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  1. Can anyone provide me with a location where the shuttle buses drop off / collect in Belfast? I'm looking to hire a car and trying to find the nearest office to use.
  2. The price for P&O cruises for families with two children / teenagers is far cheaper than any other cruise company sailing from Southampton in the school holidays. This is the primary factor these days. We can get a deluxe balcony for a fortnight approx. £1000pp where someone like RCCI charge double that. I agree with you about your "good" statement, it's not 5 star and those who expect that will be disappointed. You do get what you pay for.
  3. Tips will shortly be included in the fare so no tipping will be necessary. Once you've bought your drink you can take it where you like.
  4. I've used P4C over a dozen times, never any problems but unless there is a change of terminal and you're unsure of where to go the text system is not worth bothering with, just turn up at the port, pull into the 2nd or 3rd lane, grab a porter and drop off your bags and passengers. Drive to the short stay car park and leave your keys. They take pictures of your car and the millage and you walk back to the terminal. If disabled and they have 2 or more staff members they'll run you back to the terminal in your own car, which is very useful.
  5. I have a policy which pays £250 for a missed port. There are 4 of us on the policy, I am very pleased to miss Gib, Toulon, Gothenberg or other such "non stops" for £1000.
  6. Just out of curiosity (and I'm not judging or questioning your decision in any way) but what would happen if you were to fall seriously ill and had to be medevaced from your ship lets say 100 miles from Southampton on your Celebrity cruise?
  7. If you ask for a table for 4 for the three of you in club dining you'll be allocated a table for four for the whole cruise. If you choose to subsequently send your child to kids club you'll still go to the same table and no one else will be allocated to your table. We've often been allocated a table for 4 with 2 teens and they have decided to do their own thing. The waiters ask after the kids but are happy to serve 2 on a four table as they have more time. If you want to dine with others choose freedom dining and tell them you are willing to share. If you are willing to share a table with others you'll seldom have to wait for a table.
  8. Have one for me, and don't worry what anyone else thinks or says, especially on here. Have a great weekend!
  9. Found my bill for a 12night Ventura 2018 cruise earlier today. Spent £471 on all drinks for two adults & two teens including a 12 bottle wine package. Not big drinkers but spent what we wanted with no restrictions or budget and included coffees, soft drinks and mocktails as well as alcoholic drinks. Until P&O reduce their price for the package I will certainly be avoiding it.
  10. There is a significant charge for parking unless you have taken it as an option when booking a select fare. I understand CPS (P&O's Partner) charges around £165 for a fortnight. Other options are available such as hotel stay and park, taxi or coach, off site parking or meet and greet parking.
  11. Looks a little like ♀️a sign of the Christian faith usually on the thumb or the wrist
  12. Isn't it P&O policy not to employ waiters / staff with tattoos? Maybe this is an opportunity for those folks with tattoos to work on a cruise line.
  13. I think the OP is right to call her partners 40th birthday a special day. Just because most on here were working in the 1970's when they were 40 and can't even remember it shouldn't detract. They used to say Life begins at 40, so why not celebrate. If it ends in a zero it's a big birthday. As far as surprising your partner on the specific day without getting sprung I suggest, Take cash with you and order any surprise which costs money on board and arrange with the reception manager to keep the details from you statement. Tell your table waiter in secret (if you have fixed dining) and they will arrange something FOC even if it's only a sparkler in a muffin Get your waiter to have a birthday message written in chocolate on a dinner plate (free, quick and easy) Have a word with the maitre D who runs afternoon tea, supply him/her with some streamers, balloons etc and they'll get you that done too. The staff, once aboard are extremely accommodating and you'll get a much better response from them rather than the negative response you've got from shoreside staff (and some folks on here) Just for info, on my 40th Birthday on Carnival Legend the staff put signs and balloons on my cabin door, sent a birthday card and the Cruise Director (John Heald) sent chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of fizz ... but hey, I am VERY special!
  14. It's interesting to see folks refer to themselves as "moderate" drinkers. There seems to be a huge gulf between peoples views on what moderate is. I would call myself a moderate drinker, yet reading the posts on here I would consider the majority to be somewhere between seasoned and extremely heavy drinkers. If you are getting through a litre of spirits a week I suspect that is on the high side of the "moderate" spectrum
  15. Only single measures can be ordered at a time with a 15 minute wait in between drinks. If you order a double vodka you will have to pay for the whole drink. I somehow don't think your idea of a rollover scheme will wash with P&O, they anticipate you will drink less on port days and they wouldn't want you to catch up on sea days, that would cut into their profit margin.
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