One other difference I noticed on this ship is in the Casino with Let It Ride. They donít use an auto-shuffler like on the other shipís Iíve sailed with. The dealer just shuffles the same deck about 3 times between hands. He cuts in half and shuffles them together, then draws small groups off the top to the bottom (about 4-5 times to get through the entire deck), then cuts in half and shuffles them together again, then cuts the deck in half, and deals the hand. Iím sure it impacts the hands, but not clear whether itís good or bad. I have heard that it takes 7 Ďshufflesí to sufficiently randomize a deck of cards.

I've done ok with it so far, except last night when I couldn't seem to get any winning hands. We'll see later tonight.

Oops, I realized I didn't post pictures of the Atlantis Lobby Bar/future Alchemy bar menu. Here they are:

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