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We have done both the beach trip and waited at the airport. Beach trip (transportation, lunch and a few drinks, baggage storage and a shower) was quite enjoyable.

Wait in airport was ok - book and a hard seat before check in and then a few more hours airside after.

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Thanks for the info. Our TA has pre-booked a port-airport transfer for the last day, and I'm wondering whether to cancel it and do the beach trip. Our checkin should open at 13.15, so is it worth it? What time did you leave the beach to go to the airport? Also, when you went straight to the airport, what time did you have to leave Royal Clipper? Also, I gather that the beach transfer trip hasn't always run, if there's insufficient takers. Maybe people-watching on a hard airport seat will be OK for a few hours? Sorry for all these questions!

I just wish there was a left-luggage facility at the port so we could wander along the seafront to the nearby shopping centre and around the port's own shops.