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  1. We preferred Melbourne ..... generally quiet.
  2. We love the Intercontinental and always stay there before our cruise.
  3. Suggest looking at the reviews in TripAdvisor. The negative reviews (poor and terrible) seem too high.
  4. On Cruise Critic most favor parking at the POM. Inexpensive ... no. but you don't want to worry about your vehicle while on your cruise.
  5. Agree .... interesting that the same aircraft flown in the US did not experience there fatal accidents.
  6. Just a note; the hotel website says it has pet friendly rooms. If you don't want an adjacent one be sure to let the hotel know.
  7. Stayed there 5 times and found it excellent.
  8. Agree. We have used both Dial 7 and Carmel and were pleased.
  9. Just a heads up. Our flights to and from Miami were on the aircraft grounded yesterday .... the 7M8. We were able to make changes by calling our carrier (American) without any charges. So, if you are traveling in the near future on American, United or Southwest check your aircraft type. The 7 Max 8 and 9 are grounded. Call your carrier if they haven’t contacted you.
  10. I don’t see this plan without stress. Too many things would have to line up in your favor for it to succeed.
  11. Agree. We have used both and are pleased and would recommend them.
  12. Suggest reading the reviews in TripAdvisor for the Watson. Too many poor and terrible ratings.
  13. As to checking your luggage early at the airport, check with your airline.
  14. When we disembarked in Barcelona I remember it went smoothly. The tour company I am sure has a handle on disembarkation and I would be confident about 8:30.
  15. Walking to the ship in Miami is not a good way to start a cruise.
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