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  1. In checking TripAdvisor I see an unusually high number of negative ratings.
  2. Interesting question. But I suspect the current heath situation hasn't impacted the completion schedule much.
  3. Suggest calling the new spa company Aquamar with this question. Your TA or O can get their number.
  4. You could check TripAdvisor for reviews of these properties. Might be helpful.
  5. On the issue of public bathroom doors ..... good that they were opened as an ad hoc remedy. But, a more permanent solution is to have them automatically open and close .... avoiding the need to use the handles. One of my pet peeves I guess.
  6. We always stay at the Intercontinental .... great hotel and excellent dinning on premises. Ask for a bay view room and see the cruise ships in the morning.
  7. Noon at LGA should do it. Not sure of taxi availability in Brooklyn .... you may want to consider car service (Carmel or Dial 7).
  8. Usually we stay at the Intercontinental as JohninDC mentioned. Rate can vary with the month OP is cruising. We have never been disappointed.
  9. Read the reviews in TripAdvisor..... too many negative for me.
  10. I’ll miss the Terrace as it was. Sometimes I am not sure what I want to eat ... a walk around the Terrace helps me decide rather than looking at a menu description of choices. Occasionally I spot something that I otherwise might not have chosen.
  11. Agree ++ while the R ships were acquired on favorable financial terms years ago, they are probably the least efficient to operate now.Very cloudy future.
  12. Not interested in vacationing with a bunch of masks ..... well said.
  13. Interesting thread. Don;t have financial expertise but I'll add my two cents. Another key issue is the psychological impact of the latest virus. Specifically, those picture of cruise ships waiting for authorities to permit docking and disembarkation were significant. The market impact was devastating.
  14. Once the Comfort arrived, it could have accepted virus patients thus permitting some elective surgeries in hospitals to proceed. The backlog would be reduced from what we now face. The actions of government officials were off the mark on this one.
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