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Marital status has nothing to do with traveling solo. I've met solo passenger who are married, some who are divorced, and some who are single. And I've met single people who aren't traveling solo too. It's about who you're traveling with, not one's marital or social status.

To the OP: what is the "best" line depends on what you want, what your priorities are, and how you want to budget your vacation funds (more frequent but less expensive cruises, or less frequent but more expensive options).
I know marital status has nothing to do with traveling solo.......that was my whole point.......that was what I was explaining........I don't care if someone is married and traveling solo, has a partner who doesn't like to travel, etc...etc....etc........I have met all of the above that you mentioned........not sure why you quoted my post.
I was saying the same thing. Maybe you misunderstood what I meant or maybe it is semantics. (saying the same thing in
a different way).