at Asda shoes passes, yet a pair of Adidas trainers doesn't. It makes me laugh when you see people on formal nights dressed up in their finery bought in the 1970's which is acceptable but a pair of Gucci tailored shorts isn't acceptable on casual nights. But them's the rules and the fashion Police don't operate on P&O.
  14. I've cruised with P&O for over 10 years and never heard of this dress code rule. Is it a recent thing? My 17 year old doesn't own a pair of shoes that aren't trainers (due to disability) Is this for adults only?
  15. P&O don't want anyone using a USB on their TV's. Britannia has the port but the access is blocked and is only used by the service engineers.
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